Phytochemicals and oxidative status

  • Professor Mike Gordon
  • Dr Julie Lovegrove
  • Dr Trevor George
  • Saran Waroonphan (PhD student)
  • Chutamat Niwat (PhD student)
  • Yan Nan Jin (PhD student)
  • Dauren Alimbetov (PhD student)

Our research focuses on the beneficial effects of phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables on markers of endothelial function and oxidative status. Phytochemicals including flavonoids, phenolic acids, and vitamin C in fruits and vegetables are analysed, and the properties of extracts or pure components are investigatedby in vitro assays including the ferric reducing antioxidant power, oxygen radical absorbance capacity or LDL oxidation assays. Human studies investigating the effects of dietary consumption of fruits and vegetables or juices prepared from these commodities are also conducted. Effects of dietary consumption on concentrations of phytochemicals and metabolites in plasma on oxidative status of plasma and LDL are studied. In recent years we have conducted several postprandial or long term investigations which have made important contributions to the understanding of antioxidant and other beneficial effects of phytochemicals.

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