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The list of delegates who attended the conference can be found by clicking here.


The 8th International Conference on Pseudomonas syringae pathovars and related pathogens is traditionally an intimate and exciting meeting of scientists from around the world - we aim to continue this tradition. At the IS-MPMI meeting in Quebec City, we advertised our conference by flier and received excellent support - see the photos below.

The pathogenic varieties affect a wide variety of plants and new diseases are frequently emerging. To cope with and treat P. syringae diseases requires research to understand the biology and epidemiology of the organism and its host as well as interaction with the environment. The conference will cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Pathogenicity and virulence mechanisms
  • Genomics and bioinformatics
  • Evolution
  • Taxonomy and systematics
  • Ecology and epidemiology
  • Plant responses
  • Diagnostics and Disease control
  • Insights from related pathogens


We also welcome attendees who work on other bacterial pathogens such as Xanthomonas, Erwinia, Burkholderia and Ralstonia, or who have related research questions such as the role of effectors in plant pathogenesis.

Talks will be held over a period of three days with ample time provided for poster sessions and networking.

We very much hope that you will be able to come to Oxford in 2010!



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