Psychopathology and Affective Neuroscience

The interdisciplinary Psychopathology & Affective Neuroscience group focuses on psychological and biological approaches to the study of emotion-relevant processes in clinical and non-clinical populations across the lifespan. Strengths within this group encompass: Emotional development and the development of psychopathology; Treatment of psychopathology; Emotion regulation; Brain, bodily and genetic mechanisms underlying (social) cognition and emotion. The group has a very active clinical research programme, dedicated to advancing understanding of depression, anxiety, psychosis, eating disorders and autism in children and adults. It is also actively involved in developing and evaluating treatments for these conditions. Members of this group are affiliated with the Winnicott Research Unit, the Charlie Waller Institute of Evidence Based Psychological Treatments, the Berkshire Child Anxiety Clinic,the Berkshire Autism Research Network, the Centre for Integrative Neuroscience and Neurodynamics and the Berkshire Memory and Cognition Research Centre. The group also hosts an MRC Doctoral Training Grant on the development of affective regulation and disturbance, developing the skills of a highly talented new generation of interdisciplinary psychopathology and affective neuroscience researchers.

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