Part 3 2017-18

Module CodeModule TitleSchoolFurther Information
AR3R11"Coins, Power and Society in the Late Iron Age and Early Roman World" More information
HS3T57"Gothic: Architecture, Money and Cultural Identity" More information
HS3S19"The Countryside in English Culture, c.1750-1939, A" More information
HS3S69"The Countryside in English Culture, c.1750-1939, B" More information
HS3S22"Victorian Lives, A" More information
HS3S72"Victorian Lives, B" More information
EN3PMB(Post) Modernist Biofiction: Henry James, Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath in Contemporary Literature More information
HS3T69‘Race’, Ethnicity and citizenship in America More information
AC309Accounting Work Placement 3 More information
PY3AVActive Vision More information
PY3ACTAdaptive Control of Thought More information
CH3AN2Advanced Analytical Techniques for Inorganic Structure Determination More information
AC303Advanced Business Finance More information
CH3PRACAdvanced Chemistry Practical Training More information
CS3AC16Advanced Computing More information
TY3EDAdvanced editorial design More information
FB3AFCAdvanced Food Chemistry More information
FB3QSFAdvanced Food Quality and Sensory More information
FB3AFQAdvanced Food Quality, Safety and Sensory More information
FR3L6Advanced French Language III More information
FR3L6CAdvanced French Language III More information
GM3L6Advanced German Language III More information
GM3L6CAdvanced German Language III (3-yr prog) More information
AC312Advanced International Financial Reporting More information
IT3L6DAdvanced Italian Language (3-yr prog post-Beginner) More information
IT3L6Advanced Italian Language III More information
IT3L6CAdvanced Italian Language III (3-yr programme) More information
CH3PRAAdvanced Laboratory Skills More information
EC302Advanced Macroeconomics More information
AC302Advanced Management Accounting More information
EC301Advanced Microeconomics More information
CH3O2Advanced Organic Chemistry - Contemporary Synthetic Methodology More information
CH3O1Advanced Organic Chemistry - Synthesis of Complex Targets More information
FT3APPAdvanced Practical Project More information
PL3PDAdvanced Professional Development More information
CH3P1Advanced Topics in Physical Chemistry 1 More information
CH3P2Advanced Topics in Physical Chemistry 2 More information
AP3EM3Advertising and Branding More information
IT3ATFAfter the Flood: post-war Italy More information
RE3ALVAgricultural Law and Valuation More information
AP3A45Agricultural Systems in the Tropics More information
GV3APAir Pollution: Effects and Control More information
EN3AGNAmerican Graphic Novels More information
EN3APAmerican Poetry: Bishop to Dove More information
BI3AE16Analogue Electronics More information
MA3ANTAnalytic Number Theory More information
HS3S45Anarchy in the UK: Punk, Politics and Youth Culture in Britain, 1976-84, A More information
HS3S95Anarchy in the UK: Punk, Politics and Youth Culture in Britain, 1976-84, B More information
CL3ABAncient Biography More information
CL3AELAncient Egyptian Language & Hieroglyphs More information
CL3G4Ancient Greek 4 (H) More information
CL3G5Ancient Greek 5 (H) More information
CL3G6Ancient Greek 6 More information
AP3A67Animal Welfare More information
EC303Applied Econometrics More information
EC323Applied Econometrics 2 More information
MM360Applied Entrepreneurship More information
MA3AGTApplied Graph Theory More information
MA3ASTApplied Stochastic Processes More information
RE3AVApplied Valuation More information
LS3ADApproaches to Discourse More information
CL3BSAArchaeology and Topography of Ancient Greece More information
PP3AFAre we free? More information
FA3DISArt dissertation More information
FA3DISAArt dissertation More information
MA3AMAsymptotic Methods More information
MT38NAtmospheric Electricity More information
MT37HAtmospheric Science Field Course More information
MT3ASAtmospheric Spectroscopy More information
PY3AOBAttachment and Offending Behaviour More information
PY3ASCAutism Spectrum Conditions More information
HS3T82Axis at War: Life and Death in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, 1936-45 More information
BI3BC7Bacterial Pathogens More information
BI3BQ78Bacterial Pathogens & Experimental Approaches More information
EC344Banking in Emerging Economies More information
PY3BASBasic Skills More information
HS3T77Battleaxes and Benchwarmers’: Early female MPs 1919-1931 More information
ST3BDABayesian Data Analysis More information
BI3EK7Behavioural Ecology and Life History Theory More information
EC343Behavioural Economics More information
PY3BEBehavioural Economics More information
PP3BMETBiomedical Ethics More information
EN3BBFBlack British Fiction More information
HA3BBBlurring Boundaries: Art in Public Spaces More information
MT37JBoundary Layer Meteorology More information
PY3LDMBrain Mechanisms of Learning and Decision Making More information
TY3BPBranding Project More information
PO3BFDBritish Foreign and Defence Policy since 1945 More information
CL3BSRBritish School at Rome Undergraduate Summer School More information
CH3PREBSc Chemistry Education Project More information
CH3PRBSc Chemistry Project More information
CH3PRFBSc Chemistry Project - Forensic Analysis More information
CH3PINBSc Industrial Placement More information
CE3CBPBuilding Surveying Projects More information
MM359ABusiness Ethics 1 More information
MM359BBusiness Ethics for International Management More information
EC348Business History More information
AP3A54Business Management (Case Studies) More information
CE3CBMBusiness Organisation and Management More information
AP3A82Business Planning and Control More information
AC307Business Planning: Tax More information
AP3EB1Business Strategy More information
AC306Business Strategy for Accountants More information
MA3CVCalculus of Variations More information
BI3BT78Cancer and Cell Communication More information
AP3A101Canine and Feline Science More information
AP3A91Captive Animal Management More information
GV3I7Carbon and Global Change More information
BI3BE8Cardiovascular Disease More information
CE3CCXCareer Development More information
AP3A47Cereal Management and Marketing More information
PM3COBCertificate in Obesity Management (Level 6) More information
FR3CHChanson More information
ED3FCDChild Development More information
FT3CTVChildren’s Television More information
EN3CLChildren's Literature More information
FT3CSTCinema, Spectacle and Technology More information
ML3CWCinemas of the World More information
EN3CMClass Matters More information
MT38BClimate Change More information
GV3CCClimate Change More information
AP3A90Climate Change and Food Systems More information
GV3CJSClimate Policy, Justice and Society More information
PL3CLCClinical Assessment of Language in Children More information
PL3C4Clinical Studies 4 More information
MT3OK5233Cloud Physics (Oklahoma) More information
CH3I2Clusters, Extended Arrays and Solid-State Chemistry More information
PY3CACognitive neuropsychology of ageing More information
PY3CNWMCognitive Neuroscience of Attention and Working Memory More information
HS3S32Cold War Berlin: Politics and Culture in a Divided City, 1945-65, A More information
HS3S82Cold War Berlin: Politics and Culture in a Divided City, 1945-65, B More information
PP3CColour More information
LW3COMCommercial Law More information
LW3LEACommercial Leases More information
CE3CSPCommercial Surveying Practices and Advanced Building Pathology More information
PL3CI4Communication Impairment 4 More information
LW3COCompany Law More information
MM330Comparative International Management More information
RE3CIPComparative International Planning More information
MA3CA2Complex Analysis II More information
CS3CN16Computer Networking More information
CS3CS16Concurrent Systems More information
BI3EW8Conservation Biology More information
CE3CCLConstruction Contract Law and Management More information
CE3CCMConstruction Contract Management More information
CE3CLPConstruction Live Project More information
CE3CPMConstruction Management Project More information
CE3YINConstruction Year in Industry More information
AP3EC2Consumer Attitudes More information
FB3GSAConsumer Attitudes to Food Quality More information
AP3EP4Consumer Policy More information
AP3EX3Consumer Research Group Project 2 More information
GV3CPSConsumption, Politics and Space More information
EN3CFContemporary American Fiction More information
PY3CHIContemporary and Historical Issues More information
PP3CCCContemporary Consequentialism and Contractualism More information
FT3CDContemporary Documentary More information
PY3CContemporary Issues More information
AC308Contemporary Issues in Accounting More information
AP3EC3Contemporary Issues in Consumer Behaviour and Marketing More information
FT3CPContemporary Performance More information
PY3CORCore skills for working with children and young people with mental health problems More information
MM393Corporate Strategy More information
LS3CBLCorpus-based approaches to language description More information
EN3CWCreative Writing Dissertation More information
PO3CAPCrime and Punishment:Theoretical Approaches More information
PP3CVCrime and Violence More information
LW3CJCriminal Justice More information
LW3CRYCriminology More information
GV344Culture and Development in Africa More information
CH3I1d and f block chemistry More information
AP3A93Dairy Production More information
IT305Dante More information
CS3DM16Data Mining More information
PP3DDeath More information
EN3DDDecadence and Degeneration: Literature of the 1880s and 1890s More information
PM3CDelivering Pharmacy Services 2 More information
PO3DDPDemocracy and Democracy Promotion More information
IC301Derivative Securities/Trading Simulation III More information
TY3DP3Design Practice 3 More information
RE3DAFDevelopment Appraisal and Finance More information
PY3DNDevelopmental Neuroscience More information
EN3DICDickens More information
MM399Digital Entrepreneurship More information
MM391DIGITAL MARKETING More information
CE3CDTDigital Technology Use in Construction More information
HS3DACDiscovering Archives and Collections More information
PL3DOFDisorders of Fluency More information
MC3DDDisplay Design, Planning and Creation: Project Module More information
PO3DISDissertation More information
HA3DIDissertation More information
LW3DUGDissertation More information
LS3DIDissertation More information
CE3CCDDissertation More information
AP3A81Dissertation More information
AR3D1Dissertation More information
EN3DISDissertation More information
FA3DISBDissertation More information
EC3DISDissertation More information
RE3DISDissertation More information
TY3DSDissertation More information
FT3JDFADissertation (Art and Film & Theatre) More information
AP3ID3Dissertation (BSc International Development) More information
EC3DSIDissertation (for Joint degrees) More information
GV3DSADissertation (Study Abroad Students) More information
GV3DPEDissertation (Year of Professional Expereince Students) More information
CL3DEDissertation in Classical Studies and English More information
CL3DNDissertation in Classics More information
HS3HLDDissertation in History More information
PP3DISDissertation in Philosophy More information
FT3DISSDissertation: Film & Theatre More information
ED3DTSNDrama and Theatre in Special Needs Education More information
GV3DLEDryland Environments. More information
MA3DSDynamical Systems More information
MT37EDynamics of Weather Systems More information
PP3EAPEarly Analytic Philosophy More information
PY3ELDEarly Lexical Development More information
EC318Econometric Methods More information
EC322Economics of Labour More information
EC328Economics of Land, Development & Planning More information
AP3AE80Ecosystem Services More information
GV3ESMEcosystems Modelling More information
EN3EREditing the Renaissance More information
PL3ELElectrophysiology of Language More information
AR3P13Emergence of Civilisation in Mesopotamia More information
PY3EEDEmotion, Empathy and their Disorders More information
LW3EMPEmployment Law More information
PY3EAAEngagement and Assessment of Common Mental Health Problems More information
PY3EASEngagement and assessment skills for working with children and young people with common mental health More information
HS3S111England without a King, 1649-1660, A More information
HS3S161England without a King, 1649-1660, B More information
LS3GRLEnglish Grammar and Lexis More information
LS3EIWEnglish in the World More information
CH3ENGEnglish Language for Chemists More information
FT3EPEnsemble Practice More information
CS3EA16Enterprise Application Integration More information
MM392Entrepreneurial Management Venture Project More information
MM302Entrepreneurial Project More information
GV3EDLEnvironment and Development in Latin America More information
PP3EETEnvironmental Ethics More information
LW3ENVEnvironmental Law More information
CE3EMAEnvironmental Management and Assessment More information
AP3AE70Environmental Management in Practice More information
GV3EVPEnvironmental Pollution. More information
TY3ESEphemera studies More information
AP3A100Equine Science More information
AP3A98Equine Science and Management More information
GV3ER1ERASMUS Exchange Programme More information
GV3ER2ERASMUS Exchange Programme More information
GV3ER3ERASMUS Exchange Programme More information
GV3ER4ERASMUS Exchange Programme More information
FR3ERErasmus/Visiting Students – Translation: English/French and French/English More information
RE3EFBMEstate Finance & Business Management More information
PP3EIEthical Intuitionism More information
EU3CS1European Case Studies (1) More information
EU3CS2European Case Studies (2) More information
EU3CS3European Case Studies (3) More information
HS3CS3European Case Studies (3) More information
PY3TRTEvidence-based low-intensity treatment of common mental health problems More information
PY3EBIEvidenced-based interventations for children and young people with common mental health problems More information
CS3EC16Evolutionary Computation More information
BI3EG7Evolutionary Genetics and Phylogeny More information
ST3EDExperimental Design More information
EC321Experimental Economics More information
PP3XPExperimental Philosophy More information
ML3EEExtended Essay More information
CL3EEExtended Essay for Italian and Classical Studies More information
PY3FPRFace Perception and Recognition More information
PY3FAPFace Processing More information
PP3FAIRFairness More information
LW3FAMFamily Law More information
EN3FRGFamily Romances: Genealogy, Identity, and Imposture in the Nineteenth-Century Novel More information
PO3FPTFeminism and Political Theory More information
ED3FP1Final Project: Dissertation More information
ED3FP2Final Project: Production More information
RE3FMFinance and Markets More information
IC313Finance and Occupational Pensions More information
AC305Financial Accounting and Reporting More information
EC349Financial Economics More information
IC302Financial Engineering More information
AC311Financial Management More information
MM361Financing Entrepreneurship More information
FA3HSAFine Art Studio More information
MM395Firms in the Global Economy More information
AP3EX1Food Business Group Project 2 More information
FB3FPDFood Product Development More information
FB3FQSFood Quality and Sensory Science 2 More information
PY3FORForensic Psychology More information
PY3FPTForensic Psychology: Theory and Practice More information
BI3EB7Forensic Zoology More information
ED3SP1Formative Assessment In Science And Physical Education More information
LW3FEUFoundations of EU Law More information
HA3FPFraming Piety in 15C Italy More information
FR3LMBFrench Language for Management & Business II More information
HS3T98From Darwin to Death Camps? Evolution and eugenics in European society, 1859-1945 More information
HS3S27From Louis the Fat to Louis the Saint: The Image of Kingship in Capetian France, A More information
HS3S77From Louis the Fat to Louis the Saint: The Image of Kingship in Capetian France, B More information
MA3FA1Functional Analysis I More information
PP3FPCEFuture People and Climate Ethics More information
MA3GTGalois Theory More information
MM367Gender and Feminism at Work More information
LW3GALGender and Law More information
HS3S101Gender in Africa, A More information
HS3S151Gender in Africa, B More information
CL3GDGender in Classical Antiquity More information
MT37BGeneral Studies More information
ST3GLMGeneralised Linear Models More information
FB3NGLAGenes, Lifestyle and Nutrition More information
FB3NGLGenes, Lifestyle and Nutrition (Part taught with FBMNH2) More information
GV3RIPGeographies of Death More information
GV3ENTGeographies of Enthusiasm More information
GV3GEDGeography & Environmental Science Dissertation More information
GV3GEPGeography & Environmental Science Literature Project. More information
GM3LMBGerman Language for Management & Business II More information
GV3JLDGlobal Justice, Labour and Development More information
EN3GLTGlobal Literatures: Translation as Theme and Theory More information
PP3GRBGod and Religious Belief More information
PP3GTFGod, Time and Freedom More information
CL3ADGreek Art and Drama More information
CE3GICGreen Innovation in Construction More information
ED3PTGPGuided Teaching (Primary) More information
ED3PTGSGuided Teaching (Secondary) More information
PP3HGMLHappy, Good and Meaningful Lives More information
PY3HACHealth and Cognition More information
CH3NUIHealth and Safety and Professional Skills More information
CE3CHSHealth and Safety Management and Culture in Construction More information
PY3HPHealth Psychology More information
CE3HBEHistoric Built Environment More information
HS3HEDHistory Education More information
TY3LFHistory of letterforms and typography More information
IT3HLHistory of the Italian Language More information
EN3HTHolocaust Testimony: Memory, Trauma and Representation More information
AR3S16Holocene Climate Change and Human Society More information
AP3A103Horticultural Crop Technology More information
RE3HMPHousing Markets and Policy More information
AR3S18Human Activities in Settlements and Landscapes More information
AP3A64Human Resource Management More information
CE3CHRHuman Resource Management More information
GV3IFCIceland Expeditionary Fieldclass More information
CS3IA16Image Analysis More information
CE3CIEInclusive Environments More information
PP3ILMIndependent Learning / Extended Essay More information
ED3PTIPIndependent Teaching (Primary) More information
ED3PTISIndependent Teaching (Secondary) More information
CL3INPIndependent Third Year Project More information
CS3IP16Individual Project More information
BI3IP16Individual Project More information
AP3EX2Individual Project More information
EC347Industrial Organisation More information
MM374Informatics for E-Enterprise More information
TY3INFInformation Design More information
CS3IS16Information Security More information
BI3EAA7Insect Ecology and its Application More information
MM308Institutions and Emerging Firms More information
MA3XJIntegral Equations More information
LW3IPIntellectual Property Law More information
PO3INTIntelligence, War and International Relations More information
LW3ICRInternational Children's Rights More information
CE3CICInternational Construction More information
EC311International Economics More information
MM340International Human Resource Management More information
LW3IHRInternational Human Rights Law More information
LW3ILInternational Law More information
MM335International Marketing More information
PO3IOGInternational Organizations in Global Politics More information
PO3IPEInternational Political Economy More information
RE3IRMInternational Real Estate Markets More information
PO3ITEInternational Terrorism More information
CH3CRPIntroduction to Chemistry Research and Practice More information
PO3CSSIntroduction to Critical Security Studies More information
PL3ISLIntroduction to Speech and Language Pathology More information
RE3IVPInvestment and Finance Projects More information
RE3ISMInvestment Strategy and Management More information
HS3T30Ireland and the English in the middle ages More information
IC312Islamic Banking Practices More information
LS3IBIssues in Bilingualism More information
CS3IT16IT Service Management More information
IT3LMBItalian Language for Management & Business More information
EN3JJJames Joyce More information
LW3JURJurisprudence More information
PO3JAIJustice and Injustice More information
HS3BELa Belle Epoque: France 1880-1914 More information
FR3BELa Belle Epoque: France 1880-1914 More information
AP3AE65Landscape and Ecosystem Management Fieldcourse 2 More information
LS3LMGLanguage and Migration More information
ML3LPLanguage and Power More information
PL3ASDLanguage in Autism Spectrum Disorders More information
PL3LDGLanguage in Genetic Disorders More information
PL3LPRLanguage Processing More information
PL3LPSLTLanguage Processing for Speech and Language Therapy More information
CL3LAELate Antique Egypt More information
CL3LLPLate Latin Poetry More information
CL3L4Latin 4 (H) More information
CL3L5Latin 5 (H) More information
CL3L6Latin 6 More information
BI3LM16Law and Management More information
LW3LPLLaw in Philosophy and Literature More information
LW3EQTLaw of Trusts and Principles of Equity More information
TY3LETLetterpress More information
BI3MM16Machines in Motion More information
EC342Macroeconomics for Developing Countries More information
BI3BH8Mammalian Reproduction More information
MM397Management in Media Industries More information
CE3CMEManagement of Construction Projects More information
IC303Management of Risk More information
MM357Management Project More information
MM310Management with Information Technology Project More information
MM380Managing Operations and Processes More information
MF3002Managing Performance in Organisations through People More information
EN3MATMargaret Atwood More information
AP3EM1Marketing Strategy More information
MA3MBMathematical Biology More information
ED3AC4Mathematics, Children and Education 3 More information
MA3MTIMeasure Theory and Integration More information
BI3MS16Measurement Systems More information
AP3A104Meat Production and Quality More information
BI3BG8Mechanisms for Microbial Function More information
BI3ME16Mechatronics More information
BI3BA7Medical Genetics More information
LW3MEDMedical Law More information
HS3T25Medieval Magic and the Origins of the Witch-Craze More information
EN3MOMedieval Otherworlds More information
GV3MBFCMediterranean Biogeography Field Class More information
PY3MSMemory and the Self: Past, Present and Future More information
BI3GP16MEng Group Project More information
BI3B67Microbiology Field Course More information
EC339Microeconomics for Developing Countries More information
GM3MIGMigration in Germany More information
FT3MTMillennial Television More information
PY3MOBMisperceptions of the Body More information
GM3MODAMobility and the Metropolis: Berlin in German Literature More information
ST3MSDModelling Structured Data More information
EN3MCPModern and Contemporary British Poetry More information
HS3T83Modern Science and the Imperial World, 1750-2000 More information
EC320Money and Banking More information
PY3MPOMotivation and Performance in Organisations More information
PL3MLMultilingualism and Impairment Across the Lifespan More information
ST3MVAMultivariate Data Analysis More information
PY3MLBMusic, Language and the Brain More information
PO3NATNationalism More information
AR3P20Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Britain More information
BI3BI8Neurobiology More information
PY3NADNeurology and Neuroimaging in Aging Related Neurocognitive Disorders More information
PY3NFDNeuropsychology of frontostriatal disorders More information
BI3NE16Neuroscience More information
MM334New Directions in Business and Corporate Social Responsibility More information
EN3NLNigerian Prose Literature: From Achebe to Adichie More information
MA3Z7Number Theory More information
MA3NA2Numerical Analysis II More information
MT38CNumerical Weather Prediction More information
PY3NCMNutrition, Cognition and Metabolism More information
FB3NHDNutrition, Health and Disease (Part taught with FBMNH1) More information
PY3NUTNutritional Psychology More information
AR3R12Objects and Identities in the Roman Empire More information
MT37FOceanography More information
ED3OMLOrganisation and Management for Development and Learning More information
PL3DSOropharyngeal Dysphagia More information
AP3ID1Overseas Study Experience for BSc International Development. More information
TY3PDPackaging Design More information
EN3PLPackaging Literature More information
PY3PBMPain: Body & Mind More information
AR3S19Palaeopathology: Health and Disease in the Past More information
PY3PARParent training for Conduct Problems More information
PO3PARParliamentary Studies More information
MT37APart 3 Project More information
MA3PROPart 3 Project More information
FA3HS1Part 3H Studio More information
MA3PD2Partial Differential Equations II More information
MA3PALPeer Assisted Learning More information
FT3PEPerforming Ecology More information
PP3LITEPhilosophy of Literature More information
CL3PCAPioneers of Classical Archaeology More information
PY30PLPlacement (P3) More information
CH3DLPlacement Distance Learning More information
AP3A99Plants, greenspace and urban sustainability More information
HS3T53Political Extremism in Britain between the Wars More information
PO3MEAPolitics & International Relations of the Middle East More information
AP3A83Practical Animal Nutrition More information
AP3A95Practical Wildlife Reserve Management More information
CL3DPPreparation for Dissertation in Classics More information
GV3PFFPreparing For Floods More information
AP3A102Principles of Integrated Pest Management More information
IC309Private Equity and Venture Capital More information
EC337Processes of Long Term Political and Economic Change More information
TY3PRO2Professional Practice 2 More information
ED3PI1Professional Studies and Inclusion More information
ED3PGPProfessional Studies: Planning Teaching and Assessment More information
PY3PProject More information
CE3CPEProject BEM More information
PY3EPProject for Placement Students More information
PY3PPPProject for Psychology & Philosophy Students More information
MM396Project Management More information
CE3CPQProject QS More information
RE3PAMProjects in Appraisal and Management More information
RE3PDPProjects in Development and Planning More information
ED3PCSProviding Children’s Services More information
EN3PSYPsychoanalysis and Text More information
PY3PACPsychology and Culture More information
EC314Public Economics More information
PY3PEPublic Engagement More information
CE3CQCQuantification & Costing More information
CE3CIFQuantification for Infrastructure and Civil Engineering Works More information
MA3RCAReal and Complex Analysis More information
RE3REAMReal Estate Asset Management More information
RE3REDPReal Estate Development Practice More information
CL3RHReceptions of Homer More information
ED3EM1Refining Pedagogy in English and Mathematics More information
RE3REGRegeneration More information
AP3EP1Regulation of the Food Industry More information
HS3T78Religion and Politics in the Medieval West, 1050-1492 More information
MT37DRemote Sensing Methods and Applications More information
EN3RWWRenaissance Women Writing 1575-1625 More information
FT3RCRepresenting Conflict on Stage and Screen More information
CS3RD16Requirements, Domains and Soft Systems More information
PL3RDResearch Dissertation More information
FT3RPResearch Production More information
IC305Research Project More information
FB3PFBResearch Project More information
CH3PRJResearch Project More information
BI3PROBResearch Project - Biomolecular 40 Credit (B) More information
BI3PROAResearch Project - Ecology and Evolution 40 Credit (A) More information
PL3RPRResearch Proposal More information
LW3RWCResearch Writing Credit More information
GV3RSDResilience for Sustainable Development More information
AC310Responsible Investment and Sustainability Reporting More information
LW3REVRevenue Law More information
PY3RCDReward Dysfunction in Clinical Disorders More information
EN3RRRRomanticism: Revolt and Reaction More information
RE3RDRural Diversification More information
RE3RPPRural Policy and Planning More information
RE3RPSRural Projects More information
FR3SMSaints and Monsters More information
EN3SBSamuel Beckett More information
ED3SX1School Experience 3 More information
FB3PFEScience and Food Technology Education Project More information
PY3SEScience of Emotion More information
FT3SWPScreen Industry Working Practices More information
BI3BB7Selected Topics in Endocrinology and Endocrine Disease More information
PY3SCOSelf Control More information
BI3S78Seminars in Biology More information
EN3SGShakespeare and Gender More information
EN3SHFShakespeare on Film More information
ED3PTSPShared Teaching (Primary) More information
ED3PTSSShared Teaching (Secondary) More information
ED3STMSign Theatre Monologues More information
TY3SKSkills for design practice More information
HS3S42Slavery in America, A More information
HS3S92Slavery in America, B More information
MM379Social Enterprise More information
CS3SL16Social, Legal and Ethical Aspects of Science and Engineering. More information
CS3SQ16Software Quality and Testing More information
MT3SWSpace Weather More information
BI3BK8Special Study for Erasmus A More information
BI3BL8Special Study for Erasmus B More information
ED3FDSSpecial Study in Development or Learning More information
PL3LISpecific Language Impairment More information
PP3SASpeech Attacks More information
HS3T79Stalinism: The Struggle for a New Civilisation, 1929-1941 More information
BI3SS16State Space and Frequency Response More information
MA3SMAStatistical Mechanics and Applications More information
RE3SQTStatistics and Quantitative Techniques More information
ST3PRStatistics Project More information
MM339Strategic Human Resource Management More information
PO3STHStrategic Theory More information
MM303Strategy and International Business More information
BI3BR7Structural Proteomics More information
FA3HSBStudio More information
FA3HS2Studio (joint honours) More information
PY3SA3Study Abroad More information
PY3SA5Study Abroad More information
PP3SA1Study Abroad 1 More information
PP3SA2Study Abroad 2 More information
PP3SA3Study Abroad 3 More information
ED3SA1Subject Specialism 3 : Contemporary Art And Personal Practice More information
ED3SM1Subject Specialism 3 : Music More information
ED3SE1Subject Specialism 3: English More information
ED3SS1Subject Specialism 3: Mathematics- Inclusion, diversity and intervention More information
MA3SPLSummer Placement More information
AP3EB3Supply Chain Management More information
LW3SSISurveillance, Security and the State More information
CE3CS1Sustainability More information
RE3SUDSustainability and Urban Design More information
BI3SE16Sustainable Electrical Energy More information
FB3SFPSustainable Food Processing More information
BI3SI16System Identification and Control More information
BI3BP7Systems Biology More information
AC304Tax Compliance More information
ED3PGETeaching and Learning of English More information
ED3PGMTeaching and Learning of Mathematics More information
ED3PGSTeaching and Learning of Science More information
ED3PGFTeaching and learning the foundation subjects More information
LS3LSTTeaching the Language Skills More information
MM398Technology Advisory Practices More information
AR3S20The Archaeology and Anthropology of Food More information
AR3M7The Archaeology of Crusading More information
ED3AC3The Arts, Children And Education 3 : Music More information
ED3AC1The Arts, Children and Education 3: Contemporary Art and the primary curriculum More information
ED3AC2The Arts, Children and Education 3: English More information
PY3BIAThe body in action More information
EN3DTThe Digital Text: Literature and the New Technologies More information
EC325The Economics of Sports and Games More information
EN3ECNThe Eighteenth-Century Novel: Sex and Sensibility More information
MM336The Evolution of Entrepreneurship More information
MT38AThe Global Circulation More information
AR3P1The Neanderthals More information
ED3FRPThe Reflective Practitioner More information
HS3T72The Rise and Fall of Settler Colonialism in Southern Africa, 1890 to 1998 More information
PP3SOFThe Scandal of Film More information
PP3SCThe Science of Consciousness More information
EN3SONThe Song of the Land: from Wordsworth to the New Naturalists More information
PO3UNIThe UN and International Order More information
HS3T75The United States and the Cold War More information
ED3WPThe Working Place More information
EN3SMThe Writer's Workshop: Studying Manuscripts More information
FT3TCTheatres of Crisis More information
PL3CAATheoretical and Clinical Aspects of Anomia More information
ED3PGTTheory into Practice (Practical teaching across two key stages) More information
PM3ATherapeutics and Medicines Optimisation D More information
PM3BTherapeutics and Medicines Optimisation E More information
IC310Topics in Finance More information
PY3TSPTopics in Social Psychology More information
MA3TLATopology and Linear Analysis More information
CS3TC17Transcomputation More information
GV3TRCTropical Rainforests, Climate & Lost Civilisations More information
TY3TYPTypeforms More information
PY3TARTypical and Atypical Reading More information
PP3TRLTyranny, Rhetoric and Lies More information
MT39ZUndergraduate Short Project More information
PO3UKPUnited Kingdom Politics since 1960 More information
BI3EF7Urban Ecology More information
CE3UESUrban Ecosystems More information
PO3USFUS Foreign and Defence Policy since 1950 More information
BI3UI16USB Integration More information
EN3UTUtopia: The Ideal Society in English and American Literature More information
PY3VECValues, Employment and Context More information
MA3VCVector Calculus More information
FT3VCVideographic Criticism More information
AR3V1Vikings in the West More information
BI3BJ8Viral Pathogens More information
EN3VWVirginia Woolf and Bloomsbury More information
CS3VR16Virtual Reality More information
PY3VRBVirtual Reality and the Brain More information
EN3VRVisions and Revisions: Poets at Work More information
PO3WPEWar, Peace and International Ethics More information
AP3A89Water, Agriculture and Irrigation More information
AP3AE75Wildlife and Farming More information
BI3EP7Wildlife Diseases More information
HS3T39Witches, Heretics and Social Outcasts: Europe and its Outsiders c.1250-1550 More information
PP3WMAWittgenstein’s Philosophy of Mind and Action More information
FT3WOWomen’s Cinema More information
TY3WIWord and image More information
RE3WBLWork Based Learning More information
FT3WBLWork Based Learning in Film, Theatre or Television More information
FT3WCIWorld Cinema and Intermediality More information
FT3WTWorld Theatres More information
LW3WPPWriting Credit Pro Bono and Professional Practice More information
EN3WFWriting Fiction: Ethics and Representation More information
EN3WWPWriting Women: Nineteenth Century Poetry More information
CH3AN1X-ray Techniques & Databases in Analytical Chemistry More information

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