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The current Associate Permit cost is £127.31 per annum exclusive of VAT (pro rata if you are contracted to work less than a year). This equates to £10.61+ VAT per part month/full month, or £152.77 for the year.

To apply for an Associate permit please complete the online parking request form. In line with the University's policy on sustainable travel, we do encourage the use of sustainable transport.

To park on campus you will need a valid parking permit. Parking permits are available to organisations and individuals working for or on behalf of the University. To apply for a permit, please complete the online application form below and attach; either a supporting letter counter-signed by the Head of School or Function (or equivalent) you are an associate with, or an email from the Head of School/Function approving the request, either of which also outlines any appropriate mitigating circumstances that have been disclosed. Payments can be made by card, cash or cheque. You will receive the information on how to pay once your application is processed.

Cancelling your permit

If you no longer need your parking permit, please return it to Whiteknights House or Palmer Reception. We will cancel the permit and issue a refund where applicable. Please note that refunds can only be considered once the permit has been returned. Refunds are also subject to an administration fee of £10.

Parking at the University is subject to the Parking Regulations. Anyone infringing the regulations is likely to incur a parking charge notice of £75.


* Indicates required information

Cover Letter

This need too outline who the associate is, what they are doing at the university and how long the permit is required?

Duration of permit



Vehicle details

Personal details


  • I declare that the vehicle detailed above is insured against third party risks for use on public and private roads and that the vehicle has a valid road fund licence.
  • I hold a full driving licence for the class of vehicle that the application refers to and the driving licence is valid for driving in the UK.
  • I have read and understood and agree to abide by the regulations relating to the use of vehicles on campus
  • The address quoted above is correct.
  • I agree to the University charging me for the associate parking permit.
  • I agree to make this payment as quickly as possible.

The information you provide will be stored in a parking database for use by authorised personnel. Revenue generated from Vehicle Entry Permits is used to fund initiatives from the University's Green Transport Plan. Charges are reviewed annually. For queries relating to this form please telephone: +44 (0)118 378 7307.

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For parking enquiries, please contact Whiteknights House reception


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