Visiting Scholars Programme

Our School plans to build up an extensive group of experts and collaborators over several years. The visiting scholars will enrich the research environment within the School and help to reinforce the School's widening network of international research collaborations. We welcome applications by scholars active in any area of research relevant to that undertaken by members of our 

We house our own state of the art eye tracking, EEG/ERP, TMS and fMRI facilities and comprise of the following divisions:

Visiting scholars will need to secure funding and so are encouraged to apply for external sources of funding to support their stay. Stays can be for as little as a few weeks, or up to one academic year. We will provide basic office and library facilities. Each visiting scholar will be expected to give a School research seminar during their tenure. Please contact Professor Jason Rothman ( in the first instance, who will be able to discuss your research interests, introduce you to relevant academics and research staff in the School.

Selected visiting scholars will be able to submit a joint application with a member of our staff for dedicated research funds for a collaborative project; preference will be given to projects that will provide seed monies for a subsequent external grant.

A limited number of visiting scholars can be accommodated per term. Preference will be given to scholars collaborating with University of Reading staff members, scholars from existing departments with Erasmus and/or other Memorandum of Understanding agreements and/or scholars interested in initiating collaborative research (culminating in jointly published papers, conference presentations, and grant applications) with members of our staff.

To apply to be a visiting scholar, send applications for the attention of the visiting scholars committee, chaired by Professor Jason Rothman (

These should include:

1. A statement of purpose. One to two pages describing the planned start and duration of your stay, your research interests, and the work that you intend to do while at the University of Reading, including any classes you would like to attend. Also explain what you expect to accomplish during your stay, and how the University of Reading, its faculty members, and its students can help you reach your goals.

2. Identify one or two specific faculty members within our School with whom you would like to collaborate during your stay. Please indicate how your research fits in with their interests, expertise, and ongoing projects. It is essential that you get in touch with these scholars prior to submitting.

3. A current CV.

4. One or two sample publications of your research related to the proposed activity (in English).


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