Literature and Languages - Modules for 2012-13

Module CodeModule TitleLevelFurther Information
EN1CWIntroduction to Creative Writing1More information
EN1LLLanguages of Literature1More information
EN1REEResearching the English Essay1More information
EN1WKTWhat Kind of Text is This?1More information
EN2CAWCommunications at Work2More information
EN2CMNChaucer and Medieval Narrative2More information
EN2CRICritical Issues2More information
EN2LVLyric Voices 1340-16502More information
EN2MDRModern Drama2More information
EN2MODModernism in Poetry and Fiction2More information
EN2NCNThe Nineteenth Century Novel2More information
EN2OELIntroduction to Old English Literature2More information
EN2RDRomantics to Decadents: Nineteenth-Century Poetry2More information
EN2RDRRenaissance Drama2More information
EN2RERRestoration to Revolution: 1660-17892More information
EN2RTCRenaissance Texts and Cultures2More information
EN2SHShakespeare2More information
EN2SOCAssessed credits from university abroad2More information
EN2SOC1Assessed credits from university abroad 12More information
EN2SOC2Assessed credits from university abroad 22More information
EN2SOC3Intercultural experience2More information
EN2WAWriting America2More information
EN2WGMWriting, Genre and the Market2More information
EN2WRWriting and Revising2More information
EN2WWFWomen’s Writing and Feminist Theory2More information
EN3AHHitchcock3More information
EN3APAmerican Poetry: Bishop to Dove3More information
EN3BBFBlack British Fiction3More information
EN3BILThe bildungsroman: self, society, vocation3More information
EN3CDContemporary Drama3More information
EN3CEColonial Explorations3More information
EN3CFContemporary American Fiction3More information
EN3CLChildren's Literature3More information
EN3CRTClassical and Renaissance Tragedy3More information
EN3CWCreative Writing Dissertation3More information
EN3DCGDissertation Completion in English and German3More information
EN3DCIDissertation Completion in English and Italian3More information
EN3DDDecadence and Degeneration: Literature of the 1880s and 1890s3More information
EN3DICDickens3More information
EN3DIIDissertation English and International Relations3More information
EN3DIPDissertation English and Politics3More information
EN3DISDissertation3More information
EN3DYGDissertation Preparation in English and German3More information
EN3DYIDissertation Preparation in English and Italian3More information
EN3ECNThe Eighteenth-Century Novel: Sex and Sensibility3More information
EN3EFFiction and Ethnicity in Post-War Britain and America3More information
EN3FRGFamily Romances: Genealogy, Identity, and Imposture in the Nineteenth-Century Novel3More information
EN3GOTThe Gothic3More information
EN3HFHolocaust Fiction3More information
EN3HTHolocaust Testimony: Memory, Trauma and Representation3More information
EN3IPIrish Poetry after Yeats3More information
EN3JAJane Austen and the Courtship Novel3More information
EN3JDJohn Donne and his Contemporaries3More information
EN3JDEDissertation - English and European Literature and Culture3More information
EN3JDXJoint Dissertation English and Film, Theatre & Television (20 credits in each Department)3More information
EN3JJJames Joyce3More information
EN3LBLord Byron and his Contemporaries3More information
EN3LRALiterature and the Railway3More information
EN3MADModern American Drama3More information
EN3MATMargaret Atwood3More information
EN3MPModernism and Politics3More information
EN3MSFModern Scottish Fiction: From Jean Brodie to Trainspotting3More information
EN3NAWWriting the North American Wilderness3More information
EN3NCANineteenth-Century American Fiction3More information
EN3PCDContemporary Drama3More information
EN3PDIPart-time English Dissertation3More information
EN3PETEighteenth-Century Text, Culture & Education3More information
EN3PLPackaging Literature3More information
EN3PSYPsychoanalysis and Text3More information
EN3SBSamuel Beckett3More information
EN3SGShakespeare and Gender3More information
EN3SHFShakespeare on Film3More information
EN3SMThe Writer's Workshop: Studying Manuscripts3More information
EN3TTCFrom Troy to Camelot: Medieval Romance3More information
EN3VECVictorian and Edwardian Children's Fantasy3More information
EN3VHMVictorian Literature and the History of Medicine3More information
EN3VWVirginia Woolf and Bloomsbury3More information
EN3WGJWriting Global Justice3More information
EN3WWPWriting Women: Nineteenth Century Poetry3More information
ENMBECSamuel BeckettMMore information
ENMCAFContemporary American Fiction and multicultralismMMore information
ENMCCWCreative and Critical WritingMMore information
ENMCH2Twentieth Century Children's LiteratureMMore information
ENMCH9Nineteenth Century Children's LiteratureMMore information
ENMCHCWCommonwealth Children’s Literature (Colonial and Post-colonial writing)MMore information
ENMCHDDissertationMMore information
ENMCHEPost-Graduate Diploma EssayMMore information
ENMCHFChildren's Film, Television, and RadioMMore information
ENMCHMMyth and Folktale in Children's LiteratureMMore information
ENMCHNNorth American Children's LiteratureMMore information
ENMCHPPopular Forms of Children's FictionMMore information
ENMCHTTheory of Children's LiteratureMMore information
ENMCITRepresenting the Modern City New YorkMMore information
ENMCPContemporary poetry in EnglishMMore information
ENMDIADiasporas of the Mind: Minority Literature in BritainMMore information
ENMEGSGuided Study in Early Modern Literature and DramaMMore information
ENMEMD20,000 word dissertationMMore information
ENMESEModern English Studies EMMMore information
ENMESGModern English Studies GMMore information
ENMESMCModern English Studies Modern & ContemporaryMMore information
ENMESNModern English Studies NMMore information
ENMGSGuided Study in Modern and Contemporary WritingMMore information
ENMIOIdentitiy and Otherness in the Early Modern PeriodMMore information
ENMMD20,000 word dissertationMMore information
ENMMDE20,000 word dissertationMMore information
ENMMTMateriality and TextualityMMore information
ENMPRPhilip RothMMore information
ENMSSCScience, Sex, and CrimeMMore information
ENMTCCCaribbean narrativesMMore information
ENMUSThe unruly stage in Shakespearean EnglandMMore information
ENMVDDissertationMMore information
ENMVESEssayMMore information
ENMVNENation and Empire in the Nineteenth CenturyMMore information
ENMWREarly Modern Writing and ReadingMMore information
ENMWRPWriting, Revision, and PublishingMMore information
EU1POST45The Making of Modern Europe (2) : Europe since 19451More information
EU1PRE45The Making of Modern Europe (1) : Europe to 19451More information
EU2STASociety, Thought, and Art in Modern Europe2More information
EU2UNRUnity, Nationalism and Regionalism in Europe2More information
EU2YEU1European Internship (1)2More information
EU2YEU2European Internship (2)2More information
EU3CS1European Case Studies (1)3More information
EU3CS2European Case Studies (2)3More information
EU3CS3European Case Studies (3)3More information
EU3DIS3Dissertation3More information
EU3WPLWork Placement3More information
EU3YDIS4Dissertation3More information
FR101Advanced French Language1More information
FR102Intermediate French Language1More information
FR103Contemporary France: History, Politics, Literature1More information
FR104French Cinema: Society, Culture and History1More information
FR201French Language2More information
FR209Five Wars and three republics: France 1870-19622More information
FR2100YWThe Hundred Years' War, 1337-14532More information
FR211Introduction to the Francophone Literature of the Maghreb2More information
FR220Introduction to the French Novel (19th & 20th centuries)2More information
FR2MANFrench for Managers2More information
FR2MEDMedieval French Literature2More information
FR2RRResisting the Régime: Twentieth-Century French Drama2More information
FR2SCRFrench Literature Onscreen2More information
FR2TRATranslation2More information
FR2Y31University Study Abroad2More information
FR2Y31AUniversity Study Abroad (Half Year)2More information
FR2Y32Assistantship Abroad2More information
FR2Y32AAssistantship Abroad2More information
FR2Y33Work Placement Abroad2More information
FR2Y33AWork Placement Abroad2More information
FR2Y34French Language Abroad2More information
FR303Advanced French Language Skills3More information
FR303AAdvanced French Language Skills (Year 3)3More information
FR305The Legend of Tristan and Iseult3More information
FR314The Algerian Novel of French Expression3More information
FR319Political Leaders and Groups in the French Revolution3More information
FR321France and Europe since 19453More information
FR323Translation into French3More information
FR3BELa Belle Epoque: France 1880-19143More information
FR3DENDissertation, for students following the BA in French and English3More information
FR3EEFErasmus/Visiting Students - Translation: English/French3More information
FR3EFEErasmus/Visiting Students - Translation: French/English3More information
FR3MANFrench For Managers3More information
FR3SBThe Drama of Samuel Beckett3More information
FR3SDShort Dissertation3More information
FR3VERTranslation from French3More information
FR3Y01Dissertation3More information
FR3Y02Oral in French3More information
FR3Y02AOral in French (Half-year in France students)3More information
FR3YENGDissertation commencement, for students following the BA in French and English3More information
FR3YGMFrench/German Dissertation3More information
FR3YITFrench/Italian Dissertation3More information
GM1AGLAdvanced German Language1More information
GM1ICIIcons of Modern Germany1More information
GM1IHDInterpreting Historical Documents1More information
GM1ILGThe Inner Life of the German Language1More information
GM1IMGIcons of Modern Germany1More information
GM1LRHLiterary Reflection of Historical Events1More information
GM1NPPThe German Nazi-Past and the Present1More information
GM2BBRBertolt Brecht & the Drama of Revolt2More information
GM2DISLanguage Disputes in Public Discourse2More information
GM2EGCEast German Cinema2More information
GM2FEMFeminism, Gender & Class in C19 Germany2More information
GM2GMBGerman for Business Purposes2More information
GM2L2German Language II2More information
GM2LFTLanguage from tap: phrases, idioms and collocations in German2More information
GM2MEDChanging Media, Changing Texts2More information
GM2OPT1The Sturm und Drang2More information
GM2OPT2Fantasy, Horror & the Grotesque: ETA Hoffmann2More information
GM2OPT3Travel in the GDR2More information
GM2OPT4The Works of Elfriede Jelinek2More information
GM2SCHSchnitzler & fin-de-siècle Vienna2More information
GM2WIAWords in Action? An introduction to linguistic pragmatics2More information
GM2WOWWorld of Words: German Lexicology2More information
GM2YASRAssistant's Report2More information
GM2YLPGerman language project2More information
GM2YS20German Scheine (half year)2More information
GM2YS40German Scheine (full year)2More information
GM2YWP20Work Placement (half year)2More information
GM2YWPLWork Placement2More information
GM3CWRCinema in the Weimar Republic3More information
GM3GMBGerman for Management and Business3More information
GM3GPTTranslation into German and English3More information
GM3GSCGerman Structure and Composition3More information
GM3LPLLanguage in Politics3More information
GM3MIGMigration in Germany3More information
GM3MODAMobility and the Metropolis: Berlin in German Literature3More information
GM3V19Nineteenth-Century Vienna3More information
GM3YAURAural Examination in German3More information
GM3YDSGGerman Dissertation3More information
GM3YDSIDissertation3More information
GM3YOROral Examination in German3More information
IF0ACAAcademic Skills0More information
IF0ACJAcademic Skills0More information
IF0IEJInternational English0More information
IT1001Advanced Italian Language I1More information
IT1002Twentieth Century Italian Culture1More information
IT1004Italian Medieval and Renaissance Culture (in translation)1More information
IT10L1Italian Language 1 (Beginner)1More information
IT10L2Italian Language 2 (Improvers)1More information
IT10MIMaking Italians: A Journey in the History and Culture of Modern Italy1More information
IT201Advanced Italian Language II2More information
IT202Intermediate Italian Language2More information
IT203History of the Italian Language2More information
IT205Italian Cinema I2More information
IT207Italian History and Society since 1945: Conflict, consumerism and change2More information
IT2INT'Apocalittici e integrati': Intellectuals and Society in Twentieth Century Italy2More information
IT2WWRWriting Women in Renaissance Italy2More information
IT2Y31Credits From Italian University Course (1)2More information
IT2Y32Credits From Italian University Course (2)2More information
IT2Y33Italian University Course (3)2More information
IT2Y34HCredits from additional course in Italy2More information
IT2Y35Work Placement Abroad2More information
IT2YIPInternational Work Placement2More information
IT2YWPWork Placement Abroad2More information
IT301Advanced Italian Language III3More information
IT305Dante3More information
IT309Italian for Managers3More information
IT314The South since 1860: Images and Reality3More information
IT316Italian as a Minor Language3More information
IT3EC2European Cinema II3More information
IT3PSPerformance and the Self in Renaissance Italy: Court culture, Petrarch and his imitators3More information
IT3SDShort Dissertation3More information
IT3SOCLINGItalian and its varieties3More information
IT3SWIAdvanced Spoken and Written Italian3More information
IT3Y31Italian Oral and Textual Skills3More information
IT3Y32Written Italian3More information
IT3Y33Italian Dissertation3More information
LA1ME1El mundo español1More information
LA1ME1NEl Mundo Espanol1More information
LA1MF1Le monde français1More information
LA1MF1NLe Monde Français1More information
LA1PA1Arabic1More information
LA1PA1NArabic (non-credit)1More information
LA1PA2IWLP Arabic Level 21More information
LA1PA2NIWLP Arabic Level 2(non credit)1More information
LA1PA3IWLP Arabic Level 31More information
LA1PA3NIWLP Arabic Level 3 (non-credit)1More information
LA1PC1IWLP Chinese Level 11More information
LA1PC1NIWLP Chinese Level 1(non credit)1More information
LA1PC2IWLP Chinese Level 21More information
LA1PC2NIWLP Chinese Level 2(non credit)1More information
LA1PC3Chinese 31More information
LA1PC3NChinese 3 (non-credit)1More information
LA1PE8English for Erasmus Students1More information
LA1PE8NIWLP English for Erasmus students (non-credit)1More information
LA1PES1IWLP English for Science1More information
LA1PF1IWLP French Level 11More information
LA1PF1NIWLP French Level 1(non credit)1NMore information
LA1PF2IWLP French 21More information
LA1PF2NIWLP French 2(non credit)1More information
LA1PF3IWLP French 31More information
LA1PF3NIWLP French 3 (non credit)1NMore information
LA1PF4IWLP French 41More information
LA1PF4NIWLP French 4 (non credit)1NMore information
LA1PF5IWLP French 51More information
LA1PF5NIWLP French 5 (non credit)1NMore information
LA1PF6IWLP French 61More information
LA1PF6NIWLP French 6 (non-credit)1More information
LA1PG1IWLP German Level 11More information
LA1PG1NIWLP German Level 1 (non credit)1NMore information
LA1PG2IWLP German 21More information
LA1PG2NIWLP German 2 (non credit)1NMore information
LA1PG3IWLP German 31More information
LA1PG3NIWLP German 3 (non credit)1NMore information
LA1PG4IWLP German 41More information
LA1PG4NIWLP German 4 (non credit)1NMore information
LA1PI1IWLP Italian Level 11More information
LA1PI1NIWLP Italian Level 1 (non credit)1NMore information
LA1PI2IWLP Italian 21More information
LA1PI2NIWLP Italian 2 (non credit)1NMore information
LA1PI3IWLP Italian 31More information
LA1PI3NIWLP Italian 3 (non credit)1NMore information
LA1PIV1IWLP Itailano vivo1More information
LA1PIV1NIWLP Italiano vivo (non credit)1More information
LA1PJ1IWLP Japanese Level 11More information
LA1PJ1NIWLP Japanese Level 1 (non credit)1More information
LA1PJ2IWLP Japanese Level 21More information
LA1PJ2NIWLP Japanese Level 2 (non credit)1More information
LA1PJ3IWLP Japanese Level 31More information
LA1PJN1IWLP Japanese through novels, manga and anime1More information
LA1PJN1NIWLP Japanese through novels, manga and anime (non-credit)1More information
LA1PR1IWLP Russian Level 11More information
LA1PR1NIWLP Russian Level 1 (non-credit)1More information
LA1PR2IWLP Russian 21More information
LA1PR2NIWLP Russian 2 (non-credit)1More information
LA1PS1IWLP Spanish Level 11More information
LA1PS1NIWLP Spanish Level 1 (non credit)1NMore information
LA1PS2IWLP Spanish 21More information
LA1PS2NIWLP Spanish 2 (non credit)1NMore information
LA1PS3IWLP Spanish 31More information
LA1PS3NIWLP Spanish 3 (non credit)1NMore information
LA1PS4IWLP Spanish 41More information
LA1PS4NIWLP Spanish 4 (non credit)1More information
LA1PS5Spanish 51More information
LA1PS5NSpanish 5 (non-credit)1NMore information
LA1PS6IWLP Spanish 61More information
LA1PS6NIWLP Spanish 6 (non-credit)1More information
LS1ELSEnglish Language and Society1More information
LS1ELUThe English Language in Use1More information
LS1SGSounds, Grammar & Meaning1More information
LS2ADApproaches to Discourse2More information
LS2AELApplying English Language Studies2More information
LS2ANSAnalysing Speech2More information
LS2CIECore Issues in English Language Teaching2More information
LS2DCLChild Language Development2More information
LS2EGEnglish Grammar2More information
LS2EIWEnglish in the World2More information
LS2EPEnglish Phonology2More information
LS2FPHForensic Phonetics2More information
LS2IBIssues in Bilingualism2More information
LS2LAGLanguage and Gender2More information
LS2LAMLanguage and the Mind2More information
LS2LRPLanguage Research Project2More information
LS2LSTTeaching the Language Skills2More information
LS2LTRLiteracy: Social, Educational and Cognitive Perspectives2More information
LS2SLSociolinguistics2More information
LS2SLGSociolinguistics2More information
LS2SXSSaxons to Shakespeare2More information
LS2YA1Year Abroad Module2More information
LS2YR1Year Abroad Module2More information
LS3ADApproaches to Discourse3More information
LS3ANSAnalysing Speech3More information
LS3CIECore Issues in English Language Teaching3More information
LS3DCLChild Language Development3More information
LS3DIDissertation3More information
LS3ECEnglish in Context3More information
LS3EIWEnglish in the World3More information
LS3FPHForensic Phonetics3More information
LS3GRLEnglish Grammar and Lexis3More information
LS3IBIssues in Bilingualism3More information
LS3LAGLanguage and Gender3More information
LS3LSTTeaching the Language Skills3More information
LS3LTRLiteracy: Social, Educational and Cognitive Perspectives3More information
LS3PSYPsycholinguistics3More information
LS3STLSecond Language Teaching and Learning3More information
LS3SXSSaxons to Shakespeare3More information
LS3YDIEnglish Language Dissertation (preparation)3More information
LS3YFRJoint Dissertation (preparation)3More information
LS3YGMJoint Dissertation (Preparation)3More information
LS3YITJoint Dissertation (Preparation)3More information
LSMCLChild Language DevelopmentMMore information
LSMCLRChild Language DevelopmentMMore information
LSMDDIResearch Design and DissertationMMore information
LSMDDTEnglish in ContextMMore information
LSMDEGEnglish GrammarMMore information
LSMDESEnglish for Specific PurposesMMore information
LSMDGDescriptive English GrammarMMore information
LSMDIAResearch Design & Dissertation (MAAL)MMore information
LSMDIFResearch Design and Dissertation (MAELT)MMore information
LSMDINIntercultural CommunicationMMore information
LSMDIPLanguage Teaching PortfolioMMore information
LSMDLCLanguage Curriculum DesignMMore information
LSMDMLManagement in ELTMMore information
LSMDPHPedagogic Phonetics & PhonologyMMore information
LSMDSLSecond Language Learning PrinciplesMMore information
LSMDSPSpoken LanguageMMore information
LSMDSRDissertation (Res)MMore information
LSMDTDiscourse Analysis for Language TeachersMMore information
LSMDTPLanguage TestingMMore information
LSMDTRDiscourse Analysis for Language TeachersMMore information
LSMDVOThe Teaching and Learning of VocabularyMMore information
LSMDWLWritten LanguageMMore information
LSMDYLTeaching English to Young LearnersMMore information
LSMELTCore Issues in ELTMMore information
LSMEPEnglish PhonologyMMore information
LSMERMEssentials of Research MethodsMMore information
LSMESEnglish for Specific PurposesMMore information
LSMESREnglish for Specific PurposesMMore information
LSMEWEnglish in the WorldMMore information
LSMEWREnglish in the WorldMMore information
LSMGLEnglish Grammar and LexisMMore information
LSMIBIssues in BilingualismMMore information
LSMIBRIssues in BilingualismMMore information
LSMILRIssues in Linguistic ResearchMMore information
LSMITInformation Technology for Language TeachingMMore information
LSMITRInformation Technology for Language TeachingMMore information
LSMLCLanguage Curriculum DesignMMore information
LSMLCLLanguage Curriculum DesignMMore information
LSMLCRLanguage Curriculum DesignMMore information
LSMPLPsycholinguisticsMMore information
LSMPLRPsycholinguisticsMMore information
LSMPROFull dissertation proposalMMore information
LSMSLSecond Language Learning PrinciplesMMore information
LSMSLRSecond Language Learning PrinciplesMMore information
LSMSLTSecond Language Teaching and LearningMMore information
LSMSOSociolinguisticsMMore information
LSMSORSociolinguisticMMore information
LSMSPSpoken LanguageMMore information
LSMSPRSpoken Language (Listening & Speaking)MMore information
LSMTLSTeaching the Language SkillsMMore information
LSMTPLanguage Testing PrinciplesMMore information
LSMTPRLanguage Testing PrinciplesMMore information
LSMWLWritten LanguageMMore information
LSMWLRWritten Language (Reading & Writing)MMore information
LSMYLTeaching Young LearnersMMore information
LSMYLRTeaching Young LearnersMMore information
ML102Core Issues in the Comparative Study of European Literature1More information
ML1EMFEuropean Modernist Fiction1More information
ML1MB1Society and culture1More information
ML1MB2History1More information
ML2LOVMedieval French love literature2More information
ML2ROMEuropean Romanticism: Themes and Genres2More information
ML3ILTIntroduction to Language Teaching3More information
ML3MALMedieval Arthurian Literature (ELC)3More information
ML3REALEuropean Realism3More information

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