Staff Profile:Dr Keng Wooi Ng

Research Staff Representative for the School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy
Areas of Interest:
  • Microparticulate drug delivery systems for the skin: My current research focuses on microparticulate drug delivery systems. The project, led by Professor Adrian Williams, aims to better understand the mechanisms by which ultradeformable liposomes enhance transdermal drug delivery.
  • Optimisation of in vitro skin models for dermatopharmacokinetic evaluations: I am also interested in improving the dermapharmacokinetic evaluation of topical/transdermal formulations using biologically viable, non-animal skin models, such as excised (ex vivo) human skin from surgical procedures. Biological viability is especially important for drug formulations that require activation in the skin, such as topical co-drugs and pro-drugs, as well as for vaccines which target specific immune cells in the skin. Using ex vivo human skin in these studies is advantageous because the model better reflects human skin physiology than any other in vitro model. My work in this area focuses on maintaining the metabolic and immune function of ex vivo human skin in the laboratory.
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