Nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics

  • Dr  Anne Marie Minihane
  • Dr Kim Jackson
  • Dr Susie Jennings
  • Dr Abby Thompson
  • Dr Andrew Wells
  • Caroline Saunders (PhD student)
  • Roz Moore (PhD student)
  • Virtu Calabuig (Phd student)
  • Stacey Lockyer

Health statusand responsiveness to dietary change is determined by the interactive influence of genetic make-up and behavioural choices (diet, medication use etc).In an era of more personalised approaches to disease prevention, nutrigenetics - the branches of genetic research that investigates the influence of genotype on the response to dietary manipulation has emerged as a major area of nutrition focus. In the Sinclair Group, a number of research projects are investigating the physiological and molecular basis of gene variants associated with health and disease, and how these genotype-phenotype associations are influenced by dietary components. We are particularly interested in the apoE genotype, with the E4 allele (present in 25%) known to be a predictor of cardiovascular disease, age-related cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease risk.

Our genomics research is conducted using stably transfected cell lines, targeted replacement rodent models, and intervention trials in humans using both retrospective and prospective genotyping approaches. nutrigenetics-genomics diagram

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