School of Archaeology, Geography and Environmental Sciences - Modules for 2013-14

Module CodeModule TitleLevelFurther Information
AR1P2Primates to Pyramids: an introduction to world prehistory1More information
AR1RM2From Rome to the Reformation: an introduction to historic archaeology1More information
AR1TS2Bones, Bodies and Burials: the archaeology of death1More information
AR1TS3Practising Archaeology: methods and approaches1More information
AR2F11Careers for Archaeologists2More information
AR2F3Silchester Field School (Single Honours)2More information
AR2F3W1Silchester Field School (1 Week Modules pt.1)2More information
AR2F3W12Silchester Field School (2 Week Module pt.1)2More information
AR2F3W2Silchester Field School (1 Week Modules pt.2)2More information
AR2F3W3Silchester Field School (1 Week Modules pt.3)2More information
AR2F3W34Silchester Field School (2 Week Module pt.2)2More information
AR2F3W4Silchester Field School (1 Week Modules pt.4)2More information
AR2F4Silchester Field School (Joint Honours)2More information
AR2F5Techniques in Artefact Interpretation2More information
AR2F6Techniques of Skeletal Interpretation2More information
AR2F9Geophysics2More information
AR2I1Year Abroad: Italian University Course (Archaeology)2More information
AR2L1Study Abroad2More information
AR2L2Study Abroad2More information
AR2L3Study Abroad2More information
AR2M3Post Roman and Early Medieval Europe2More information
AR2M4Later Medieval Europe2More information
AR2P20Peoples and Societies of the Ancient Near East2More information
AR2P21The Mesolithic of North-West Europe2More information
AR2P5The Middle Palaeolithic of Europe and SW Asia2More information
AR2P6Later Prehistoric Europe2More information
AR2R8Rome's Mediterranean Empire2More information
AR2R9Celts and Romans: Northern Europe and Britain2More information
AR2S1Archaeological Science2More information
AR2T1Archaeological Thought2More information
AR2U1Silchester Field School (20 Credit)2More information
AR2U2Silchester Field School (10 credit)2More information
AR2Z1Introduction to Zooarchaeology2More information
AR3D1Dissertation3More information
AR3D2Dissertation (Preparation)3More information
AR3D3Dissertation (Completion)3More information
AR3DCLDissertation3More information
AR3I1Year Abroad: Italian University Course (Archaeology)3More information
AR3M12The Artefacts of Medieval Daily Life3More information
AR3M3Expansion or contraction in the twelfth century?3More information
AR3M7The Archaeology of Crusading3More information
AR3P17Hominins, Hearths & Handaxes: Studies in the Lower Palaeolithic of North-Western Europe3More information
AR3P19The Archaeology of Early Iran3More information
AR3P20Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Britain3More information
AR3R10The Archaeology of Money: Coins, Power & Society3More information
AR3R4Roman Material Culture Studies3More information
AR3R8Imperial Encounters in the Roman World3More information
AR3R9Archaeology of the City of Rome3More information
AR3S10The Archaeology of Food and Nutrition3More information
AR3S15People, Plants and Environmental Change3More information
AR3S4Micromorphology and the study of early agricultural and urban settlements and landscapes3More information
AR3S6Palaeopathology3More information
AR3S9Coastal and Maritime Archaeology3More information
AR3V1Vikings in the West3More information
ARMAMAApplications of Micromorphological AnalysisMMore information
ARMDEADissertation in Environmental ArchaeologyMMore information
ARMDISDissertationMMore information
ARME3Essay Module 3MMore information
ARMEMPResearch and Enterprise Micro-PlacementMMore information
ARMGAGArchaeological GraphicsMMore information
ARMGBCArchaeological Bone ChemistryMMore information
ARMGCCClimate Change and Human CommunitiesMMore information
ARMGFCFood and CultureMMore information
ARMGIDIssues and Debates in Environmental ArchaeologyMMore information
ARMGMBMolluscan BiostratigraphyMMore information
ARMGZOZooarchaeologyMMore information
ARMICMCoastal and Maritime GeoarchaeologyMMore information
ARMINTInternational Study (Erasmus)MMore information
ARMIQCIntroduction to Quaternary Climate ChangeMMore information
ARMIVHIntroduction to Vegetation History and ArchaeobotanyMMore information
ARMIZOIntroduction to ZooarchaologyMMore information
ARMM02Viking Interactions in the WestMMore information
ARMM06Colonisation and Cultural Transformation: The Archaeology of CrusadingMMore information
ARMMLThe Medieval LandscapeMMore information
ARMO28DPalaeopathologyMMore information
ARMO44DVegetation History and ArchaeobotanyMMore information
ARMO55DThe Artefacts of Medieval Daily LifeMMore information
ARMP01The Edge of the Pleistocene World: The Lower Palaeolithic Archaeology of Noth West EuropeMMore information
ARMQCCQuaternary Climate ChangeMMore information
ARMQMEQuantitative Methods in Environmental ArchaeologyMMore information
ARMR27Material Culture and Identities in the Roman EmpireMMore information
ARMR28Celtic, Roman and Provincial CoinageMMore information
ARMR3DArchaeological GraphicsMMore information
ARMR4DIssues and Debates in Medieval ArchaeologyMMore information
ARMREExtended Research PaperMMore information
ARMREPResearch and Enterprise PlacementMMore information
ARMS10Human BioarchaeologyMMore information
ARMS5Geology and Sedimentology in ArchaeologyMMore information
ARMS6Field Course: Earth Science and Archaeological Investigations in the FieldMMore information
ARMSHBIntroduction to Human BioarchaeologyMMore information
ARMT01Themes and Issues in the Archaeology of Early IranMMore information
ARMTMLThe Medieval LandscapeMMore information
GV0ENSEnvironmental Science0More information
GV1A3Chemistry of the Earth and Environment1More information
GV1A4Introduction to Physics of the Environment1More information
GV1B1Introduction to Environmental Science1More information
GV1B2Environmental Science Field Class1More information
GV1BOOGeographies of Boom and Bust1More information
GV1CClimatology1More information
GV1DHydrology1More information
GV1D1Earth Structure and Processes1More information
GV1D2Earth Materials1More information
GV1E1Soils in the Environment1More information
GV1EIEnvironmental Issues1More information
GV1ENVEnvironment and Development1More information
GV1F2Biogeography and Soils1More information
GV1GSGeomorphology1More information
GV1GTGeographical Techniques1More information
GV1HUMHuman Geography Practice and Principles1More information
GV1SNSociety and Nature1More information
GV2A6Soil Science Field Class2More information
GV2B4Chemistry of Natural and Contaminated Environments2More information
GV2BCBiogeography and Conservation2More information
GV2C5Crime Scene Analysis2More information
GV2CDSCareer Development Skills2More information
GV2CIPCulture, Identity and Place2More information
GV2D4Study Abroad (10 Credits)2More information
GV2D5Sustainable Resource Management2More information
GV2EREnergy Resources2More information
GV2F4Soil Ecology and Functions2More information
GV2FCCrete June Field Class2More information
GV2FC2Crete September Field Class2More information
GV2FHHuman Geography Fieldclass2More information
GV2FPPhysical Geography Fieldclass2More information
GV2GROGrowth, Degrowth and Sustainability2More information
GV2H1Geographies of Development2More information
GV2H4Transport Processes in the Environment2More information
GV2HYHydrological Processes2More information
GV2M5Quaternary Global Climate Change2More information
GV2MESMonitoring the Earth from Space2More information
GV2N5Laboratory Methods in Environmental Science2More information
GV2P1Geomorphological Hazards2More information
GV2P3Human Activity and Environmental Change2More information
GV2P4Career and Placement Learning for Environmental Science2More information
GV2P5Excel Data Management and Analysis2More information
GV2PEProfessional Experience2More information
GV2RTGResearch Training for Geographers2More information
GV2SDASpatial Data in the Digital Age2More information
GV2WPWeb Page Development2More information
GV2Z6Environmental Science Field Class 22More information
GV321Work, Employment and Development3More information
GV334Glacial and Periglacial Geomorphology3More information
GV340Biodiversity and Conservation Field Class3More information
GV342Environmental Modelling3More information
GV344Culture and Development in Africa3More information
GV361Aquatic Environments: Problems and Management3More information
GV362Water Resources3More information
GV375Case Studies in Regional Science3More information
GV3APAir Pollution: Effects and Control3More information
GV3CCClimate Change3More information
GV3DDissertation3More information
GV3DSADissertation (Study Abroad Students)3More information
GV3ER1ERASMUS Exchange Programme3More information
GV3ER2ERASMUS Exchange Programme3More information
GV3ER3ERASMUS Exchange Programme3More information
GV3ER4ERASMUM Exchange Programme3More information
GV3F8Applied and Environmental Soil Microbiology3More information
GV3G8Contaminated Land Management3More information
GV3I7Carbon and Global Change3More information
GV3IPIndependent Project3More information
GV3LPEnvironmental Science Literature Project3More information
GV3NRRNeighbourhood Renewal and Regeneration3More information
GV3RSDResilience for Sustainable Development3More information
GV3SAStudy Abroad (60 Credits)3More information
GV3SA1Study Abroad (40 Credits)3More information
GV3SA2Study Abroad (50 Credits)3More information
GV3Z8Earth Systems Field Class3More information
GVDISDissertationDMore information
GVMBIOSoil Microbiology and BiotechnologyMMore information
GVMCGCCarbon and Global ChangeMMore information
GVMCLMContaminated Land ManagementMMore information
GVMCONSoil ContaminantsMMore information
GVMDISDissertationMMore information
GVMEBSEntrepreneurship and Business SkillsMMore information
GVMFCField ClassMMore information
GVMIMPIndependent ProjectMMore information
GVMLASPLaboratory Analysis of Soils and PollutantsMMore information
GVMPSIAPractical Site Investigation and AssessmentMMore information
GVMQADQuantitative Analysis of Environmental DataMMore information
GVMREMRemediationMMore information
GVMRPResearch ProjectMMore information
GVMRPEMResearch ProjectMMore information
GVMRSGeography Research SeminarsMMore information
GVMRSDResilience for Sustainable DevelopmentMMore information
GVMSDShort DissertationMMore information
GVMSIASoils in ArchaeologyMMore information
GVMSWQSoils and Water QualityMMore information
GVMTGeography Research TutorialsMMore information
GVMTPETransport Processes in the EnvironmentMMore information
GVMWEMSoils, Waste and Environmental ManagementMMore information

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