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The Society of Antiquaries of London plan of Silchester Roman TownVictorian excavations


The Reverend J.G. Joyce, who was the rector of nearby Stratfield Saye excavated the site between 1864 and 1878. In 1866, he uncovered the famous Silchester Eagle buried in the forum basilica.


The site at Silchester was first excavated by the Society of Antiquaries of London. This twenty year project aimed to excavate the whole Roman town and led to the development of a plan of all the stone buildings on the site, which is still used today.

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Insula IX excavations at Silchester Roman town from aboveModern excavations

1974 to date

The University of Reading have been investigating the Silchester site since the mid-seventies. In 1997 the Department of Archaeology, led by Professor Michael Fulford and Amanda Clarke, began to excavate one block or 'insula' of the Roman town. Insula IX, as the block is known, was the site where the ogham stone was found by the Society of Antiquaries' excavation. The excavation of Insula IX concluded in 2014.

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