Learning French

The BBC French website has audio-visual activities, including video clips suitable for beginners and intermediate learners.


Try these graded Pronunciation Lessons, with audio examples, useful for all levels, beginners to advanced.  

The Language Guide has audio vocabulary & pronunciation suitable for beginners onwards, and reading suitable for more advanced learners.

There are also audio visual resources linked to the Palgrave Foundations 1 text book which can be found in SACLL.


Visit the University of Texas Grammar clarification and practice exercises. Beginners- intermediate.

The Francais Interactif is an intermediate level website, from the University of Texas, organised by themes and topics.

Languages Online is a link to a range of resources designed for schools, but useful for any age group, as they go up to AS level. As well as grammar points there are quizzes and practice exercises categorised according to topic.

French Media

French newspapers and current affairs magazines:


Le Monde


Le Point



Links to French TV





Things to do now

Choose an item to listen to from the BBC French website.


Identify a grammar point you need to work on, and choose a link to follow up.

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