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Associate Professor, Clinical Psychologist. Office: 1S12; Tel: 5550;
Aileen Ho is a registered Clinical Psychologist and Experimental Psychologist who leads the Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology Group. Her work encompasses ageing and clinical research, particular in neurological conditions like Parkinson's, Dementia, and Huntingdon's disease. Key interests are understanding cognitive, behavioural and speech impairment; loss of everyday function, and impact on quality of life; as well as developing useful behavioural interventions. Aileen is funded by ESRC, Parkinson's UK, HiQ Foundation, and the European Huntington's Disease Network.
Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience. Office: 1S30; Tel: 5556;
Prof. Carien van Reekum's research programme incorporates the study of cognition-emotion interaction across the lifespan, with a focus on ageing. Recent work focuses on the extent to which ageing-related structural brain changes are associated with adaptive emotional function and wellbeing in middle to older aged individuals. Carien recently completed a study where she examined whether cycling can help to maintain cognitive function in older age (see This work lends itself to be extended to neurodegeneration, particularly dementia.
Associate Professor. Office: 2S06; Tel 5378; 
Christos's research looks at the effects of additional language learning on cognition and the brain structure and function. With the use of behavioural methods and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) he investigates suggestions that bi/multilingualism counteracts cognitive decline and neurodegeration, and the implications of these effects for patients with dementia and neurodegenerative diseases.  
Jasmine Raw
PhD Student. Office: 202;
Jasmine Raw's PhD research examines the relationship between emotion regulation, memory and ageing using cognitive, psysiological and neuro-scientific methods. The project aims to investigate the difference between younger and older adults' physiological and neurological responses to emotional stimuli.
Michiko Sakaki
Associate Professor. Office: 2S24; Tel 7556; 

Dr Michiko Sakaki's research concerns the effects of emotion and stress on cognition across the adult lifespan. Her research examines how cognitive processing operates in the absence and presence of emotion in younger and older adults by combining behavioural methods with a variety of methodologies, including functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computational modelling, meta-analysis, pharmacological approaches and psychophysiological measures.

Toms Voits
PhD Student. Office: 143; Tel 7559
Tom's PhD thesis explores the cognitive and neurological effects of bilingualism on the progression of dementia. While there is some evidence that bilingual individuals experience clinical symptoms of dementia later in life than comparable monolinguals, there is no confirmation on the possible effects of bilingualism on the progression of the disease. Toms is addressing this gap in the literature via a longitudinal study employing a combination of neuroimaging (MRI) and behavioural techniques by directly addressing claims that bilingualism can provide protection against cognitive decline and brain deterioration in older age.


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