The Ageing Research Group is a team of researchers who are interested in examining the way in which cognition, behaviour and emotion change as people get older. The group includes postgraduate students, research assistants, postdoctoral research fellows, and lecturers.

Members of the Ageing Research Group have received funding from a variety of sources, including The British Academy, The Nuffield Foundation, The Alzheimer's Disease Society, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council's EQUAL initiative (Extending Quality of Life in older and disabled people), the BBSRC, and FP7 Marie Curie, among others.

Our research has been helped greatly by the Older Adult Research Panel. This is a group of over 300 older adults (aged over 50 years) who have kindly volunteered to participate in our research studies.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Older Adult Research Panel please click here, email See 'Things to do now' for more details.

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