Politics, Economics and International Relations - Modules for 2012-13

Module CodeModule TitleLevelFurther Information
EC0ECJEconomics0More information
EC0ECOEconomics0More information
EC0MEBMathematics for Finance, Economics and Business0More information
EC0MFJMathematics for Finance, Economics and Business0More information
EC101Principles of Microeconomics1More information
EC102Principles of Macroeconomics1More information
EC103Economics for Construction & Engineering1More information
EC104Economics For Managers1More information
EC105Introductory Quantitative Techniques1More information
EC106Introductory Global Trends1More information
EC107Introduction to Economic Institutions and Policy1More information
EC108Introductory Maths Techniques (for BA)1More information
EC109Introductory Maths Techniques (for BSc)1More information
EC110The Economics of Climate Change1More information
EC111Economic Policy and Social Problems1More information
EC112Introductory Quantitative Techniques and Analytical Skills1More information
EC201Intermediate Microeconomics2More information
EC202Intermediate Macroeconomics2More information
EC203Introductory Econometrics (BA)2More information
EC219Economic Analysis2More information
EC221Economic Theory2More information
EC225Introductory Econometrics (BSc)2More information
EC226Mathematics for Economists2More information
EC227Mathematics for Econometrics2More information
EC238Economics of Social Policy2More information
EC242Economics of the Environment and Energy2More information
EC243Economic History2More information
EC2SAYStudy Abroad Year2More information
EC2WEPWork Experience Year2More information
EC301Advanced Microeconomics3More information
EC302Advanced Macroeconomics3More information
EC303Applied Econometrics3More information
EC308Business Economics3More information
EC310Further Microeconomics and Macroeconomics3More information
EC311International Economics3More information
EC313Business and Financial Forecasting3More information
EC315History of Economic Thought3More information
EC316European Economic Integration3More information
EC318Econometric Methods3More information
EC320Money and Banking3More information
EC324European Urban and Regional Economics3More information
EC328Economics of Land, Development & Planning3More information
EC329Economics of Land Development and Planning3More information
EC337Processes of Long Term Political and Economic Change3More information
EC340Corporate Social Responsibility3More information
EC341Applied Economics Projects3More information
EC342Macroeconomics for Developing Countries3More information
EC344Banking in Emerging Economies3More information
EC345Business and Management in Emerging Markets3More information
EC3DISDissertation3More information
EC3DSIDissertation (for Joint degrees)3More information
ECM101Microeconomic PolicyMMore information
ECM102Macroeconomic PolicyMMore information
ECM103Research MethodologyMMore information
ECM104Quantitative Research MethodsMMore information
ECM109Applied Research ProjectMMore information
ECM110DissertationMMore information
ECM120The Economics of the Multinational EnterpriseMMore information
ECM121Strategic Diversity and the Political Economy of MultinationalsMMore information
ECM122Small Business EconomicsMMore information
ECM123RegulationMMore information
ECM130The Microeconomics of BankingMMore information
ECM131Banking and the MacroeconomyMMore information
ECM132The Economics of Financial MarketsMMore information
ECM133The Economics of Financial RegulationMMore information
ECM134International Money and FinanceMMore information
ECM135The Economic Foundations of Corporate FinanceMMore information
ECM145Financial Development in Emerging EconomiesMMore information
ECM146Banking in Emerging EconomiesMMore information
ECM147Economic Development in Emerging MarketsMMore information
ECM148Emerging Economies and PoliciesMMore information
ECM150Business and Management in Emerging MarketsMMore information
ECM160Macroeconomics for Developing CountriesMMore information
ECM161Microeconomics for Developing CountriesMMore information
ECM184Economics of Public PolicyMMore information
ECM185Economics of Social PolicyMMore information
ECM186Social Policy of Health and AgeingMMore information
ECM601Microeconomic TheoryMMore information
ECM607EconometricsMMore information
ECM620Economics of Corporate StrategyMMore information
ECM621Topics in Business EconomicsMMore information
PIM03Conflict And Conflict ResolutionMMore information
PIM09International RelationsMMore information
PIM11International Security StudiesMMore information
PIM12DissertationMMore information
PIM15Political Integration In EuropeMMore information
PIM21Contemporary DiplomacyMMore information
PIM25International Political EconomyMMore information
PIM29The Practice of Strategy in HistoryMMore information
PIM30Strategic TheoryMMore information
PIM31Modern StrategyMMore information
PIM37Origins of warMMore information
PIM42Conflict in the Middle EastMMore information
PIM43Terrorism in a Globalising WorldMMore information
PIM49Politics of Public PolicyMMore information
PIM50Research TrainingMMore information
PIM51Dissertation in Public PolicyMMore information
PIM52Applied Research Project and PlacementMMore information
PIM53The Global Challenge of SlumsMMore information
PIM54Philosophical Issues in the Social SciencesMMore information
PIM55Introduction to Research Methods in Politics and International RelationsMMore information
PIM56Advanced Research Methods in Politics and International RelationsMMore information
PIM57American Politics and Public PolicyMMore information
PO0POLPolitics0More information
PO0SOCSociology0More information
PO1BRIBritish Society1More information
PO1FREFreedom1More information
PO1IPIIntroduction to Political Ideas1More information
PO1IRSPolitics: International Relations and Strategic Studies1More information
PO1MOGModern Government1More information
PO2AMGAmerican Government and Politics2More information
PO2BGPBritish Government and Politics2More information
PO2CGPComparative Government and Politics2More information
PO2COSContemporary Strategy2More information
PO2EPIEuropean Political Integration2More information
PO2MIRModern International Relations2More information
PO2MUNModel United Nations2More information
PO2PHCPolitical Classics2More information
PO2RGPRussian Government and Politics2More information
PO2SAAStudy Abroad2More information
PO2SABStudy Abroad2More information
PO2SACStudy Abroad2More information
PO2SOPThe Study of Politics2More information
PO2THIPolitical Thinking2More information
PO2WAPWar and Peace Since 18002More information
PO2WEPWork Experience Year2More information
PO2WPPWork Placement and Project2More information
PO3BFDBritish Foreign and Defence Policy since 19453More information
PO3CSSIntroduction to Critical Security Studies3More information
PO3DDPDemocracy and Democracy Promotion3More information
PO3DISDissertation3More information
PO3FPTFeminism and Political Theory3More information
PO3GSTGrand Strategy from classical Rome to modern China3More information
PO3INTIntelligence, War and International Relations3More information
PO3ITEInternational Terrorism3More information
PO3LDSPolitics (Joint Language) Dissertation3More information
PO3MEAPolitics & International Relations of the Middle East3More information
PO3MIDModern Ideologies3More information
PO3PESThe Politics of Electoral Systems3More information
PO3PIEPolitics of the International Economy3More information
PO3STHStrategic Theory3More information
PO3SWWStrategy in the Two World Wars3More information
PO3UKPUnited Kingdom Politics since 19603More information
PO3UNIThe UN and International Order3More information
PO3USFUS Foreign and Defence Policy since 19503More information
PO3WPEWar, Peace and International Ethics3More information

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