Health and Social Care - Modules for 2009-10

Module CodeModule TitleLevelFurther Information
HC1CSIContemporary Social Issues1More information
HC1PHIIntroduction to Public Health1More information
HC1SOCIntroduction to Sociology1More information
HC2PCRDeveloping Skills in Contraception and Reproductive Sexual Health Care2More information
HC2PSHDeveloping an Awareness of Sexual Health2More information
HC2SW20Practice Placement 22More information
HC2SW21Social Work Theory and Practice 22More information
HC2SW22Human Growth and Development in Childhood2More information
HC2SW23Social Justice and Inclusion 22More information
HC2SW24Human Growth and Development in Adult Life2More information
HC2SW3Law for Social Work2More information
HC2SW9Mental Health and Mental Illness2More information
HC3C26Policy & Practice in Health and Social Care3More information
HC3C27Research3More information
HC3C36Accreditation of Learning and Experience3More information
HC3C37Accreditation of Learning and Experience3More information
HC3C38Acreditation of Learning: Chronic Skin Diseases3More information
HC3C39Accreditation of Learning: Chronic Skin Diseases3More information
HC3C43Accreditation of Learning: Diabetes3More information
HC3C44Accreditation of Learning: Diabetes3More information
HC3CM1Management of Long Term Conditions3More information
HC3D1Introduction to Psychodynamic Theory3More information
HC3D2Introduction to Psychodynamic Counselling Skills3More information
HC3D6Personal Development3More information
HC3M1Nurse Independent/ Supplementary Prescribing3More information
HC3PCRDeveloping Skills in Contraception and Reproductive Sexual Health Care3More information
HC3PSHDeveloping An Awareness Of Sexual Health3More information
HC3Q05Enabling learning (social work)3More information
HC3R1Leadership In Healthcare3More information
HC3R2Teamwork and communication3More information
HC3R3Advancing Practice3More information
HC3R4Teaching, Learning And Assessing In Practice [Mentorship]3More information
HC3SW20Practice Placement 33More information
HC3SW21Social Work Theory and Practice 33More information
HC3SW22Interprofessional Working3More information
HC3SW23Critical Reflection on Practice3More information
HC3SW24Social Work Research3More information
HC3SW3Working in Organizations3More information
HCMC36Accreditation of Learning and ExperienceMMore information
HCMC37Accreditation of Learning and ExperienceMMore information
HCMC38Accreditation of Learning: Chronic Skin DiseaseMMore information
HCMC40Accreditation of Learning: DiabetesMMore information
HCMC41Accreditation of Learning: DiabetesMMore information
HCMD1The Counselling RelationshipMMore information
HCMD2Clinical PracticeMMore information
HCMD3Theory - Human DevelopmentMMore information
HCMD4Theory - Counselling ConceptsMMore information
HCMD5Theory - ApplicationsMMore information
HCMD6Personal DevelopmentMMore information
HCMD7Counselling and ResearchMMore information
HCMJ04Research MethodsMMore information
HCMJ09Dissertation Education (Health And Social Care)MMore information
HCML10Dissertation Module (MP)MMore information
HCMPCRDeveloping Skills in Contraception and Reproductive Sexual Health CareMMore information
HCMPSHDeveloping an awareness of sexual healthMMore information
HCMQ01Higher Specialist PracticeMMore information
HCMQ02Contemporary Social WorkMMore information
HCMQ03Research Methods for Social CareMMore information
HCMQ04Forensic Work with Children and Families for Health and Social Care ProfessionalsMMore information
HCMQ05Drug and Alcohol MisuseMMore information
HCMR1Leadership In HealthcareMMore information
HCMR2Teamwork and CommunicationMMore information
HCMR3Advancing PracticeMMore information
HCMR4Teaching, Learning and Assessing in Practice (Mentorship Module)MMore information
HCMS01Research Methods - Health and Social CareMMore information
HCMS01AResearch Methods in Social Work and HealthcareMMore information
HCMS02Policy and Practice in Health and Social CareMMore information
HCMS07Care of Older PeopleMMore information
HCMS09Dissertation, MA in Health and Social CareMMore information

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