Part 1 2018-19

Module CodeModule TitleSchoolFurther Information
FA1ARTArt Studio More information
FA1ENEnglish for Arts and Communication Design More information
FA1MB"Artist as… Models, Becomings, Encounters" More information
FA1ME"Medium, Media and Material" More information
FA1MMModernisms & Mythologies More information
FA1MWVisual Thinking and Material Writing More information
FA1RW"Reading Objects, Writing Images" More information
FA1SAFine Art Studio More information
FA1WCAWhat is the Contemporary? More information
FT1ENEnglish for Arts and Communication Design More information
FT1IFIIntroduction to Film More information
FT1ITHIntroduction to Theatre More information
FT1ITVIntroduction to Television More information
FT1P1MPractical 1: Making Meaning More information
FT1P2FPractical 2: Film and TV More information
FT1P2TPractical 2: Theatre More information
FT1P3FPractical 3: Film/TV Project More information
FT1P3TPractical 3: Theatre Project More information
TY1DP1Design Practice 1 More information
TY1ENEnglish for Arts and Communication Design More information
TY1HG1History of graphic communication 1 More information
TY1HG2History of graphic communication 2 More information
TY1INTIntegrated Design Methods More information
TY1PRIPrinting and printmaking More information
TY1SKSkills for design practice More information
AP1EE1Economics 2 More information
AP1EE3Economics 1 More information
AP1EF1The UK Food Chain More information
AP1EM1Introduction to Marketing More information
AP1EQ3Qualitative Research Methods More information
AP1EQ4Quantitative Methods 1 More information
AP1EX1Applied Project More information
AP1A02Introduction to Agricultural and Food Systems More information
AP1A12Introduction to Crop Production More information
AP1A18Digestion and Nutrition More information
AP1SB1Introduction to Management More information
AP1A22Principles of Horticulture More information
AP1A24Introduction to Livestock Production More information
AP1A25Agriculture in Practice More information
AP1A26Animal Science In Practice 1 More information
AP1A27Introductory Physiology More information
AP1AE15Ecology and Environmental Management More information
AP1AE20Humans and the Environment More information
AP1ID1International Development: Global and Local Issues. More information
AP1ID2International Development: Global and Local Issues. More information
AP1ID3Study Skills for BSc International Development More information
AP1ID4"People, Power and Policy in International Development" More information
AA1DS1Architecture and Design - An Introduction to Studio More information
AA1DS2Architecture and Design - An Introduction to Site More information
AA1HTIHistory and Theory of Architecture: an Introduction More information
AA1IPIIndustry and Practice - the Business Context of Architecture More information
AA1STIConstruction Technology: an Introduction More information
AA1VCIVisualisation and Communication in Architectural Design – An Introduction More information
CE1CCSConstruction Science More information
CE1CCTConstruction Technology More information
CE1CESEmpirical Studies More information
CE1CIC2Information and Communication More information
CE1CMPPrinciples of Management More information
CE1CPRProjects More information
CE1CSEConstruction Site Engineering More information
BI1AB1Animal Behaviour More information
BI1BAB2Metabolic and Practical Biochemistry More information
BI1BAC2Bacteriology and Virology More information
BI1BAD2Pathology and Histology More information
BI1BEA2Current Topics in Zoology and Ecology More information
BI1BEC1Building Blocks of Life More information
BI1BF1Laboratory and Study Skills for Biomedicine More information
BI1BH12Human Physiology More information
BI1BM12Key Skills in Biomedicine More information
BI1EAB1Animal Diversity More information
BI1EAD1Introduction to Evolutionary Processes More information
BI1EC2Ecology More information
BI1ED2"Mammals: diversity, behaviour & conservation" More information
BI1EE17Electronics More information
BI1EG1"Plant Diversity, Structure and Utilisation" More information
BI1EPMFundamentals of Physics for Medicine More information
BI1EZ12Key Skills in Ecology and Zoology More information
BI1KS17Key Skills in Biomedical Engineering More information
BI1MA17Mathematics More information
BI1MB2Metabolic Biochemistry More information
BI1PH17Physics for Biomedical Engineering More information
BI1PR17Programming More information
BI1S1Introductory Microbiology More information
CH1CC2Chemical Concepts and Skills 1 More information
CH1FC1Fundamental Concepts in Chemistry 1 More information
CH1FC3Molecular Studies for the Life Sciences More information
CH1IN1Fundamentals of Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table More information
CH1MChemistry M More information
CH1M2Mathematics M2 More information
CH1OR1"Shape, Structure and Reactivity in Organic Chemistry" More information
CH1OR2Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry More information
CH1ORBOrganic Chemistry for Biologists More information
CH1PH1Physical Processes and Molecular Organisation More information
CH1PH2Physical Processes for Biologists More information
CH1PRALaboratory Skills for Chemists More information
FB1AG2Farm to Fork More information
FB1BFNFundamental Biochemistry in Food and Nutrition More information
FB1EP2Introduction to Food Processing and Engineering More information
FB1FD1"Food Dilemmas: Production, Security and Health" More information
FB1MB1Introduction to Food Microbiology More information
FB1PNIntroduction to Human Physiology and Nutrition More information
PM1AFundamentals of Physiology More information
PM1AMFundamentals of Physiology (UoRM Campus) More information
PM1B"Medicines Discovery, Design, Development and Delivery" More information
PM1BM"Medicines Discovery, Design, Development and Delivery (UoRM Campus)" More information
PM1CIntroduction to Professionalism and Practice More information
PM1CMIntroduction to Professionalism and Practice (UoRM Campus) More information
AC101Introduction to Accounting More information
AC102"Assurance, Governance and Ethics" More information
AC103Introduction to Business and Finance More information
AC105AIntroductory International Financial Accounting A More information
AC105BIntroductory International Financial Accounting B More information
AC106Introduction to Management Accounting More information
AC107Management Information More information
AC108Principles of Taxation More information
AC109Introduction to Business More information
AC110Introduction to Accounting More information
DM1003Organisations and Resources More information
MM1F12"Markets, Marketing and Strategy" More information
MM1F13Business Statistics More information
IC101Introductory Securities and Markets More information
IC102Introductory Finance/Trading Simulation I More information
IC103Introductory Economics for Business and Finance More information
IC104Introductory Quantitative Techniques for Business and Finance More information
IC105Ethics in Investment Management More information
DM1006Personal Effectiveness: Understanding Myself and Others More information
MM1F10Student Enterprise More information
MM1F11People and Organisations More information
RE1IAPInvestment Appraisal More information
RE1IPBIntroductions to Planning and Building More information
RE1PREPProjects in Real Estate and Planning (1) More information
RE1SPGWSustainability and Prosperity in a Globalising World More information
AR1CMEAncient Civilisations of the Middle East and Egypt More information
AR1P2Primates to Pyramids: an introduction to world prehistory More information
AR1RM2From Rome to the Reformation: an introduction to historic archaeology More information
AR1TS2"Bones, Bodies and Burials: the archaeology of death" More information
AR1TS3Practising Archaeology: methods and approaches More information
GV1A3Chemistry of the Earth and Environment More information
GV1B1Introduction to Environmental Science More information
GV1BGEBiogeography and Ecology More information
GV1CClimatology More information
GV1CIGContemporary Issues in Human Geography More information
GV1DHydrology More information
GV1DEOur Dynamic Earth More information
GV1E1Soils in the Environment More information
GV1EIEnvironmental Issues More information
GV1GSGeomorphology More information
GV1HGIIntroducing Human Geography More information
GV1HGTTheories and Debates in Human Geography More information
GV1QSIntroduction to Quaternary Science. More information
GV1TGETechniques in Geography and Environmental Science More information
MC1HPE"Museum History, Policy and Ethics" More information
MC1PPPresenting the Past More information
CL1G1Ancient Greek 1 More information
CL1GH"Greek History: war, society, and change in the Archaic Age" More information
CL1L1Latin 1 (C) More information
CL1RHRoman History: the rise and fall of the Republic More information
CL1SOAncient Song More information
CL1TR"Texts, Readers, and Writers" More information
HS1ABR"Arriving in Britain: a History of Immigration, 1685-2004" More information
HS1ANSAnti-Semitism: Medieval Christian-Jewish Relations and the Concept of ‘Anti-Semitism’ More information
HS1BCBBirth Control in modern Britain: an intellectual history More information
HS1BELBelonging: architecture and identity in Renaissance Florence More information
HS1CFLChildhood and Family Life in the C19th & early 20th More information
HS1DDWDemons and Demonologists: Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe More information
HS1FBBFrom Berlin to Baghdad: The origins of the War on Terror More information
HS1HAFHunger and Famines in History More information
HS1JH1Journeys through History 1:Power and People More information
HS1JH2Journeys through History 2: Culture and Concepts' More information
HS1MMM"Monks, Moors and Magic: Patterns of Belief in Medieval Europe" More information
HS1NANNoise Annoys: A Soundtrack to British History, 1976-84 More information
HS1OWIWestern Imaginaries of the Middle East More information
HS1POP1"Exploring the Atlantic World,1450-1800" More information
HS1POP2Black Britain: Race and migration in post-war Britain More information
HS1RAPRadicalism and Protest in Britain: from the Levellers to Occupy More information
HS1ROWThe Rise of Women: from the Fifteenth-Century Nun to Mrs Thatcher More information
HS1RSOResearch Skills and Opportunities in History More information
HS1RUSRape in the United States: from Colonisation to Civil Rights More information
HS1RVCRevolutionary Cities More information
HS1TRGThe Rwanda Genocide of 1994 More information
HS1TTA"The Times They Are A-Changin’ – Protest, Reform and the Government Response in 1960s America" More information
HS1WARWarfare in Early Modern Europe More information
PP1ELElementary Logic More information
PP1MLThe Meaning of Life More information
PP1MMMental Machines More information
PP1PWRPhilosophy of World Religions More information
PP1RAReason and Argument More information
PP1RBQReality: The Big Questions More information
PP1RPRadical Philosophy More information
PP1WRIWriting the Philosophical Essay More information
ED1AC1"The Arts, Children and Education 1: Art Education and the Role of the Subject Leader in Primary Art" More information
ED1AC2"The Arts, Children and Education 1: English" More information
ED1AC3"The Arts, Children and Education 1 : Music" More information
ED1AC4"Mathematics, Children and Education 1" More information
ED1BCLCreative Learning through the Arts More information
ED1BDLDrama for Learning More information
ED1BECEducation for Inclusion More information
ED1BMEMultilingualism in Education More information
ED1BPDProfessional Development 1 More information
ED1BSFEducation for a sustainable future More information
ED1BSJSociety and Social Justice More information
ED1BTLExploring learning More information
ED1EC1English and Communication in the Primary Curriculum 1 More information
ED1FCSThe Child in Society (1) More information
ED1FCWProfessionalism in the Children’s Workforce More information
ED1FDLTheories of development and learning More information
ED1FECEffective Communication More information
ED1FLSLearning Spaces More information
ED1FPPPartnership with Parents More information
ED1MP1Mathematics in the Primary School More information
ED1PS1Professional Studies 1 More information
ED1SA1Subject Specialism 1 : Art and Practice in the 20th and 21st Centuries More information
ED1SE1Subject Specialism 1: English More information
ED1SM1Subject Specialism 1 : Music More information
ED1SP1Teaching Practical Sessions in Science and Physical Education More information
ED1SS1Subject Specialism 1: Mathematical reasoning More information
ED1SX1School Experience 1 More information
LA1MB1"Modern Britain: Society, culture and history 1" More information
LA1MB2Modern Britain: Society, culture and history – Undergraduate Research More information
LA1MB2AModern Britain 2: Society, culture and history 2 (A) More information
LA1MB2BModern Britain 2: Society, culture and history 2 (B) More information
LA1PE8IWLP English for Erasmus Students More information
LA1PE8NIWLP English for Erasmus students non-credit More information
LW101FIntroduction to Property Law More information
LW1A05General Introduction to Law More information
LW1A06Introduction to Business Law More information
LW1CONContract More information
LW1CRICriminal Law More information
LW1LSLegal Skills More information
LW1PL1Public Law 1 More information
LW1RWSResearch and Writing Skills More information
LW1SOCLaw & Society More information
LW1TORTort More information
EN1COMPWhat is Comparative Literature? More information
EN1CWIntroduction to Creative Writing More information
EN1GCGenre and Context More information
EN1PEPoetry in English More information
EN1PWPersuasive Writing More information
EN1RCResearch and Criticism More information
EN1TCLTwentieth-Century American Literature More information
EN1TRANSThinking Translation: History and Theory More information
LS1ELSEnglish Language and Society More information
LS1GLGlobalization and Language More information
LS1SG"Sounds, Grammar & Meaning" More information
LS1TALTechniques and Skills for Applied Linguistics More information
FR1IFCIntroduction to French Culture More information
FR1L2Intermediate French Language More information
FR1L3Advanced French Language I More information
FR1MMFThe Making of Modern France More information
GM1IMGIcons of Modern Germany More information
GM1L2Intermediate German Language More information
GM1L3Advanced German Language I More information
GM1TGGerman Texts and Genres More information
IT10MIMaking Italians: A Journey in the History and Culture of Modern Italy More information
IT10MIAMaking Italians: History and Culture of Modern Italy (Advanced language only) More information
IT1GENThe Genius of Italy: Italian Medieval and Renaissance Culture (in translation) More information
IT1L1Beginners Italian Language More information
IT1L2Intermediate Italian Language More information
IT1L3Advanced Italian Language I More information
ML1COMPWhat is Comparative Literature? More information
ML1EUThe Making of Modern Europe: 1789 to the Present More information
ML1GECGreats of European Cinema More information
ML1ILIntroduction to Linguistics More information
ML1TRANSThinking Translation: History and Theory More information
SP1I1Icons of Spain and Latin America: From conquest to independence; from revolution to globalisation More information
SP1L1Beginners Spanish Language More information
SP1L2Intermediate Spanish Language More information
SP1L3Advanced Spanish Language 1 More information
SP1SLACIntroduction to Spanish and Latin American Culture More information
LA1FP2IWLP French 2 with academic placement in France. More information
LA1FP3IWLP French 3 with academic placement in France More information
LA1FP4IWLP French 4 with academic placement in France More information
LA1FP5IWLP French 5 with academic placement in France More information
LA1PA2IWLP Arabic 2 More information
LA1PA2NIWLP Arabic 2 non-credit More information
LA1PA3IWLP Arabic 3 More information
LA1PA3NIWLP Arabic 3 non-credit More information
LA1PA8IWLP Arabic 1 More information
LA1PA8NIWLP Arabic 1 non-credit More information
LA1PA9IWLP Arabic 1 with Script Support More information
LA1PA9NIWLP Arabic 1 with Script Support non-credit More information
LA1PB1IWLP British Sign Language 1 More information
LA1PB1NIWLP British Sign Language 1 non-credit More information
LA1PB2IWLP British Sign Language 2 More information
LA1PB2NIWLP British Sign Language 2 non-credit More information
LA1PC1IWLP Chinese 1 More information
LA1PC1NIWLP Chinese 1 non-credit More information
LA1PC2IWLP Chinese 2 More information
LA1PC2NIWLP Chinese 2 non-credit More information
LA1PC3IWLP Chinese 3 More information
LA1PC3NIWLP Chinese 3 non-credit More information
LA1PC8IWLP Chinese Fast-track More information
LA1PC8NIWLP Chinese Fast-track non-credit More information
LA1PF1IWLP French 1 More information
LA1PF2IWLP French 2 More information
LA1PF2NIWLP French 2 non-credit More information
LA1PF3IWLP French 3 More information
LA1PF4IWLP French 4 More information
LA1PF5IWLP French 5 More information
LA1PF9IWLP French 1 with listening and speaking workshops More information
LA1PF9NIWLP French 1 with listening and speaking workshops non-credit More information
LA1PG1IWLP German 1 More information
LA1PG2IWLP German 2 More information
LA1PG3IWLP German 3 More information
LA1PG4IWLP German 4 More information
LA1PI1IWLP Italian 1 More information
LA1PI2IWLP Italian 2 More information
LA1PI3IWLP Italian 3 More information
LA1PJ1IWLP Japanese 1 More information
LA1PJ1NIWLP Japanese 1 non-credit More information
LA1PJ2IWLP Japanese 2 More information
LA1PJ2NIWLP Japanese 2 non-credit More information
LA1PJ3IWLP Japanese 3 More information
LA1PK1IWLP Modern Greek 1 More information
LA1PK2IWLP Modern Greek 2 More information
LA1PR1IWLP Russian 1 More information
LA1PR1NIWLP Russian 1 non-credit More information
LA1PR2IWLP Russian 2 More information
LA1PR2NIWLP Russian 2 non-credit More information
LA1PR8IWLP Russian 2 Bridge More information
LA1PR8NIWLP Russian 2 Bridge non-credit More information
LA1PS1IWLP Spanish 1 More information
LA1PS2IWLP Spanish 2 More information
LA1PS3IWLP Spanish 3 More information
LA1PS4IWLP Spanish 4 More information
LA1PS4NIWLP Spanish 4 non-credit More information
LA1PS5Spanish 5 More information
CS1AC16Applications of Computer Science More information
CS1FC16Fundamentals of Computer Science More information
CS1MA16Mathematics for Computer Science More information
CS1PR16Programming More information
CS1SE16Software Engineering More information
MA115Codes and Code Breaking More information
MA1CACalculus More information
MA1FMFoundations of Mathematics More information
MA1LALinear Algebra More information
MA1MSPMathematical and Statistical Programming More information
MA1RA1Real Analysis I More information
ST1PSProbability and Statistics More information
MT11CIntroduction to Meteorology More information
MT11DWeather and Climate Fundamentals More information
MT12CSkills for Environmental Science More information
MT1CCThe Science of Climate Change More information
PH101Physics of the Natural World More information
PH102Atomic and Nuclear Physics More information
PH103Global Environmental Chemistry More information
PL1C1LClinical Studies More information
PL1CLIN1Clinical Studies 1 More information
PL1GMLGrammar and Meaning More information
PL1LBLanguage in the Brain More information
PL1LING1Introduction to Linguistics More information
PL1MED1Medicine Module 1 More information
PL1PHON1Phonetics and Phonology 1 More information
PL1PPHPhonetics and Phonology More information
PL1PSYCHPsychology for Speech and Language Therapy More information
PL1SLCD1Speech Language and Communication Disorders 1 More information
PY1APApplied Psychology More information
PY1BPBioPsychology More information
PY1CGCognition and Learning More information
PY1CLClinical Psychology More information
PY1DIPDebates in Psychology More information
PY1DVDevelopmental Psychology More information
PY1IP1Introduction to Psychology 1 More information
PY1IP2Introduction to Psychology 2 More information
PY1IP3Introduction to Psychology for Consumer Behaviour and Marketing students More information
PY1PAWPsychology at Work More information
PY1PRPsychological Research More information
PY1SIDSocial Psychology and Individual Differences More information
PY1SKSkills for Psychology More information
PY1SKESkills for Psychology with Academic Language More information
PY1SNIntroduction to Systems Neuroscience More information
EC103Economics for Construction & Engineering More information
EC107Introduction to Economic Institutions and Policy More information
EC110The Economics of Climate Change More information
EC111Economic Policy and Social Problems More information
EC113Introductory Microeconomics More information
EC114Introductory Macroeconomics More information
EC115Introductory Quantitative Methods in Economics and Business 1 More information
EC116Introductory Mathematics for Economics 1 More information
EC118"Economy, Politics and Culture in the Roman World" More information
EC119"Economy, Politics and Culture from the fall of Rome to the rise of feudalism" More information
EC120Introductory Quantitative Methods in Economics and Business 2 and Study Skills More information
EC121Introductory Mathematics for Economics 2 More information
EC123Globalisation and the History of Western Capitalism More information
EC130Placement Support More information
PO1BRIBritish Society More information
PO1FREFreedom More information
PO1ICDIntroduction to Contemporary Democracy More information
PO1INEInequality More information
PO1IPIIntroduction to Political Ideas More information
PO1IRSPolitics: International Relations and Strategic Studies More information

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