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The security services are constantly reviewing the way they operate to ensure that we give the best possible service to the university

Below are some of the new incentives that we have recently launched

Safe Cycling

Have a look at our new "Safe Cycling" page which gives help and advice on various bicycle related issues and also some security hints and tips on how to secure your bicycle.

There is also a section on bicycle maintenance such as how to book a bicycle maintenance course plus links to bicycle maintenance videos and other useful information.

 Safe Cycling


New "Jump Start" Service

Security is now able to offer a jump start service to staff and students who find that they have a flat battery on their car.

It is all too easy to put a strain on your battery during the winter months, as most of us are driving to and from work in the dark, we may also have the heater on and possibly the radio as well, which means the poor battery is having to work very hard.

If you do find that your car will not start, please give security a call and we will attempt to "jump start" your battery so that you can get home

The service is subject to manpower and operational needs but we will try to assist as soon as possible.

Bicycle Passport

This service has now been reduced.

 Security will no longer register an individual's bicycle details, but will still supply a security label which is very hard to get off.The label will also act a visual deterrent, showing thieves that the bike has been registered and can be traced.

Students are now being asked to register their cycles on the national database, at

This is the database that the Police will check in the event of any cycles being stolen and then  recovered.

You can still download the bicycle passport sheet , which will help you fill out the details needed for the national database.

 passport sheet: Bicycle passport

Campus Watch

The idea is similar to the way a neighbourhood watch scheme works but just for the University property.

It has been set up with the intention of reducing crime and to improve Campus community relations by encouraging the sharing of information via the Security Service, Police and the Campus community.

Staff and students will be encouraged to call in with any information that they have and anyone who signs up to the scheme may be sent emails regarding any suspicious or criminal activity so that they can warn their staff or colleagues

 For more details: Campus Watch

Chaperone Service

With the sheer size of the university Campus, it has been noticed that some members of staff had felt a little vulnerable making the journey to their car or accommodation particularly after working later into the evening.

Staff can now book a Chaperone CCTV service to watch over them as they return to their car or if staffing levels permit, can book a member of the security team to walk with them to their car etc..

For more details: Chaperone-service


The Security Service now has its own Facebook page, and will post useful information and tips to help keep the staf and students safe when on Campus.

 It is a very quick and immediate way of giving relevant information via the social media and has the potential to reach a large audience.

 Please take a look our page  Security Facebook




Security are constantly reviewing the service we provide and we would value your opinion on our new intiatives

 Can you please spend a few minutes to fill out our feedback form : Feedback


 Online shop

Security are now selling good quality Bicycle locks and lights , along with Hi Vis vests.

You can buy direct from the Security office (cash only) or pay by card by visiting the online shop.

 Pay online and collect from the Security Office anytime as we are open 24hrs. ( Whiteknights house /  Bld 27) 

To view items for sale.........  Online shopping

For directions or enquiries Tel:01183787799




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