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knapping practicalStudying archaeology at Reading gives you the opportunity to work with some of the leading figures in the field, do your own research and get hands-on with fieldwork and artefacts from your first year. What is more, the skills that you develop as part of an undergraduate degree course in archaeology prepare you for a wide range of careers.

Archaeology degree courses are wide-ranging and include archaeological science, theory and practical experience of archaeology in the field through our training excavation at Silchester Roman town. Our teaching provision has been graded excellent by the Quality Assurance Agency.

You can find out more by coming to a University visit day or open day.

What you can study

The University of Reading offers a number of undergraduate degree courses in archaeology, both as single honours and in combination with other subjects.

For more information see Undergraduate Courses at the Department of Archaeology. In addition to undergraduate courses, the Department also offers a number of postgraduate taught courses and postgraduate research opportunities.


Degree courses at the Department of Archaeology don't just prepare you for a career as an archaeologist, the skills that you will develop are highly transferable and sought after by employers across a wide range of sectors. These include:

  • communication skills,
  • teamwork skills,
  • self-reliance,
  • problem-solving abilities,
  • IT skills,
  • numeracy,
  • independent analysis,
  • visual observation,

in addition to the archaeological theory and practice that your degree will develop. For more information on career options with an archaeology degree and details of what previous graduates have gone on to do, see the Career Opportunities for Archaeology Graduates page.

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