AFHEA pathway for doctoral researchers: Eligibility and enrolment

There are a number of stages to applying for AFHEA through the pathway for doctoral researchers. The first stage is enrolling. The following table takes you through each stage in the enrolment process.


Stage 1: Read about the process and check eligibility criteria

Before deciding whether you would like to apply for enrolment on this scheme it is vital that you have a good understanding of what AFHEA means, and a clear idea of what the process involves and how much work it will be. You will find all this information in the handbook. You should also read through the eligibility criteria carefully, and make sure that you meet them.


Stage 2: Watch UKPSF screencast

Given that the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) underpins every aspect of Fellowship applications, applicants need a deep understanding of this Framework. Before engaging any further with the scheme your next step as a potential applicant should be to watch the UKPSF screencast and to look at the UKPSF section of the website.


Stage 3: Discuss with your supervisor

If you are interested in applying to enrol onto the scheme you should discuss this with your supervisor. They will be able to advise whether they believe you will be able to complete the AFHEA pathway alongside your PhD studies and other commitments, bearing in mind that the successful completion of your PhD should be your priority.


Stage 4: Complete application for enrolment form

If you meet the eligibility criteria and you have the approval of your supervisor, you can then apply for enrolment on the scheme by sending in the enrolment form. The completed form should be sent to Dr Pam Stuart ( There are a limited number of places on the scheme, so not everyone who applies will be able to enrol.

The enrolment form asks for details of any teaching experience, as well as the teaching you have been allocated for the current year. The form will need to be signed by your supervisor and your Head of School or Department.


Stage 5: Attend Interview (if invited)

You may be invited for a short interview which will be carried out by Dr Pam Stuart (Graduate School). The interview will assess how closely you meet the eligibility criteria, and whether the scheme is suitable for you.



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