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Sofia Barbosa Boucas
Postdoctoral Researcher, Teaching Fellow. Office: 2S23; Tel: 5558; Email:
Sofia Barbosa Boucas is interested in Implementation Intentions; Goals, Behavioural Intentions, and Planning; Commitment and Volition; Prospective memory; Human Memory and Cognitive Performance; Attention and Executive Processes; Ageing and Cognitively/Attention Impaired Groups.
Aileen Ho
Associate Professor, Clinical Psychologist. Office: 1S12; Tel: 5550; Email:
Aileen Ho is a registered clinical psychologist and experimental psychologist who leads the Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology Group. Her work encompasses ageing and clinical research, particularly in neurological conditions like Parkinson�s, dementia, and Huntington�s disease. Key interests are understanding cognitive, behavioural and speech impairment; loss of everyday function, and impact on quality of life; as well as developing useful behavioural interventions. Aileen is funded by ESRC, Parkinson's UK, HiQ Foundation, and the European Huntington's Disease Network.
Rebecca Kean
PhD Student. Office: 201; Email:
Rebecca Kean's PhD research aims to examine the relationship between flavonoid intake and the neurotrophic and structural facets of learning and memory in older adults. It aims to find out if a high flavonoid diet can improve memory and cognitive function by increasing grey matter volume, altering white matter intensity and/or improving cerebrovascular function in the prefrontal or medial temporal cortex
Anna Macready
Research Fellow. Office: GU12; Tel: 5541; Email:
Anna Macready is a trained facilitator for the Dementia and GP Engagement Early Diagnosis Project, also known as the Dementia Awareness Project.
Elizabeth Martin
PhD Student. Office: CINN ; Tel: 6947; Email:
Natalie Masento
PhD Student. Office: 201; Tel: 7928; Email:
Alexander Taylor
PhD Student. Office: 2s18; Email:
Alexander Taylor's PhD research investigates the relation between cognitive and emotional functioning in older adults and their influence on well-being, as measured by biological and psychological markers. He is also interested in the neural substrates of emotional functioning in older adults. His research is funded by the BBSRC and Unilever
Christopher Patrick Taylor
Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Office: 219; Tel: 5454; Email:

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