Visiting Philosophy at Reading

This page has useful information for those visiting the philosophy department. Please send any suggestions for how it could be improved to Luke Elson

If you will be claiming reimbursement (from Reading) for your trip, please keep paper originals of tickets and receipts. More details of reimbursement are below.

Getting to Reading and the University

  • Most visitors will arrive by rail at Reading Station, about 2 miles away from the university.

  • From Heathrow, the 'RailAir' bus goes to Reading station.

  • If you're arriving by rail, the best way to reach campus is to exit Reading station (south exit/town centre).

  • Officially, absent special circumstances, visitors who are claiming reimbursement should take the bus to campus: buses 21 and 21a go from outside the station right onto campus. If you expect to be in a rush when leaving after your talk, the bus is often preferable to waiting for a taxi, because it is more frequent and reliable.

  • There is also a taxi rank outside the station.

  • It is about a 40 minute walk (uphill) from the station to the university.

  • If you are driving, and give us notice, we can arrange a parking permit. Unofficially, if you park on campus without a permit, you will at worst receive a warning notice.

  • You may wish to consult the university's official 'maps and directions' page. (Or the Google maps link, below.)

Finding the Philosophy Department

  • The Philosophy Department is in the Edith Morley (formerly HumSS) building, which is a large 'H' (ish) shape on most campus maps.

  • It is next to the Henley Business School. Taxi drivers will know where the Business School is.

  • Here is a Google map with the correct side of the building highlighted.

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    Presenting a Thursday Paper

    • Talks are normally 2pm-4pm on Thursdays during term; the room varies.

    • If you are not spending the night, we would normally take you for a 'thank you' lunch at 12:30 at Blandford's restaurant on campus, meeting at about 12:15.

    • If you are spending the night, we would normally take you to dinner rather than lunch, at a local Indian restaurant. Speakers normally stay at the Cedars hotel on campus, but if that is full then we sometimes use the Hillingdon Prince hotel, about a ten minute walk away.

    Claiming Reimbursement

    • The system for claiming expenses is a little fiddly.

    • For the most recent form (which must be used), follow the link on the right ('expense claim form') at this page.

    • The form is an Excel spreadsheet, and it contains some 'active' content and so must be opened in Excel.Finance will not except handwritten forms.

    • Some new fields should become available when you select 'visitor' near the top.

    • Please complete it, print it, (page 2 only really refers to car mileage), sign it at the bottom left, and mail it to Eva van Herel at the address below.

    Eva van Herel
    Executive Administration Officer
    School of Humanities
    University of Reading
    Whiteknights Campus
    RG6 6AA

    • Reimbursement normally takes several weeks.

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