International Study and Language Institute - Modules for 2018-19

Module CodeModule TitleLevelFurther Information
IF0ACAAcademic Skills0More information
IF0ACJAcademic Skills0More information
IF0IE0International English Plus0More information
IF0IE1International English A0More information
IF0IEJInternational English0More information
IF0NU1English for Academic Purposes 10More information
IF0NU2English for Academic Purposes 20More information
IF0NUPEnglish for Academic Purposes Project0More information
LA1FP2IWLP French 2 with academic placement in France.1More information
LA1FP3IWLP French 3 with academic placement in France1More information
LA1FP4IWLP French 4 with academic placement in France1More information
LA1FP5IWLP French 5 with academic placement in France1More information
LA1MB1"Modern Britain: Society, culture and history 1"1More information
LA1MB2Modern Britain: Society, culture and history – Undergraduate Research1More information
LA1MB2AModern Britain 2: Society, culture and history 2 (A)1More information
LA1MB2BModern Britain 2: Society, culture and history 2 (B)1More information
LA1PA2IWLP Arabic 21More information
LA1PA2NIWLP Arabic 2 non-credit1More information
LA1PA3IWLP Arabic 31More information
LA1PA3NIWLP Arabic 3 non-credit1More information
LA1PA8IWLP Arabic 11More information
LA1PA8NIWLP Arabic 1 non-credit1More information
LA1PA9IWLP Arabic 1 with Script Support1More information
LA1PA9NIWLP Arabic 1 with Script Support non-credit1More information
LA1PB1IWLP British Sign Language 11More information
LA1PB1NIWLP British Sign Language 1 non-credit1More information
LA1PB2IWLP British Sign Language 21More information
LA1PB2NIWLP British Sign Language 2 non-credit1More information
LA1PC1IWLP Chinese 11More information
LA1PC1NIWLP Chinese 1 non-credit1More information
LA1PC2IWLP Chinese 21More information
LA1PC2NIWLP Chinese 2 non-credit1More information
LA1PC3IWLP Chinese 31More information
LA1PC3NIWLP Chinese 3 non-credit1More information
LA1PC8IWLP Chinese Fast-track1More information
LA1PC8NIWLP Chinese Fast-track non-credit1More information
LA1PE8IWLP English for Erasmus Students1More information
LA1PE8NIWLP English for Erasmus students non-credit1More information
LA1PF1IWLP French 11More information
LA1PF1NIWLP French 1 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PF2IWLP French 21More information
LA1PF2NIWLP French 2 non-credit1More information
LA1PF3IWLP French 31More information
LA1PF3NIWLP French 3 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PF4IWLP French 41More information
LA1PF4NIIWLP French 4 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PF5IWLP French 51More information
LA1PF5NIWLP French 5 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PF9IWLP French 1 with listening and speaking workshops1More information
LA1PF9NIWLP French 1 with listening and speaking workshops non-credit1More information
LA1PG1IWLP German 11More information
LA1PG1NIWLP German 1 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PG2IWLP German 21More information
LA1PG2NIWLP German 2 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PG3IWLP German 31More information
LA1PG3NIWLP German 3 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PG4IWLP German 41More information
LA1PG4NIWLP German 4 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PI1IWLP Italian 11More information
LA1PI1NIWLP Italian 1 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PI2IWLP Italian 21More information
LA1PI2NIWLP Italian 2 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PI3IWLP Italian 31More information
LA1PI3NIWLP Italian 3 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PJ1IWLP Japanese 11More information
LA1PJ1NIWLP Japanese 1 non-credit1More information
LA1PJ2IWLP Japanese 21More information
LA1PJ2NIWLP Japanese 2 non-credit1More information
LA1PJ3IWLP Japanese 31More information
LA1PK1IWLP Modern Greek 11More information
LA1PK1NIWLP Modern Greek 1 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PK2IWLP Modern Greek 21More information
LA1PR1IWLP Russian 11More information
LA1PR1NIWLP Russian 1 non-credit1More information
LA1PR2IWLP Russian 21More information
LA1PR2NIWLP Russian 2 non-credit1More information
LA1PR8IWLP Russian 2 Bridge1More information
LA1PR8NIWLP Russian 2 Bridge non-credit1More information
LA1PS1IWLP Spanish 11More information
LA1PS1NIWLP Spanish 1 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PS2IWLP Spanish 21More information
LA1PS2NIWLP Spanish 2 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PS3IWLP Spanish 31More information
LA1PS3NIWLP Spanish 3 non-credit1NMore information
LA1PS4IWLP Spanish 41More information
LA1PS4NIWLP Spanish 4 non-credit1More information
LA1PS5Spanish 51More information
LA1PS5NIWLP Spanish 5 non-credit1NMore information

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