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Test 3 -20/09/2014
IT Services Test -19/09/2014
How Africa’s shifting monsoons could affect weather across the world -02/12/2013
Sky News - will a soft drink tax solve obesity problem? -01/11/2013
Pupils are being turned off by 'boring' IT lessons - University of Reading Vice-Chancellor says dull lessons and poor teaching have put a generation of young people off studying computer science to bolster their careers. -27/10/2013
Napoleon Bonaparte painting by David identified - French art expert Dr Simon Lee discovers a long-lost portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte by renowned 18/19th century French artist Jacques-Louis David worth £2m -30/09/2013
Reading's climate experts provide media and public with analysis of UN report into climate change -27/09/2013
BBC Newsnight - Ahead of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) meeting, University of Reading climate scientist Ed Hawkins says climate change is still very real -24/09/2013
New study examines public’s attitude towards ‘elf and safety’ -23/09/2013
Dr Ken Dark from the University of Reading may have found the town Jesus sailed to after the miracle of the loaves and fishes, as described in the Bible. -20/09/2013
'A surprise and a risk': Reaction to Booker Prize upheaval. The University of Reading's Dr David Brauner provides expert comment on Man Booker Prize's decision to allow writers from around the world to compete for the Prize -19/09/2013
FutureLearn courses mark UK's entry into global online learning race - The University of Reading is of 23 UK universities offering free online courses to students, the first of which is Begin programming: build your first mobile game -18/09/2013
Dr Matthew Nicholls, from the University of Reading's Department of Classics, is a guest on a documentary that's exploring the story of the library, from the ancient world to the modern and beyond. -11/09/2013
New bird flu 'has unique traits’ - leading virologist Professor Ian Jones comments on a new study concerning a flu strain which has emerged in China. -10/09/2013
University of Reading experts are involved in a new research project that aims to get older people cycling -10/09/2013
Why sofas are dirtier than toilet seats - Dr Ben Neuman from the University of Reading's School of Biological Sciences provides comment -06/09/2013
Paul Williams (Meteorology) speaks to BBC Radio 4's You & Yours about his research into climate change making plane flights bumpier -12/08/2013
University of Reading evolutionary biologist Professor Mark Pagel talks to Adam Rutherford about how words evolve and whether scientists can halt their adaptation. -08/08/2013
University of Reading experts feature in a Horizon special investigating one of the biggest mysteries in the British countryside: what is killing our bees? -02/08/2013
Children's happiness in UK on the decline, report says. Dr Carol Fuller suggests educational stress is a big factor -22/07/2013
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