Nutrition, Cognition and Food Choice

  • Dr  Jeremy Spencer
  • Dr  Orla Kennedy
  • Dr's Laurie Butler, Claire Williams, Judi Ellis and Carmel Huston Price (Psychology)
  • Dr Alexandra Lobb and Professor Bruce Traill (Agriculture Policy & Development)
  • Dr Lisa Methven (Sensory Science)
  • Professor Margot Gosney , Institute of Health Sciences
  • Georgia Herbert (PhD student)
  • Eils Berrisford (PhD student)
  • Anna Macready (PhD student)
  • Pippa Health (PhD student)
  • Chutipapha Suwankanit (PhD student)

The above team are examining factors effecting food choice and nutritional status using a number of techniques.

We are using a multidisciplinary approach to try and unpick some of the factors driving food choice in certain groups, with the aim of devising meaningful, practical and achievable interventions to address these.

Our methodological arsenal encompasses qualitative and quantitative psychological research methods, measures of cognitive function, genetic profiling, sensory science and econometrics alongside the investigative techniques & facilities available in the Hugh Sinclair Human Nutrition Research Unit.

Current projects include, investigating young peoples barriers to the consumption of fruit and vegetables using the theory of planned behaviour; examining reasons for poor consumption of oral nutritional supplements and poor food intake in the hospital setting; to looking at the effect of nutrition on cognition and using psychological based methods to increase fruit and vegetables in young children.

Please listen to these audios files from Dr Jeremy Spencer by clicking on the arrow

Food Chain and Health: Food for thought 1

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Food Chain and Health: Food for your heart

Download the Food Chain and Health: Food for your heart audio file (right-click to save)

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