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The Hugh Sinclair nutrition group (HSNG) has a long history of working with industry, with over half of the research we do conduct in collaboration with industrial partners. Scientists within the group collaborate on a number of levels such as: pilotplant

  • External consultants
  • Members of industrial advisory boards
  • Industrial funded MSc and PhD studentships
  • Industrial fully funded or part funded research programmes. Many of our industrial partners co-fund research with government funding agencies. Examples of such initiatives include the BBSRC Case or BBSRC DRINC (www.bbsrc.ac.uk) programmes
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP). Reading has one of the most successful KTP offices in the UK (www.reading.ac.uk/ktp). The KTP scheme for graduates or postdoctoral fellows funds a post generally for one to three years, with the scientist splitting their time between the industrial and academic partner.

The HSNG is ideally placed, with the extensive pilot plant facilities available downstairs allowing the development of foods or functional ingredients, the efficacy of which may be subsequently established through clinical trials (in our Clinical volLDIFacility) and associated mechanistic studies.

Individual teams within our Research and Enterprise Services (RES) at the University, such as KTP, Knowledge and Technology Transfer, Commercial Contracts and Research Accounts are highly experienced in developing and managing industrial-academic collaborations

If you would like to discuss your ideas or needs further, with a view to working with the HSNG, please contact our head of Group

Prof Ian Rowland:  i.rowland@reading.ac.uk

Tel +44 (0)118 3788703

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