Berkshire Autism Research Network

The Berkshire Autism Research Network (BARN) constitutes a diverse group of researchers, clinicians, and special educators from within and outside the School, who are involved in studying and supporting children and adults with Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC).

We are always looking for volunteers with a clinical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Conditions to take part in our research. Our research would be impossible without the help of volunteers like you!

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Academic staff

Bhismadev Chakrabarti
Associate Professor. Office: 223; Tel: 5551; Email:
Bhismadev Chakrabarti's research group studies emotion processing, empathy, and autism. A number of techniques, including fMRI, gaze-tracking, psychophysics, and psychophysiology are used to investigate these topics, in collaboration with other members of the CINN and this group. This research is supported by the Medical Research Council UK, Felix Foundation, and Autism Speaks USA. Individual differences at a genetic level are studied in collaboration with the Autism Research Centre at the University of Cambridge.
Fiona Knott
Senior Lecturer. Office: 150; Tel: 7539; Email:
Fiona Knott is interested in the development and manifestation of anxiety in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), with particular regard to parenting and cognitive behavioural treatment. She has examined the nature of family and peer relationships in the context of autism spectrum disorder and the impact of beliefs and attributions about ASD on family functioning and friendships.
Tom Loucas
Lecturer. Office: G74; Tel: 4697; Email:
Tom Loucas' research focuses on language and autism. This includes studies on a) language processing in ASD and specific language impairment, b) communication interventions for ASD c) language and anxiety in ASD.
Cathy Tissot
Senior Lecturer. Email:
Cathy Tissot's research at the Institute of Education focuses on educational implications for individuals with severe /profound disability, especially sexuality, and social aspects.
Tim Williams
Associate Professor, Honorary Visiting Fellow, Clinical Psychologist. Office: 296; Tel: 7510; Email:
Tim Williams began his research career investigating teaching methods for children with autism and severe learning difficulties. He continues to be interested in the development of novel techniques for understanding the difficulties that people with autism have and how best to ameliorate them. A particular interest at the moment is the use of augmentative communication methods.

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Module Convenor (Communication Impairment 3 & 4; Theoretical and Clinical Aspects of Anomia; Introduction to Speech-Language Pathology); Lectures in these modules (Communication Impairment 3 & 4-Aphasia; Lexical Processing & Aphasia; Research Methods-Single-Subject Research Design; Introduction to Speech-Language Pathology)



PhD Speech-Language Pathology, Toronto; MSc Speech and Hearing, AIISH, Mysore; BSc Audiology and Speech Rehabilitation, AYJ NIHH, Bombay.


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