Staff Profile:Dr Oonagh Markey

  • Management of a Medical Research Council (MRC)-funded human dietary intervention study investigating the impact of 'Reducing cardiovascular disease risk through replacement of saturated fat in milk and dairy products' (The RESET study)
  • Nutrition Research Group Lab Manager
  • Hugh Sinclair Unit Website Maintenance
  • Nutrition Research Group/ Food Microbial Sciences Unit (FMSU) seminar organiser

2014        MOOC Educator- 'Heart Health: A Beginner's Guide to Cardiovascular Disease'

2013        Visiting lectureship at Henan University of Technology, China

Areas of Interest:
  •  Cardiometabolic health
Research groups / Centres:
  • Hugh Sinclair Unit of Human Nutrition
  • Institute for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research (ICMR)
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  • Murtagh EM, Mulvihill M, Markey O. Bizzy Break! The effect of a classroom-based activity break on in-school physical activity levels of primary school children. Pediatr Exerc Sci. 2013; Mar 15. [Epub ahead of print].
  • Markey O, Shafat A. The carbon dioxide production rate assumption biases gastric emptying parameters in healthy adults. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 2013; 27, 539-545.
  • Clegg ME, Pratt M, Markey O, Shafat A, Henry JK. Addition of different fats to a carbohydrate food: Impact on gastric emptying, glycaemic and satiety responses and comparison with in vitro digestion. Food Research International 2012; 48: 91-97.
  • Markey O, Shafat A. Does domperidone, a D2-antagonist alter gastric emptying rates of a high-fat meal and appetite sensations in healthy adults? A block randomized, single-blind placebo-controlled study. Irish Journal of Medical Science 2012; 181(2): 215-9.
  • Markey O, McClean CM, Medlow P, Davison GW, Trinick TR, Duly E, Shafat A. Effect of cinnamon on gastric emptying, arterial stiffness, postprandial lipaemia, glycaemia and appetite responses to high-fat breakfast. Cardiovascular Diabetology 2011; 10: 78.

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