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Dr Hisham Al-Obaidi
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Lecturer in Pharmaceutics
Teaching on MPharm Programme and PM3A convener
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Dr Hisham Al-Obaidi is a member of the General Pharmaceutical Council, Royal Pharmaceutical Society and the UK Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA). He completed his BSc in pharmacy from Jordan University of Science and Technology. He then finished his MSc (distinction) and PhD in drug delivery from University College London. After working at King's College London as a research and teaching fellow in pharmacy, he then joined Reading school of Pharmacy in February 2016 as a lecturer in pharmaceutics.

During his research he has developed novel drug delivery carriers such as tertiary-based polymeric solid dispersions and hybrid magnetite nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery. He is particularly interested in engineering amorphous and crystalline materials for drug delivery purposes. These include the use of co-crystals as combination treatments, amorphous solid dispersions for oral drug delivery and encapsulation of bioactives into more complex carriers. Within this context Dr Al-Obaidi has developed substantive experience in thermodynamic models for prediction of drug/carrier miscibility and use of surface-active agents to aid dissolution and improve aqueous solubility. Being a prescribing pharmacist along side previous experience in pharmaceutical industry and community pharmacy his research is originated towards matching scientific research with clinical needs.  

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BSc Pharmacy (JUST)

MSc Drug delivery (UCL)

PhD Pharmaceutics (UCL)

Diploma in pharmacy (Brighton)


IP certificate (Hertfordshire)
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