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Psychology at Reading

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Psychology is the science of behaviour and experience. At Reading we study this at many levels – from the structure and function of the brain, and the behaviour of individuals, to social and cultural processes. We apply our knowledge to help people with difficulties and to improve social conditions. For example, staff investigate diseases of aging such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and developmental difficulties such as dyslexia, autism spectrum disorders and social anxiety, in order to improve understanding and design new interventions. More...

If I could describe Psychology at the University of Reading in only three words it would be: inspirational, supportive and fulfilling".

Speech and Language Therapy at Reading

For students who wish to become speech and language therapists.

Speech and Language Therapy offers an exciting, challenging and rewarding career. Speech and language therapists work with a diverse range of people of all ages who have communication and or swallowing problems. They work closely with other professionals from the health care, social care and education sectors and with the families and carers of clients.  More...

"Reading is the only University with a purpose built NHS community clinic on site, which is a huge advantage for students for observation and placements".

Don't take our word for it...

For a completely independent view from current and past students, visit The Student Room where you can use the forums to ask any pressing questions and read discussions about all aspects of life at the University of Reading.

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   Third Year Project

In your final year you will conduct your own research project. See some examples from last year's graduates here...


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Child Development
Child Development

Cannabis-based medicines
Cannabis-based medicines

Integrative Neurosciences and Neurodynamics
Integrative Neurosciences and Neurodynamics

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