ECM56: Strategy and Management in the Asian Corporation

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Number of credits:

20 [10 ECTS credits]



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Module Convenor:

Professor R Narula



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This programme aims to familiarise students with the unique corporate management and strategy of Asian enterprises. The programme draws upon current research and case studies to explain the methods by which Asian corporations have oriented themselves in the global market place and pursues in-depth evaluations of the successes and failures of a range of corporations in East Asia and China.

Assessable learning outcomes:
On completion of the unit, students will be expected to be able to:

  • Have developed a good appreciation of the theory and practical applications of management and strategic thinking in East Asian and Chinese corporations.
  • Apply a comparative approach to corporate management, strategic thinking and the development of decision support systems in companies in the Asia.
  • Employ their understanding of the theoretical concepts to the analysis of practical examples and case-studies.

  • Additional outcomes:
    Students will master the ability to apply a range of theoretical perspectives to practical case-studies and the analysis of contemporary problems. They will also develop generic skills for future employment and career development.

    Outline content:
    The Module examines the main theoretical models used in the analysis of corporate management and considers their application to business corporations in Asia. Through practical examples, current research and case studies it examines the unique mix of business and cultural aspects which have created unique management methodologies in East Asia and China.

    Brief description of teaching and learning methods:
    Detailed guidance on the main topics of the syllabus and key references are provided in 9X2 hour sessions of lectures questions and discussions. Students are required to do a significant amount of reading of journal articles, chapters of books, statistical sources and websites of national and international organisations.

    Contact hours:

      Autumn Spring Summer
    Lectures   9 x 2 hours   
    Other contact (eg study visits)      
    Total hours   18   
    Number of essays or assignments    
    Other (eg major seminar paper)      

    An essay (2,500 words), a two-hour test at the end of the Spring term .

    Relative percentage of coursework
    Has a 30% weight in the overall assessment of the module and consists of one 2,500 word essay (15%) and a test of 1 hr 50 mins (15% weight).

    Penalties for late submission of course work will be in accordance with University policy.

    One two-hour examination with a weight of 70% in the overall assessment of the module.

    Requirements for a pass
    A weighted average mark of coursework and examination of 50%.

    Reassessment arrangements
    By examination only (coursework will not be included in the re-assessment) in September.

    Last updated: 15/Aug/2007

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