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Dr Rosemary Lim
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Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice
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The overarching aim of my research is to improve patient safety and the quality of healthcare services. Specifically, I am interested in systems safety; safety from an organisational and process point of view. Healthcare systems are complex entities and "The variable size, scope, and membership of systems make them difficult to analyze and under­stand." (Kohn, Corrigan, & Donaldson, 2000, p. 52) Thus, improving safety and quality in healthcare can be very challenging. My research is focused on improving system safety based on an in-depth understanding of the interactions between humans and technology in the workspace using a human factors approach.

Highlights of my research work include:

Safety in care homes: systems analysis of the medication system, developed a new method to analyse medication errors, error analysis.

Methodological development:

Prospective Hazard Analysis - developed a toolkit of methods suitable for use in healthcare. Application of methods in surgical theatre.

Cognitive Work Analysis - application of methodology in care homes and in-patient diabetes management.

Non-medical prescribing: role of the non-medical prescribing lead, barriers and facilitators to the adoption of non-medical prescribing

Evaluation of novel training programmes

Current research projects include:

  • How people with Alzheimer's and their family carers view and manage medicine-taking? (Wellcome Trust funded)
  • Antibiotics for acute respiratory tract infections: a mixed methods study of patient experiences of non-medical prescriber management (Industry funded)
  • Critical factors to creating a resilient intravenous insulin infusion system in hospitals: an exploratory study in one hospital
  • Evaluating an electronic prescribing system in Intensive Care Unit in a hospital

On-going research interests in:

1. Methodological development; methods to represent complex information, error analysis and strategy development, including among others, Cognitive Work Analysis.

2. Organisational resilience; how to create resilient healthcare organisations and processes.

3. Education; teaching and training in patient safety and quality in healthcare.

Prospective PhD candidates (self-funded) are welcome to email Dr. Rosemary Lim directly with an initial research proposal for further discussion.

Research groups / Centres:
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Past and present research collaborators

Centre for Applied Resilience in Healthcare, King's College London

Centre for Health Informatics and Multiprofessional Education and School of Pharmacy, University College London

Engineering Design Centre, Cambridge University

Greenstreet Berman Ltd.

Imperial College Healthcare Trust

University of Leeds

University of Surrey


Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Member of the General Pharmaceutical Council

Invited talks and seminars

"Application of Work Domain Analysis in healthcare: An example from analysing medication errors in care homes." Engineering Design Centre, University of Cambridge.

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