Mike Gordon

Name and title

Professor Michael H. Gordon, Director of Teaching and Learning


MA, DPhil.

Previous employment

1974-79Research Scientist at Unilever Central Research Laboratory,

Colworth House, Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire

1979-1982Lecturer in the Food Science Department at Queen Elizabeth College (now King's College), University of London

Current projects

2005-2008Rural Economy and Land Use Grant. "Implications of a nutrition driven food policy..."(PI B.Traill)


2007- 2010Food Standards Agency - project investigating "Impact of increasing

doses of flavonoid-rich and flavonoid-poor fruit and vegetables on

cardiovascular risk factors in an 'at risk' group (URFAVS)" – PI J.A.Lovegrove

2008 Industry funded - A study to investigate the biokinetics and effects of a fruit juice on endothelial function.

Current staff/students

Wongsiri Jirasubkunakorn, PhD researcher into "Crystallisation of fats"

Chutamat Niwat, PhD researcher into "Nutritional effects of carotenoids and flavonoids"

Saran Waroonphan, PhD researcher into "Nutritional effects of anthocyanins"

Dauren Alimbetov, PhD researcher into "Bioavailability offlavonoids"

Yan Nan Jin, PhD researcher into "Nutritional effects of flavonoids"

External responsibilities

Former Chairman of the Society of Chemical Industry Oils and Fats Group.

Former Chairman of the Royal Society of Chemistry Lipid Chemistry Group

Member of Editorial Board of Food Chemistry

Teaching responsibilities

I am responsible for teaching the Chemistry and Technology of lipids, and also give lectures about selected analytical techniques.


mgord150Telephone: +44 (0) 118 378 6723 (internal 6723)
Email Address: m.h.gordon@

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