Part 2 2016-17

Module CodeModule TitleSchoolFurther Information
HS2O16‘The brightest jewel in the British crown’: The Making of Modern South Asia, 1757-1947 More information
CL2APLAcademic Work Placement More information
AC209Accounting work placement 1 More information
AC212Accounting Work Placement 2 More information
CS2FD16Advanced Databases More information
FR2L4Advanced French Language II More information
GM2L4Advanced German Language II More information
IT2L4Advanced Italian Language II More information
SP2L4Advanced Spanish Language II More information
FA2AAAesthetic, Anti-Aesthetic More information
PP2AESAesthetics More information
AP2A20Agricultural Field Study Tour (Agric & ABM) More information
MA2AL2Algebra II More information
FT2AFAlternative Forms in Film More information
FT2ATAlternative Forms in Theatre More information
PO2AMGAmerican Government and Politics More information
MM258An Introduction to the Management of Information Systems More information
GV2ASDAnalysing Social Data More information
LS2ANSAnalysing Speech More information
MA2ASVAnalysis in Several Variables More information
CH2AN3Analytical Chemistry More information
AR2P25Ancient Civilisations of the Middle East More information
CL2DRAncient Drama More information
CL2AEAncient Epic More information
CL2G2Ancient Greek 2 (I) More information
CL2G3Ancient Greek 3 (I) More information
PP2APAncient Philosophy More information
CL2SPAncient Sport More information
AP2A50Animal Growth, Lactation and Reproduction More information
AP2A35Animal Health and Disease More information
AP2A67Animal Nutrition More information
AP2A36Animal Production More information
AP2A63Animal Science in Practice 2 More information
IT2INT'Apocalittici e integrati': Intellectuals and Society in Twentieth Century Italy More information
LW2APLApplied Property Law More information
LS2AELApplying English Language Studies More information
AP2ID2Approaches to International Development More information
AR2S4Archaeological Science More information
AR2T2Archaeologies: Past, Present and Future More information
AR2F13Archaeology Fieldschool Joint Honours More information
AR2F12Archaeology Fieldschool Single Honours More information
AR2F14Artefacts in Archaeology More information
FA2ASArtist as… Models, Becomings, Encounters More information
EN2SOC1Assessed credits from university abroad 1 More information
EN2SOC2Assessed credits from university abroad 2 More information
MT24AAtmosphere and Ocean Dynamics More information
MT25FAtmospheric Analogues More information
MT2ACTAtmospheric Chemistry and Transport More information
MT24BAtmospheric Physics More information
AC205Audit and Assurance More information
FB2GPDBasic Food Product Development More information
HS2O12Belief and Unbelief in Europe: Religion, Science and the Supernatural c.1400-1800 More information
BI2EWEVBiodiversity Field Course More information
BI2EEE4Biodiversity: Exploiters and Exploited More information
GV2BCBiogeography and Conservation More information
BI2EY5Birds: Diversity, Behaviour and Conservation More information
MM274Brand in Practice More information
MC2BMBreak into the Museum: Work Placement More information
PO2BGPBritish Government and Politics More information
CH2NUIBSc Applied Chemistry Year 2 (NUIST) More information
PP2BPBuddhist Philosophy More information
CE2BES1Building Environment Systems More information
CE2CBPBuilding Pathology More information
CE2CBT1Building Technology More information
EC208Business Economics More information
AC203Business Finance More information
AP2SB1Business Management More information
CS2BP16Business Programming More information
MM276Business Strategy More information
AC213Business Strategy for Accountants More information
AP2SCPCareer Planning (APD students only) More information
AP2AE35Career Planning and Professional Practice for BSc Environmental Management More information
AR2F11Careers for Archaeologists More information
PY2CPCareers in Psychology More information
PL2CSLPCareers in Speech and Language Therapy and Psychology More information
BI2BC45Cells and Immunity More information
AR2R9Celts and Romans: Northern Europe and Britain More information
EN2CMNChaucer and Medieval Narrative More information
CH2CC2Chemical Concepts and Skills 2 More information
FB2C10Chemistry of Food Components More information
PL2CLChild Language Acquisition More information
LS2DCLChild Language Development More information
GM2CGCinema of Germany More information
CL2CMRClassical Mythology in the Renaissance More information
BI2BCB5Clinical Biomedicine More information
PL2CPHClinical Phonetics & Phonology More information
PL2C2Clinical Studies 2 More information
PL2C3Clinical Studies 3 More information
PY2CNCognition More information
PY2CN1Cognition 1 More information
PY2CN2Cognition 2 More information
PY2CNSCognition and Neuroscience More information
PL2CI1Communication Impairment 1 More information
PL2CI2Communication Impairment 2 More information
PL2CI3RCommunication Impairment 3 More information
EN2CAWCommunications at Work More information
PO2CGPComparative Government and Politics More information
CS2CO16Compilers More information
FB2C20Composition and Properties of Foods More information
FB2C30Composition, Properties and Analysis of Foods More information
CS2CA16Computer Architecture More information
CE2CCL2Construction Contract Law More information
CE2CCEConstruction Economics More information
CE2CPTConstruction Procurement More information
CE2CSLConstruction Statutory Law More information
AP2EC1Consumer Behaviour More information
AP2EX3Consumer Research Group Project 1 (Including Career Planning) More information
FA2ATAContemporary Art and Theory More information
FA2IATContemporary Art and Theory More information
EN2CFContemporary Fiction More information
PP2CPPContemporary Political Philosophy More information
PO2COSContemporary Strategy More information
BI2CS16Control Systems More information
LS2CIECore Issues in English Language Teaching More information
IC201Corporate Finance More information
FT2CPDCreative Industries and Professional Development More information
FT2P1FCreative Practice: Film/TV More information
FT2P1TCreative Practice: Theatre More information
ED2FCTCreativity and Critical Thinking More information
FA2CMCritical Collaborative Methods More information
EN2CRICritical Issues More information
AP2A66Crop Agronomy More information
SP2CRCulture & Revolution in Modern Latin America More information
GV2CIPCulture, Identity and Place More information
MC2CCMCuratorship and Collections Management More information
CS2DB16Databases More information
ED2DS2Deaf Studies - 2 More information
IC203Debt Markets and Instruments More information
PM2DDelivering Pharmacy Services More information
PO2LATDemocracy, Development, and Diplomacy in Latin America More information
TY2PRA2Design practice 2 More information
TY2DTDesign thinking More information
TY2DTSADesign thinking More information
PY2DSPDevelopmental and Social Psychology More information
MA2DEDifferential Equations More information
AP2EM4Digital Marketing More information
ED2DATEDrama and Theatre in Education More information
EN2EMTEarly Modern Theatre Practice More information
EC243Economic History More information
EC221Economic Theory More information
AP2EE4Economics 3 More information
AP2EE5Economics 4 More information
EC238Economics of Social Policy More information
CL2EGREgypt and the Greco-Roman World More information
BI2EM16Embedded Microprocessors and Digital Systems More information
EC207Empirical Methods for Economics and Social Sciences More information
ED2MS1Enabling Progress In Mathematics and Science More information
BI2BB4Endocrinology More information
GV2EREnergy Resources More information
ED2EC1English and Communication in The Primary Curriculum 2 More information
FB2CALEnglish for Science More information
LS2EGEnglish Grammar More information
LS2EPEnglish Phonology More information
CS2AM16Enterprise Architecture and Modelling More information
GV2EGSEnvironment Governance for Sustainable Development More information
GV2ECHEnvironmental Chemistry More information
CH2E2Environmental Chemistry 2 More information
LW2ETREquity and Trusts More information
CS2EA16Essential Algorithms More information
PP2EANEthics and Animals More information
LW2EULEU Law More information
AR2M6Europe after Rome: Migrations, Barbarians and the Rise of Medieval States More information
HS2O19Europe in the Twentieth Century More information
AR2M7Europe transformed: people and power, AD1000-1600 More information
PO2EPIEuropean Political Integration More information
AR2F15Experimental Archaeology and Heritage Outreach More information
PL2EMExperimental Methods in Language Sciences More information
AP2A61Experimentation and Data Analysis More information
CH2PRACExtended Laboratory Skills for Chemists More information
GM2HOFFFantasy, Horror & the Grotesque: ETA Hoffmann More information
AP2A64Farm Business Management More information
IT2FIFictions of Italy: Themes and Genres More information
FT2FAFilm Authorship More information
FT2FGFilm Genre More information
AC206Financial Accounting More information
AP2SB2Financial Management More information
IC206Financial Modelling/CMS More information
FA2SAFine Art Studio including CMS More information
AP2EX1Food Business Group Project I (Including Career Planning) More information
FB2FC1Food Choice and Regulation More information
FB2EFPFood Processing More information
FB2EFAFood Processing A More information
FB2FQSFood Quality and Sensory Science More information
AP2EM2Food Retailing More information
MT24EForecasting: practice and presentation More information
CH2FAForensic Analysis 1 More information
AR2F17Forensic Archaeology and Crime Scene Analysis More information
AP2A26Forestry and Woodlands More information
FR2SCRFrench Literature Onscreen More information
HS2O6From Tsars to Comrades: Imperial Russia & the Soviet Union, 1861-1941 More information
CH2IN1Further Inorganic Chemistry More information
CH2OR1Further Organic Chemistry More information
CH2PH1Further Physical Chemistry More information
GV2GISGeographical Information Systems More information
GV2H1Geographies of Development More information
GV2FCAGeography & Environmental Science Field Class 1 More information
GV2FCCGeography & Environmental Science Field Class 2. More information
GV2FCNGeography & Environmental Science Field Class 3 More information
GV2FCBGeography & Environmental Science Field Class 4. More information
GV2GREGeological Resources More information
GV2P1Geomorphological Hazards More information
PL2GM2Grammar and Meaning 2 More information
PL2GM2LGrammar and Meaning 2 More information
AP2A56Grassland Management & Ecology More information
CL2GHGreek History: Archaic Age to Alexander More information
CL2GSCGreek Sculpture More information
GV2GROGrowth, Degrowth and Sustainability More information
CS2HA16HCI and Applications More information
HS2HADHistorical Approaches and My Dissertation More information
HS2O11Hollywood Histories: Film and the Past More information
AP2A60Horticultural Crop Production More information
FR2HTFHow to Think in French More information
BI2BC4Human Development, Organogenesis & Anatomy More information
PP2HKWHume, Kant, and Wittgenstein More information
GV2HYHydrological Processes More information
AR2P23Ice and Fire: The European Palaeolithic More information
FA2TEXAImage Action Text More information
FA2ITEXImage Action Text More information
HS2IHEIndependent Historical Essay More information
PP2ISPIndependent Study in Philosophy More information
BI2INDIndustrial Placement More information
MA2PYIndustrial Placement Year More information
AP2ST1Industrial Training More information
FB2PYAIndustrial Training Preparation More information
FB2PYBIndustrial Training Year More information
CS2IY16Industrial Year More information
BI2W16Industrial Year More information
BI2BI45Infectious Diseases More information
MM260Innovation and Market Entry More information
MT2IEMInstrumentation for Environmental Measurements More information
TY2INTAIntegrated design methods 2A More information
TY2INTASAIntegrated design methods 2A More information
TY2INTBIntegrated design methods 2B More information
TY2INTBSAIntegrated design methods 2B More information
HS2INTIntellectuals and Society in Twentieth Century Italy More information
EN2SOC3Intercultural experience More information
EC205Intermediate Econometrics More information
IT2L2Intermediate Italian Language More information
EC202Intermediate Macroeconomics More information
EC206Intermediate Mathematics for Economics More information
EC201Intermediate Microeconomics More information
AC216International Corporate Financial Reporting More information
ED2FIPInternational Perspectives More information
FA2ISInternational Study More information
BI2BT5Introduction to Bioinformatics & Computational Biology More information
PY2ITCIntroduction to CBT More information
BI2EX5Introduction to Entomology More information
AR2F16Introduction to Human Osteoarchaeology More information
CL2LAIntroduction to Late Antiquity More information
EN2OELIntroduction to Old English Literature More information
CE2QCTIntroduction to Quantification and Computerised Taking Off More information
FR2FNIntroduction to the French Novel More information
AR2Z1Introduction to Zooarchaeology More information
EC204Introductory Econometrics More information
IC205Introductory Econometrics for Finance More information
BI2EI4Invertebrate Zoology More information
FB2IFCIssues in Food Choice More information
IT205Italian Cinema I More information
CS2JA16Java More information
BI2BM45Key Skills in Biomedicine 2 More information
BI2EZ45Key Skills in Ecology and Zoology 2 More information
HS2O7Kingship and Crisis in England, c.1154–1330 More information
LW2LNDLand Law More information
AP2AE30Landscape and Ecosystem Management Fieldcourse 1 More information
LS2LAGLanguage and Gender More information
LS2LNMLanguage and New Media More information
CL2L2Latin 2 (I) More information
CL2L3Latin 3 (I) More information
ED2FCWLeadership in the Children’s Workforce More information
LW2LWCLegal Writing Credit More information
ST2LMLinear Models More information
ST2LMDLinear Models and Data Analysis More information
LS2LTRLiteracy: Social, Educational and Cognitive Perspectives More information
LS2LLELiterature, Language and Education More information
ML2LLMLiterature, Language and Media More information
ML2SPMLiterature, Language and Media More information
GV2LCCLoddon Catchment Consultancy. More information
ML2MRLLove in Medieval and Renaissance Literature More information
EN2LVLyric Voices 1340-1650 More information
AC201Management Accounting More information
CE2CMBManagement in the Built Environment More information
RE2MRESManagement in the Real Estate Sector More information
AC208Management Information More information
MM256Management Skills More information
MM253Managing Small Enterprises More information
MM255Marketing Management More information
AP2EM1Marketing Management More information
MA2MPHMathematical Physics More information
MA2MIPMathematics in Practice More information
ED2AC4Mathematics, Children and Education 2 More information
ST2MSMedical Statistics More information
CH2MC2Medicinal Chemistry 2 for Chemists More information
PL2M2Medicine 2 More information
AP2AE45Methods in Ecology and Environmental Management More information
FB2MF2Microbiological Hazards in Foods More information
FB2MF1Microbiology of food spoilage and preservation More information
PO2MUNModel United Nations More information
SP2MCNModern and Contemporary Spanish Narratives More information
PO2MIRModern International Relations More information
EN2MODModernism in Poetry and Fiction More information
BI2BMG4Molecular Genetics More information
GV2MESMonitoring the Earth from Space More information
PP2MPMoral Philosophy More information
HS2O9Moslems, Jews, Byzantines and Mongols: Medieval France and the Other More information
MC2LEMuseum Learning and Engagement More information
HS2MC2My Career: Wider Horizons More information
HS2MC1My Career: Working It Out More information
AP2A59Nature Conservation More information
CS2NN16Neural Networks More information
PY2NSNeuroscience More information
PY2NS1Neuroscience 1 More information
PY2NS2Neuroscience 2 More information
MA2NA1Numerical Analysis I More information
MT24CNumerical Methods for Environmental Science More information
FB2NEDNutritional Epidemiology and Dietary Assessment More information
FB2PUBNutritional Epidemiology and Dietary Assessment More information
FB2NSNutritional Science More information
CS2OS16Operating Systems More information
MM254Organisational Behaviour More information
FT2DISPart 2 Dissertation More information
FA2S1Part 2 Studio including Career Management Skills More information
FA2S2Part 2 Studio including Career Management Skills More information
BI2EJ3PPart 2 Zoology Field Course A More information
BI2EK3PPart 2 Zoology Field Course C More information
FA2IS2Part 2I Studio More information
FA2IS1Part 2I Studio More information
HS2O3People, power and revolution: political culture in seventeenth-century England More information
FT2PIPerformance and Identity More information
FT2PNPerformance and Nation More information
PY2PSPersonality & Social Psychology More information
PY2PS1Personality & Social Psychology 1 More information
PY2PS2Personality & Social Psychology 2 More information
BI2BE4Pharmacology and Toxicology More information
PP2MINPhilosophy of Mind More information
PP2RLPhilosophy of Religion More information
PP2SCIPhilosophy of Science More information
ED2PTV2Physical Theatre Vocabularies - 2 More information
RE2PLPPlanning Law and Practice More information
CL2PAPoetry Under Attack More information
PO2PHCPolitical Classics More information
PO2THIPolitical Thinking More information
PO2PWSPolitics of the Welfare State More information
FT2PTGPopular Television Genres More information
IC204Portfolio Management More information
FT2P2Practical Project More information
MM270Practice of Entrepreneurship More information
ED2FPRPractitioner Research More information
AC207Principles of Tax More information
ST2PSTProbability and Statistical Theory More information
ST2PSProbability and Statistics More information
MA2PT1Probability Theory I More information
FB2EPRProcess Engineering Principles More information
AC215Professional and Business Ethics More information
GV2PEProfessional Experience More information
PY2PRPProfessional Placement More information
TY2PRO1Professional Practice 1 More information
MA2PSMProfessional Skills for Mathematicians More information
ED2PS1Professional Studies 2 More information
CE2CPRProjects More information
RE2PREPProjects in Real Estate and Planning (2) More information
LW2PLPProperty Law Research Project More information
RE2VALProperty Valuation More information
CL2PRProspects for Classicists and Ancient Historians More information
BI2BL5Protein Structure and Function More information
HS2PHIPublic History: Its Uses and Abuses More information
LW2PL2Public Law 2 More information
AP2EQ4Quantitative Methods 2 More information
GV2M5Quaternary Global Climate Change More information
GV2QPEQuaternary Palaeoecology. More information
MA2RA1Real Analysis I More information
MA2RCAReal and Complex Analysis More information
RE2REEIReal Estate Economics and Investment More information
HS2O14Rebel Girls: The Influence of Radical Women 1792-1919 More information
HS2O17Reform and Revolt in the Modern Middle East: Egypt from Ataturk to the ‘Arab Spring’ More information
EN2RTCRenaissance Texts and Cultures More information
PY2RMResearch Methods More information
AP2EQ1Research Methods and Data Analysis More information
AP2ID1Research Methods for BSc International Development . More information
PY2RMSResearch Methods for Visiting Students More information
LW2RPPResearch Placement Project More information
FT2RPResearch Production More information
CE2CRSResearch Skills More information
GV2RTSResearch Training for Geography & Environmental Science. More information
BI2RS16Robotic Systems More information
BI2RM16Robots and Mechanics More information
CL2RORoman History: From Republic to Empire More information
CL2LVRoman Love Poetry More information
CL2RSRoman Satire More information
AR2R8Rome's Mediterranean Empire More information
ED2SX1School Experience 2 More information
ML2GFScience, perversion, and dream in global fantastic literature More information
AR2F18Seeing beneath the soil More information
BI2SD16Sensors and Devices More information
CS2SA16Service-Oriented System Applications More information
EN2SHShakespeare More information
BI2SP16Signal Processing More information
MT25DSkills for Graduates More information
AP2A43Small Animal Management More information
HS2STASociety, Thought and Art in Modern Europe More information
EU2STASociety, Thought, and Art in Modern Europe More information
LS2SLGSociolinguistics More information
GV2F4Soil Ecology and Functions More information
FB2SENSports and Exercise Nutrition More information
MT2SWCStatistics for Weather and Climate Science More information
MM203Strategic Management of Work and Human Resources More information
ED2ECMSStudent Enterprise and Careers Management Skills More information
AR2L1Study Abroad More information
AR2L2Study Abroad More information
TY2SAStudy Abroad More information
PO2SAAStudy Abroad More information
PO2SABStudy Abroad More information
PO2SACStudy Abroad More information
PP2SA1Study Abroad 1 More information
FT2SA1Study Abroad 1 More information
HS2SA1AStudy Abroad 1A More information
HS2SA1BStudy Abroad 1B More information
HS2SA1CStudy Abroad 1C More information
HS2SA1DStudy Abroad 1D More information
HS2SA1EStudy Abroad 1E More information
HS2SA1FStudy Abroad 1F More information
PP2SA2Study Abroad 2 More information
FT2SA2Study Abroad 2 More information
HS2SA2AStudy Abroad 2A More information
HS2SA2BStudy Abroad 2B More information
HS2SA2CStudy Abroad 2C More information
PP2SA3Study Abroad 3 More information
FT2SA3Study Abroad 3 More information
HS2SA3AStudy Abroad 3A More information
HS2SA3BStudy Abroad 3B More information
HS2SA3CStudy Abroad 3C More information
HS2SA3DStudy Abroad 3D More information
HS2SA4AStudy Abroad 4A More information
HS2SA4BStudy Abroad 4B More information
HS2SA4CStudy Abroad 4C More information
HS2SA4DStudy Abroad 4D More information
HS2SA4EStudy Abroad 4E More information
HS2SA30Study Abroad credits More information
GV2SAYStudy Abroad in Geography More information
CL2SA1Study Abroad Placement in Classics More information
EC2SAYStudy Abroad Year More information
MA2SAStudy Abroad Year More information
PO2SAYStudy Abroad Year More information
HS2STRStudy Trip Abroad: Exploring the European City and its Histories More information
ED2SA1Subject Specialism 2 : Modern and Contemporary Art and Art Practice More information
ED2SM1Subject Specialism 2 : Music More information
ED2SE1Subject Specialism 2: English More information
ED2SS1Subject Specialism 2: Mathematics – Exploring progression More information
BI2PLASummer Placement More information
MA2SPLSummer Placement More information
ED2FDLSupporting development and learning for 0 – 11 years More information
MT26ESurface Energy Exchange More information
CS2SM16Systems Design and Project Management More information
BI2SM16Systems Design and Project Management More information
MM259Technology Advisory Practices More information
BI2TE16Telecommunications More information
HS2O2The American Dream? US History from Colonial times to the late Twentieth Century More information
ED2AC1The Arts, Children and Education 2 : Concepts in Art Education More information
ED2AC3The Arts, Children and Education 2 : Music More information
ED2AC2The Arts, Children and Education 2: English More information
BI2BR5The Bacterial Cell More information
EN2BBThe Business of Books More information
ED2FCSThe Child in Society (2) More information
HS2O10The Colonial Experience: Africa, 1879 to 1980 More information
HS2O13The Crusades, 1095-1291 More information
FR2FWWThe First World War: Then and Now More information
ED2PF1The Foundation Subjects in the Primary Curriculum More information
PO2TMPThe Media and Politics More information
EN2RPThe Romantic Period More information
MT2CCThe Science of Climate Change More information
PO2SOPThe Study of Politics More information
GM2LWFThe World of Words: Lexicology and Word Formation More information
ED2TSCTheatre for Social Change More information
PP2TKTheory of Knowledge More information
PM2A2Therapeutics and medicines optimisation A2: Molecules and Medicines More information
PM2BTherapeutics and Medicines Optimisation B: A Journey Through the GI Tract More information
PM2C2Therapeutics and medicines optimisation C2: Therapeutics and Patient care More information
SP2TETransatlantic Exchanges: The Iberian Peninsula and Latin America in the Nineteenth Century More information
BI2EAB3Tropical Biology Field Course More information
PY2TATypical and Atypical Development More information
PY2TA1Typical and Atypical Development 1 More information
PY2TA2Typical and Atypical Development 2 More information
HS2O8Under the Red Flag: Labour and British Politics, 1880-1939 More information
HS2UNRUnity, Nationalism and Regionalism in Europe More information
EU2UNRUnity, Nationalism and Regionalism in Europe More information
MA2VCVector Calculus More information
HS2O5Venice: building the ideal state (1460-1615) More information
BI2EVP5Venoms and Poisons More information
BI2EV45Vertebrate Zoology More information
EN2VICVictorian Literature More information
FA2MWVisual Thinking and Material Writing More information
CL2VRAVoices from the Roman Army More information
PO2WAPWar and Peace Since 1800 More information
HS2O4Women and Medieval History More information
FT2WBLWork Based Learning in Film, Theatre or Television More information
EC2WEPWork Experience Year More information
PO2WEPWork Experience Year More information
MM285Work Mini-Placement More information
MM284Work Placement More information
PO2WPPWork Placement and Project More information
CL2PLWork placement for Classicists and Ancient Historians More information
EN2WAWriting America More information
EN2WRIWriting and Revising More information
IT2WWRWriting Women in Renaissance Italy More information
EN2WGIWriting, Gender, Identity More information
ML2YL5Year Abroad Language More information

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