Invited Presentations 07/08

Dr JA Lovegrove

Phytochemicals and CHD risk.2nd Annual Graduate Seminar of Hellenic Society of Lipidology and Atherosclerosis. General Hospital of Evangelismos, Athens. March 2008.

Issues of increased CVD risk, anthropometric cut-off points and dietary intervention strategies in different ethic groups. School of Life Sciences, Oxford Brookes University. February 2008.

n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Organic vs. Conventional Foods. Conference on, 'Effects of the environment on the nutritional quality and safety of organically produced food', Reading, UK. Dec 2007.

n-3 PUFA and health in organic foods. Nutritionists in Industry Conference, Reading UK. Sept 2007

Nutrient-Gene interactions in cardiovascular disease. Plenary. Nutrition Society Summer Meeting, Coleraine. Northern Ireland. (July 2007)

Dr A M Minihane

Saturated fats & n-3 PUFA. Unilever, Crawley, UK, Mar 2008

The Heath Benefits of n-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids & Content in Organic vs. Conventional Foods. Conference on, 'Effects of the environment on the nutritional quality and safety of organically produced food', Reading, UK, Dec 2007

Health related benefits of n-3 fatty acids , (heart, cognitive performance, joints)

EWOS meeting, Stravenger, Norway. Oct 2007.

Health related benefits of n-3 fatty acids , (heart, cognitive performance, joints)

Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) Conference, London, UK. Oct 2007

Dietary fat recommendations and main sources of fat in the diet. Nutritionists in Industry Conference, Reading, UK Sept 2007

Omega-3 fatty acids, genotype and gene expression. Nutrigenomics Conference, Leatherhead, UK, Sept 2007

The impact of the apoE genotype on fasting and postprandial TAG. Nutrition Society Conference, Coleraine, UK, July 2007

Genotype diet and cardiovascular disease: can dietary change counteract a risky genotype, Vitafood 2007 Conference, Geneva, Switzerland May 2007

Genotype, long chain omega-3 fatty acids and cardioprotection, Rank Prize Conference, Windermere, UK, May 2007

Dietary fat and cardiovascular health.Cardiac Friends, Luton, UK, March 2007

Prof I Rowland

Making the link between probiotics and preventative health. Danone workshop, London, September 2007

Nutrition and health – the challenges. London Technology Network, London Septmber 2007

Probiotics and cancer – from in vitro to human studies, Yakult International Symposium, Verona Italy November 2007

The potential for dietary modulation of cancer risk The Nutrition Society and Société Française de Nutrition Joint Meeting, Lille –France December 2007

Diet and cancer prevention Lifestage Nutrition Conference Frankfurt February 2008

Pre- and probiotics – are there benefits for older people? An age-old dilemma Good nutrition for older people.Dairy Council Conference , Belfast UK March 2008

Nutrition's Role in Preventing Hospital Related Infections. Nutrition in Life study day London May 2008

Dr J Spencer

Anthocyanidins, mental health and cardiovascular disease. Royal Pharmaceutical Society, London, UK: May 2008

Molecular mechanisms underlying the cognitive effects of flavonoids. OCC meeting in Santa Barbara, California, USA: March 2008.

Molecular mechanisms underlying the cognitive effects of polyphenols. 3rd International Conference on Polyphenols and Health; Kyoto, Japan (Nov 2007).

Champagne wine protects primary neurons against endogenous neurotoxins. 3rd International Congress on Wine and Health; Pessac-Léognan, France (Sept 2007).

Dietary Flavonoids: Modulators of Brain Ageing? The Nutrition Society, Coleraine, Northern Ireland (July 2007).

Dr C Wagstaff

Nutritional aspects of senescence, Gordon Research Conference on Plant Senescence, MA, USA, June 2008.

Session organizer for Systems Biology Workshop at Society for Experimental Biology Annual Main Meeting, Marseille, July 2008.

Dr P Yaqoob

Dietary lipids and inflammation. Joint meeting of Nutritionists in Industry and SENSE, Reading, September 2007.

Fatty acids and T cell function; new insights into mechanisms. International Workshop on Immunonutrition, Valencia, Spain, October 2007.

Olive oil and immune function. International Conference on Nutrition and Immune Function, Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 2008.

Several invitations turned down during maternity leave December 2006-August2007

Prof CM Williams

Julius Lewkowitsch Memorial Lecture, European Federation Lipid Congress, Gotenberg 16-19th September, 2007

Dietary fatty acids and insulin resistance, International Conference on conjugated linoleic acid, Sardinia19-22th September 2007

Insulin and the endothelium, 4th Nestle International Nutrition Conference, Lausanne 24-26th October, 2007

Dietary fats and health. Scottish Crops Research Institute, Dundee 1st December, 2007

Presentations – Dissemination, outreach and public understanding of science events and media participation

Dr G K Grimble

"The Skeleton in the Cupboard" 26th September 2007 Workshop for General Practitioners on disease-related malnutrition. Speakers Dr George Grimble, Dr Ceri Green, Professor Margot Gosney, Professor Glenn Gibson

Dr A Minihane

Friends of the University, Reading, UK. Dietary fat: the good, the bad and the ugly. Mar 2008

Winchester College. Diet and genes: Choose your food or your parents carefully. Feb 2008

University of Reading Public Lecture Series. Diet and genes: Choose your food or your parents carefully. Jan 2008

Café Scientifique, Salisbury, UK. Eat to suit your genes. July 2007

Cardiac Friends, Luton, UK. Dietary fat and cardiovascular health. Mar 2007

Prof I Rowland

Diet and cancer. Science and Technology Group of the Berkshire Federation of Women's Institutes ReadingApril 2008

Interviews and newspaper articles on probiotics and health of older people and probiotics and C difficile infections.

Dr J P E Spencer

Communication of work with the public at the Science Museum's Dana Centre, public event for contemporary science debate (Superfoods) (April 2007).

Interviews by the BBC (1h show on Superfoods; BBC2 Aug 2007) and Channel 4 News

Interviews and articles in the Times, the Observer, the Daily Mail and the Wine Spectator (all 2007).

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