Part 4 2018-19

Module CodeModule TitleSchoolFurther Information
CH4AN1Advanced Analytical Techniques for the Molecular Sciences More information
PM4BAdvanced Clinical Pharmacy & Pharmacy Practice More information
MA4ANAAdvanced Numerical Analysis More information
CH4O1Advanced Organic Chemistry - Synthesis of Complex Targets (2) More information
MA4PDEAdvanced Partial Differential Equations More information
CH4P3Advanced Techniques in Physical Chemistry More information
MA4ANTAnalytic Number Theory More information
MA4ASTApplied Stochastic Processes More information
MA4AMAsymptotic Methods More information
MT4YNAtmospheric Electricity More information
MT4XHAtmospheric Science Field Course More information
MT49EBoundary Layer Meteorology More information
MA4CVCalculus of Variations More information
CH4I2Catalysis More information
CH4SKChemistry in Industry and Professional Skills More information
MT4YBClimate Change More information
MA4CA2Complex Analysis II More information
PY4CHIContemporary and Historical Issues in Psychology More information
PY4CContemporary Issues More information
MA4CECCryptography and Error Correcting Codes More information
CH4CRCurrent Topics in Chemical Research More information
MT4XGCurrent Topics in Weather and Climate Research More information
MA4DSDynamical Systems More information
PY4PREmpirical Project More information
MT4YGExtratropical Weather Systems More information
MA4FMFluid Mechanics More information
MA4XAFourth Year Project More information
CH4I3Functional Inorganic Materials More information
MA4FTAFurther Topics in Algebra More information
MT4XBGeneral Studies More information
PM4NIPIndependent / supplementary prescribing for nurses (Level 6) More information
MA4XJIntegral Equations More information
MA4MBMathematical Biology More information
CH4PRMChem Chemistry Project More information
MA4MTIMeasure Theory and Integration More information
MA4MSMetric Spaces More information
ST4MVAMultivariate Data Analysis More information
MA4Z7Number Theory More information
MA4NLANumerical Linear Algebra More information
MT4YFNumerical Modelling of Atmosphere and Oceans More information
MT4YCNumerical Weather Prediction More information
MT4XFOceanography More information
CH4O4Oligosaccharides and Natural Products More information
MA4OTOperator Theory More information
MT4XAPart 4 Project More information
PM4APharmaceutical Research and Enquiry More information
CH4P4Polymer & Biophysical Chemistry More information
CH4PCPolymer Chemistry More information
MT4XDRemote Sensing Methods and Applications More information
BI4RP16Research Project More information
MA4SMAStatistical Mechanics and Applications More information
MA4SPStochastic Processes More information
MT4YAThe Global Circulation More information
MT4YDTropical Weather Systems More information
MA4WWWater Waves More information

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