Research Seminars

The School holds regular seminars during term, inviting distinguished speakers from all over the world to present their latest research. Our forthcoming and recent seminars are detailed below. You may also be interested in seminars run by the Centre for Cognition Research

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Seminars will take place on Thursdays (at 1 pm in AGRIC NIKE unless otherwise noted. Informal discussions accompanied by drinks and nibbles will follow in the PSYCH Staff room. Please contact the hosts if you would like to set up individual meetings.

Thur 8 Oct

AGRIC 1L08 **note unusual room

Prof Andrew Pickles (Chair in Biostatistics, King's College London)

Title: Some methodological challenges in assessing whether early intervention is a good idea?.

Hosted by Jonathan Hill and Shirley Reynolds - Psychopathology & Affective Neuroscience

Thur 22 Oct 2015


Dr Ben Seymour (Cambridge University)

Title TBA

Hosted by Tim Salomons & Kou Murayama - Psychopathology & Affective Neuroscience, Language & Cognition

Thur 5 Nov 2015


Prof Steve Lewandowsky (University of Bristol)

Title TBA

Hosted by Phil Beaman - Language & Cognition

Thur 19 Nov


Dr Wendy Adams (Southampton University)

Title: TBA

Hosted by Katie Gray - Perception & Action; Psychopathology & Affective Neuroscience

Thur 3 Dec


Prof Kathy Rastle (Royal Holloway University of London)

Title: TBA

Hosted by Rachel Pye - Language & Cognition

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Module Convenor (Communication Impairment 3 & 4; Theoretical and Clinical Aspects of Anomia; Introduction to Speech-Language Pathology); Lectures in these modules (Communication Impairment 3 & 4-Aphasia; Lexical Processing & Aphasia; Research Methods-Single-Subject Research Design; Introduction to Speech-Language Pathology)



PhD Speech-Language Pathology, Toronto; MSc Speech and Hearing, AIISH, Mysore; BSc Audiology and Speech Rehabilitation, AYJ NIHH, Bombay.


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