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Skills Transformer

Skills Transformer provides science (i.e. subjects related to biology, chemistry and physics), technology, engineering and maths students with a structure to help them recognise, write about and talk about their skills: transforming them from dormant experiences to useful, persuasive evidence.

Undergraduates in science, technology, engineering and maths can often find reflecting on non-technical skills frustrating and unnecessary. Skills Transformer shows you, through hearing from graduates from your own degree disciplines, why transferable skills are vital to working successfully in technical jobs after graduation and why writing and talking about them is fundamental to securing a job.

To discover how ready you are to embrace the recruitment process, why not spend 5 minutes completing the

  • Recognising skills: read about how to recognise your skills, observe the kinds of activities that developed transferable skills in recent graduates, do some brainstorming of your own activities and experiences and identify the skills involved and reflect on the activities you have identified.
  • Writing about skills: read about how to write about the skills you have on application forms, observe examples of how recent graduates answered application form questions that focused on particular skills, create examples of your own responses to application form questions and reflect on what you have created.
  • Talking about skills: read about how to talk about your skills at interview, observe examples of how recent graduates prepared interview notes to respond to questions about particular skills, create your own responses to interview questions and reflect on your work and potential follow up questions.

To review how you come across at interview in terms of personal impact, why not spend 5 minutes using our and reading relevant coaching materials to help you improve?

This site has the facility for you to print out and export the work you have undertaken so you can keep it safe until you need to prepare for applications and interviews in the future.

Skills transformer was created by Tania Lyden at The University of Reading as part of a project funded by HEFCE through the

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