Arts & Communication Design - Modules for 2014-15

Module CodeModule TitleLevelFurther Information
FA0AR1Art0More information
FA0GAPGlobal Art Practice0More information
FA1ARTArt Studio1More information
FA1ATContemporary Art and Theory1More information
FA1ATAContemporary Art and Theory1More information
FA1CMACritical Collaborative Methods1More information
FA1RWReading Objects, Writing Images1More information
FA1SAFine Art Studio1More information
FA2ATContemporary Art and Theory2More information
FA2ATAContemporary Art and Theory2More information
FA2CMCritical Collaborative Methods2More information
FA2IATContemporary Art and Theory2More information
FA2IS1Part 2I Studio2More information
FA2IS2Part 2I Studio2More information
FA2ITEXImage Action Text2More information
FA2S1Part 2 Studio including Career Management Skills2More information
FA2S2Part 2 Studio including Career Management Skills2More information
FA2SAFine Art Studio including CMS2More information
FA2TEXAImage Action Text2More information
FA3DISArt dissertation3More information
FA3DISAArt dissertation3More information
FA3HS1Part 3H Studio3More information
FA3HS2Studio (joint honours)3More information
FA3HSAFine Art Studio3More information
FAM1CContextual TextsMMore information
FAM1SStudio PracticeMMore information
FAM2CContextual texts and professional developmentMMore information
FAM2SStudio and ExhibitionMMore information
FT1CPFCreative Practice in Film & Television1More information
FT1CTHCreative Practice in Theatre1More information
FT1IFIIntroduction to Film1More information
FT1ITHIntroduction to Theatre1More information
FT1ITVIntroduction to Television1More information
FT1MEMMedium and Meaning1More information
FT1UCFUnderstanding Creative Processes: Film & Television1More information
FT1UCTUnderstanding Creative Processes: Theatre1More information
FT2ALAAlternative Forms A2More information
FT2ALBAlternative Forms B2More information
FT2BPBulmershe Production2More information
FT2HOAHollywood and Beyond A2More information
FT2HOBHollywood and Beyond B2More information
FT2IPYear 2 Independent Project2More information
FT2PEAPerformance and Nation A2More information
FT2PEBPerformance and Nation B2More information
FT2POPractical Option2More information
FT2WBLWork Based Learning in Film, Theatre or Television2More information
FT3BPBulmershe Production3More information
FT3COAContemporary Performance A3More information
FT3COBContemporary Performance B3More information
FT3DIAThe Director and the Theatre A3More information
FT3DIBThe Director and the Theatre B3More information
FT3DISSDissertation: Film & Theatre3More information
FT3JDFADissertation (Art and Film & Theatre)3More information
FT3JDXDissertation (Television and English)3More information
FT3POIndependent Project3More information
FT3RCARepresenting Conflict on Stage and Screen A3More information
FT3RCBRepresenting Conflict on Stage and Screen B3More information
FT3STAStorytelling in Film A3More information
FT3STBStorytelling in Film B3More information
FT3TCATelevision and Contemporary Culture A3More information
FT3TCBTelevision and Contemporary Culture B3More information
FT3TDDissertation: Television3More information
FT3TVDSDissertation: Television and Film and Theatre3More information
FT3WBLWork Based Learning in Film, Theatre or Television3More information
FT3WCAWorld Cinema A3More information
FT3WCBWorld Cinema B3More information
FTMCDCritical Debates in Film, Theatre & TelevisionMMore information
FTMDPDissertation with Critical PracticeMMore information
FTMDSDissertationMMore information
FTMFAFilm AnalysisMMore information
FTMRMResearch MethodsMMore information
FTMTPTheatre Performance AnalysisMMore information
FTMTTTheories of Television AnalysisMMore information
TY1HISHistory of graphic communication 11More information
TY1INTIntegrated Design Methods1More information
TY1PRADesign practice 11More information
TY2EDIntroduction to editorial design2More information
TY2HISHistory of graphic communication 22More information
TY2HISSAHistory of Graphic Communication 2 (Study Abroad)2More information
TY2PRADesign practice 22More information
TY2PRASADesign Practice 2 (Study Abroad)2More information
TY2PROProfessional Practice 12More information
TY2SAStudy Abroad2More information
TY2TGRTheory of graphic language2More information
TY2TGRSATheory of graphic communication (Study Abroad)2More information
TY3DSDissertation3More information
TY3EDAdvanced editorial design3More information
TY3INFInformation Design3More information
TY3LFHistory of letterforms and typography3More information
TY3PRADesign Practice 33More information
TY3PRO2Professional Practice 23More information
TY3SKSkills for design practice3More information
TY3TYPTypeforms3More information
TY3WIWord and image3More information
TYMARArchives and collectionsMMore information
TYMDISDissertationMMore information
TYMDRDirected readingMMore information
TYMDSDissertationMMore information
TYMEVEvaluation and user-centred designMMore information
TYMIDCInformation design: core moduleMMore information
TYMIDDInformation design: dissertationMMore information
TYMIDPInformation design: PracticeMMore information
TYMPBCBook design core moduleMMore information
TYMPBDBook design dissertationMMore information
TYMPBPBook design practiceMMore information
TYMRMResearch methods in typography and graphic communicationMMore information
TYMRPSelf-directed research projectMMore information
TYMTDCTypeface design: principles & applicationsMMore information
TYMTDDTypeface design: dissertationMMore information
TYMTDP1Typeface Design: PracticeMMore information
TYMTDP2Font DevelopmentMMore information
TYMTDRTypeface design: Reflection on practiceMMore information
TYMTDXTypeface design: Engaging with contextsMMore information

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