Biological Sciences - Modules for 2014-15

Module CodeModule TitleLevelFurther Information
BI0BIOInternational Foundation Programme: Biology0More information
BI1BA1The Living Cell1More information
BI1BA2The Living Cell (2)1More information
BI1BB2Biochemistry and Metabolism1More information
BI1BC2Genes and Chromosomes1More information
BI1BD1Introductory Microbiology1More information
BI1BE1Pathology: Introduction to Human Disease1More information
BI1BEFPathology: Introduction to Human Disease1More information
BI1BF1Laboratory and Study Skills for Biomedicine1More information
BI1BG3Practical Biochemistry1More information
BI1BH2Human Physiology1More information
BI1EC12Exploiters and Exploited1More information
BI1ED2Mammals: diversity, behaviour & conservation1More information
BI1EF2Ecology: species and their interactions1More information
BI1EF3Practical Field Ecology1More information
BI1EG1Plant Diversity, Structure and Utilisation1More information
BI1EZ1Introduction to Zoology1More information
BI1S1Introductory Microbiology1More information
BI2BA5Clinical Biochemistry2More information
BI2BB4Endocrinology2More information
BI2BC4Human Development, Organogenesis & Anatomy2More information
BI2BD4Life and Death of a Cell2More information
BI2BE4Pharmacology and Toxicology2More information
BI2BG5Animal, Plant and Microbial Development2More information
BI2BI5Immunology2More information
BI2BJ5Microbiology: a Medical Perspective2More information
BI2BK5Molecular Biology of the Gene: Expression, Function and Analysis2More information
BI2BL5Protein Structure and Function2More information
BI2BM34Professional Career Development2More information
BI2BN4Vertebrate Zoology - Structure, Form and Function2More information
BI2BO4Virology2More information
BI2BP6Practical Skills: Recombinant DNA Exercise2More information
BI2BQ5Clinical Haematology and Cellular Pathology2More information
BI2BR4Function of the Bacterial Cell2More information
BI2BS5Vertebrate Zoology2More information
BI2BT5Introduction to Bioinformatics & Computational Biology2More information
BI2BU45Science Communication2More information
BI2EAB3Tropical Biology Field Course2More information
BI2EE4Evolutionary Biology2More information
BI2EH4Intro to the History and Philosophy of Science2More information
BI2EI4Invertebrate Zoology2More information
BI2EJ3PPart 2 Zoology Field Course A2More information
BI2EL3PPart 2 Zoology Field Course B2More information
BI2EN5Animal Behaviour2More information
BI2EWEVBiodiversity Field Course2More information
BI2EX5Introduction to Entomology2More information
BI2EY5Birds: Diversity, Behaviour and Conservation2More information
BI2INDIndustrial Placement2More information
BI2PBISummer Placement in Biochemistry2More information
BI2PBMSummer Placement in Biomedical Sciences2More information
BI2PBSSummer Placement in Biological Sciences2More information
BI2PECSummer Placement in Ecology and Wildlife Management2More information
BI2PMISummer Placement in Microbiology2More information
BI2PZOSummer Placement in Zoology2More information
BI3B67Microbiology Field Course3More information
BI3BA7Medical Genetics3More information
BI3BB7Selected Topics in Endocrinology and Endocrine Disease3More information
BI3BC7Bacterial Pathogens3More information
BI3BD8Cancer3More information
BI3BE8Cardiovascular Disease3More information
BI3BF7Cell Communication and Disease3More information
BI3BG8Mechanisms for Microbial Function3More information
BI3BH8Mammalian Reproduction3More information
BI3BI8Neurobiology3More information
BI3BJ8Viral Pathogens3More information
BI3BK8Special Study for Erasmus A3More information
BI3BL8Special Study for Erasmus B3More information
BI3BN8Use and Abuse of the Microbial World3More information
BI3BP7Systems Biology3More information
BI3E08Science in Culture3More information
BI3EAA7Insect Ecology and its Application3More information
BI3EAB8Palaeozoology3More information
BI3EB7Forensic Zoology3More information
BI3EF7Urban Ecology3More information
BI3EG7Evolutionary Genetics and Phylogeny3More information
BI3EI8Research Topics in Ecology3More information
BI3EJ8Conservation Biology3More information
BI3EK7Behavioural Ecology and Life History Theory3More information
BI3EM7Plants, Animals and Climate Change3More information
BI3EN7Conservation and Biodiversity: Global and Local Scales3More information
BI3PROResearch Project3More information
BI3S78Seminars in Biology3More information
BIMBA1Research Techniques, Analysis and Experimental DesignMMore information
BIMBB12Advanced Topics in Biomedicine and Critical Appraisal SkillsMMore information
BIMBC1Research Planning and Project ManagementMMore information
BIMBD23Research ProjectMMore information
BIMPB12Diversity and Identification of PlantsMMore information
BIMPC1Critical Discussion of Literature in Plant Diversity ScienceMMore information
BIMPE23Molecular SystematicsMMore information
BIMPI12Research SkillsMMore information
BIMPJ12Global Biodiversity and ConservationMMore information
BIMPK12Vegetation Survey and AssessmentMMore information
BIMPL23UK Field CoursesMMore information
BIMPLAProject PlacementMMore information
BIMPP60Research ProjectMMore information
BIMWA12Quantitative MethodsMMore information
BIMWC1The Management of Vertebrates for ConservationMMore information
BIMWE1Conservation GeneticsMMore information
BIMWF1Species and Habitat ConservationMMore information
BIMWG2GIS for Wildlife ManagersMMore information
BIMWI2Mammal ConservationMMore information
BIMWK1Invertebrate Survey and AssessmentMMore information
BIMWK2Advanced Insect IdentificationMMore information
BIMWL1Field TripsMMore information
BIMWL2Vertebrate Survey and AssessmentMMore information
BIMWM2Current Issues in ConservationMMore information
BIMWN2Marine ConservationMMore information
BIMWPROWildlife Management ProjectMMore information

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