Law - Modules for 2014-15

Module CodeModule TitleLevelFurther Information
LW0LAWLaw0More information
LW101FIntroduction to Property Law1More information
LW1A05General Introduction to Law1More information
LW1A06Introduction to Business Law1More information
LW1CONContract1More information
LW1CRICriminal Law1More information
LW1LSLegal Skills1More information
LW1PL1Public Law 11More information
LW1RWSResearch and Writing Skills1More information
LW1TORTort1More information
LW2APLApplied Property Law2More information
LW2ETREquity and Trusts2More information
LW2EULEU Law2More information
LW2LNDLand Law2More information
LW2LWCLegal Writing Credit2More information
LW2PL2Public Law 22More information
LW2PLPProperty Law Research Project2More information
LW2RPPResearch Placement Project2More information
LW3A50ADissertation II (ERASMUS students)3More information
LW3A50BDissertation II (ERASMUS students)3More information
LW3A50CDissertation II (ERASMUS students)3More information
LW3A50DDissertation II (ERASMUS students)3More information
LW3A98Law Year Abroad: Semester I3More information
LW3A99Law Year Abroad: Semester II3More information
LW3CCRCommercial Claims and Remedies3More information
LW3CJCriminal Justice3More information
LW3COCompany Law3More information
LW3COMCommercial Law3More information
LW3CRYCriminology3More information
LW3DUGDissertation3More information
LW3EMPEmployment Law3More information
LW3ENVEnvironmental Law3More information
LW3EQTLaw of Trusts and Principles of Equity3More information
LW3FAMFamily Law3More information
LW3FEUFoundations of EU Law3More information
LW3GALGender and Law3More information
LW3HELHistory of English Law3More information
LW3ICRInternational Children's Rights3More information
LW3IHRInternational Human Rights Law3More information
LW3ILInternational Law3More information
LW3ILMInternational Law Mooting3More information
LW3IPIntellectual Property Law3More information
LW3JURJurisprudence3More information
LW3MEDMedical Law3More information
LW3REVRevenue Law3More information
LW3RWCResearch Writing Credit3More information
LW3SSISurveillance, Security and the State3More information
LW3WPPWriting Credit Pro Bono and Professional Practice3More information
LWMHAAAccessing and Interrogating ArchivesMMore information
LWMHAIArchival InternshipMMore information
LWMHCTCritical ThinkersMMore information
LWMHDIResearch Dissertation (Legal History)MMore information
LWMHDPDissertation PlanMMore information
LWMHMAHistory and Management of an ArchiveMMore information
LWMHRSResearch Seminar PresentationMMore information
LWMHSPSourcing the PastMMore information
LWMRCJResearch in Criminal JusticeMMore information
LWMRCYResearch in CriminologyMMore information
LWMRGLResearch in Gender and LawMMore information
LWMRJUResearch in JurisprudenceMMore information
LWMRLKLegal Knowledge and Legal WritingMMore information
LWMTACLaw of Armed Conflict (International Humanitarian Law)MMore information
LWMTAIAdvanced International Commercial Law IssuesMMore information
LWMTBLInternational Banking and Finance LawMMore information
LWMTBLDInternational Banking and Finance Law (Distance Learning)MMore information
LWMTCAInternational Commercial ArbitrationMMore information
LWMTCADInternational Commercial Arbitration (DL)MMore information
LWMTCBInternational Criminal LawMMore information
LWMTCDCopyright and DesignMMore information
LWMTCFInternational Corporate Finance and the LawMMore information
LWMTCGComparative Oil and Gas PolicyMMore information
LWMTCGDComparative Oil and Gas Policy (Distance Learning)MMore information
LWMTCOCompetition Law and Mergers and AcquisitionsMMore information
LWMTDDInternational Finance and Investment Law: Doing the DealsMMore information
LWMTDDDInternational Finance and Investment Law: Doing the Deals (Distance Learning)MMore information
LWMTDIDissertationMMore information
LWMTDLInternational Development LawMMore information
LWMTDPPrivacy and Data ProtectionMMore information
LWMTDRDissertation in Human RightsMMore information
LWMTDSInternational Dispute SettlementMMore information
LWMTDWDissertation in International LawMMore information
LWMTEEEU Environmental LawMMore information
LWMTEMEmerging Markets and International Commercial and Economic LawMMore information
LWMTEMDEmerging Markets and International Commercial and Economic Law (Distance Learning)MMore information
LWMTENEU Energy Law and RegulationMMore information
LWMTENDEU Energy Law and Regulation (Distance Learning)MMore information
LWMTFRLegal Aspects of International Financial RegulationMMore information
LWMTFRDLegal Aspects of International Financial Regulation (Distance Learning)MMore information
LWMTGCOil and Gas Contract LawMMore information
LWMTGCDOil and Gas Contract Law (DL)MMore information
LWMTGLInternational Corporate Governance and the LawMMore information
LWMTGLDInternational Corporate Governance and the Law (Distance Learning)MMore information
LWMTHGHR Issues in Natural ResourcesMMore information
LWMTHLInternational Humanitarian LawMMore information
LWMTHUInternational Human Rights LawMMore information
LWMTIFLegal Aspects of International FinanceMMore information
LWMTLEInternational Economic LawMMore information
LWMTLEDInternational Economic Law (Distance Learning)MMore information
LWMTLMResearch Methods for LLM StudentsMMore information
LWMTMALegal Aspects of International Mergers, Acquisitions and TakeoversMMore information
LWMTMADLegal Aspects of International Mergers, Acquisitions and Takeovers (Distance Learning)MMore information
LWMTOGLegal Issues in Oil and GasMMore information
LWMTOGDLegal Issues in Oil and Gas (DL)MMore information
LWMTPIIsrael/Palestine: International Law and Human Rights IssuesMMore information
LWMTPPInternational Project Finance, PPP and the LawMMore information
LWMTPPDInternational Project Finance, PPP and the Law (Distance Learning)MMore information
LWMTPRProjectMMore information
LWMTPSProject SkillsMMore information
LWMTPSDProject Skills (Distance Learning)MMore information
LWMTPTPatents and TrademarksMMore information
LWMTPUPublic International LawMMore information
LWMTRGRegulationMMore information
LWMTRMResearch MethodsMMore information
LWMTSIInternational Institutional Law and Dispute SettlementMMore information
LWMTTAInvestment Treaty ArbitrationMMore information
LWMTTADInvestment Treaty Arbitration (Distance Learning)MMore information
LWMTUMThe Use of Military ForceMMore information
LWMTWBInternet LawMMore information

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