Education - Modules for 2012-13

Module CodeModule TitleLevelFurther Information
ED1AC1The Arts, Children and Education 1: Art Education and the Role of the Subject Leader in Primary Art1More information
ED1AC2The Arts, Children and Education 1 : English1More information
ED1AC3The Arts, Children and Education 1 : Music1More information
ED1CCPCross Cultural perspectives of Childhood1More information
ED1DCThe Developing Child1More information
ED1DPEDrama in Primary Education1More information
ED1DPRDeveloping Positive Relationships with Parents and Families1More information
ED1DS1Deaf Studies-11More information
ED1EC1English and Communication in the Primary Curriculum 11More information
ED1EEEnabling Environments1More information
ED1FCSThe Child in Society (1)1More information
ED1FCWProfessionalism in the Children’s Workforce1More information
ED1FDLTheories of development and learning1More information
ED1FECEffective Communication1More information
ED1FLSLearning Spaces1More information
ED1FPPPartnership with Parents1More information
ED1MP1Mathematics in the Primary School1More information
ED1PAPerformance Analysis1More information
ED1PECPrinciples of Effective Communication1More information
ED1PPPPromoting Personal and Professional Development1More information
ED1PS1Professional Studies 11More information
ED1PTV1Physical Theatre Vocabularies - 11More information
ED1SA1Subject Specialism 1 : Art and Practice in the 20th and 21st Centuries1More information
ED1SE1Subject Specialism 1 : English1More information
ED1SK01Number and Algebra1More information
ED1SK02Geometry and Calculus1More information
ED1SK03Probability and Statistics1More information
ED1SK04'A' level options / maths around us1More information
ED1SK05Introductory Chemistry1More information
ED1SK06Physical Chemistry1More information
ED1SK07Inorganic Chemistry1More information
ED1SK08Organic Chemistry1More information
ED1SK11Waves1More information
ED1SK13Mechanics1More information
ED1SK14Fields1More information
ED1SK15Modern Physics1More information
ED1SK16Physics 1 Unit Key Stage3/4 Enhancement1More information
ED1SK17Practical Chemistry1More information
ED1SK18ASKE Atomic and Electronic Structure1More information
ED1SK19ASKE Thermodynamics1More information
ED1SK20ASKE Periodicity1More information
ED1SK21ASKE Kinetics, Equilibria & Electrode Processes1More information
ED1SK22ASKE Organic Chemistry1More information
ED1SK23ASKE Practical Chemistry1More information
ED1SK24ASKE Mechanics1More information
ED1SK25ASKE Electricity1More information
ED1SK26ASKE Energy and Matter1More information
ED1SK27ASKE Waves1More information
ED1SK28ASKE Radioactivity and Atomic Physics1More information
ED1SK29ASKE Practical Physics1More information
ED1SK30The mathematics curriculum1More information
ED1SK31The school-based project1More information
ED1SK32Teaching chemistry1More information
ED1SK33The school-based project1More information
ED1SK34Teaching physics1More information
ED1SK35The school-based project1More information
ED1SM1Subject Specialism 1 : Music1More information
ED1SP1Teaching Practical Sessions in Science and Physical Education1More information
ED1SSStudy Skills (TAEDS)1More information
ED1SX1School Experience 11More information
ED1TCHTheatre Contexts: Histories1More information
ED2A3AArt and Patronage 12More information
ED2A3BArt and Patronage 22More information
ED2A5AContemporary Art and Art Education2More information
ED2CEPrimary Curriculum English 22More information
ED2CSCurriculum Science 22More information
ED2CXCurriculum Mathematics 22More information
ED2DATEDrama and Theatre in Education2More information
ED2DS2Deaf Studies - 22More information
ED2ECMSStudent Enterprise and Careers Management Skills2More information
ED2EN10Children's Radio, Film and Television2More information
ED2EN11Children's Literature 12More information
ED2EN6Heritage and Multicultural Literature2More information
ED2EN7Shakespeare and the Modern World2More information
ED2EN8ALiterature and Gender2More information
ED2EN9The English Specialist in the Primary School 22More information
ED2FARAction Research2More information
ED2FCSThe Child in Society (2)2More information
ED2FCTCreativity and Critical Thinking2More information
ED2FCWLeadership in the Children’s Workforce2More information
ED2FDLSupporting development and learning for 0 – 11 years2More information
ED2FIPInternational Perspectives2More information
ED2FSFoundation Subjects2More information
ED2M3AMusic in Schools2More information
ED2M4APerformance Studies2More information
ED2M5AComposition2More information
ED2M6AHistory and Pedagogy2More information
ED2PFGeneral Professional Studies2More information
ED2PLPlacement 22More information
ED2PTV2Physical Theatre Vocabularies - 22More information
ED2TCFTheatre Contexts: Forms2More information
ED2UPS2Understanding Primary Science 22More information
ED3A7Subject Specialism Dissertation3More information
ED3ARP1Advanced Research Project3More information
ED3ARP2Advanced Research Project3More information
ED3ASP6Art and Studio Practice3More information
ED3CEPrimary Curriculum English 33More information
ED3CSCurriculum Science 33More information
ED3CSEConsolidation/Enrichment School Experience3More information
ED3CXCurriculum Mathematics 33More information
ED3DISDissertation3More information
ED3DSEDevelopment School Experience3More information
ED3DSNDrama and Special Needs3More information
ED3EN12Children's Literature (2)3More information
ED3EN13Modern British and Irish Poetry3More information
ED3EN15Subject Specialism Dissertation3More information
ED3FCDChild Development3More information
ED3FDSSpecial Study in Development or Learning3More information
ED3FR1Maintaining Communication Strategies3More information
ED3FR3French Civilisation3More information
ED3FR7Classroom Language and Strategies3More information
ED3FR8The French Educational System3More information
ED3FRPThe Reflective Practitioner3More information
ED3FSEFoundation School Experience3More information
ED3GPSGeneral Professional Studies3More information
ED3M7AOrchestra, Chorus3More information
ED3M8Music Subject Specialism Dissertation3More information
ED3M9ACurriculum Design3More information
ED3PCSProviding Children’s Services3More information
ED3PGPProfessional Studies: Planning Teaching and Assessment3More information
ED3PGTTheory into Practice (Practical teaching across two key stages)3More information
ED3PIDPerspectives in Directing3More information
ED3PL1Placement 33More information
ED3PL2Placement 43More information
ED3RSPThe Reflective Subject Practitioner3More information
ED3SINSupporting Individual Needs3More information
ED3STHSign Theatre - 33More information
ED3TIETheatre in Education: Secondary3More information
ED3TPFFinal Small Group Productions3More information
ED3UPSUnderstanding Primary Science 33More information
EDM001Developing expertise in teachingMMore information
EDM002Improving teaching and learning (a)MMore information
EDM003Improving teaching and learning (b)MMore information
EDM004Practitioner based research (a)MMore information
EDM005Practitioner based research (b)MMore information
EDM006MentorshipMMore information
EDM007Investigating EducationMMore information
EDM008Teaching & Learning Dissertation Route AMMore information
EDM009Teaching & Learning Dissertation Route BMMore information
EDM016Poetic Language in EducationMMore information
EDM017Readers and textsMMore information
EDM020English and Language Dissertation Route BMMore information
EDM021School Development and Provision for Difficulties in LearningMMore information
EDM024Dissertation Route AMMore information
EDM025Dissertation Route BMMore information
EDM030Dissertation Route AMMore information
EDM031Dissertation Route BMMore information
EDM037Managing School Improvement Dissertation Route AMMore information
EDM038Managing School Improvement Dissertation Route BMMore information
EDM050Processes of Reflective TeachingMMore information
EDM051Mtpp MA, DissertationMMore information
EDM066Teaching and Learning in PracticeMMore information
EDM067Supporting Student LearningMMore information
EDM068Developing Academic PracticeMMore information
EDM069TLSP Conversion 1 Developing Academic PracticeMMore information
EDM070TLSP Conversion 2 Teaching and Learning in PracticeMMore information
EDM072English and Language: Study Skills and Research MethodsMMore information
EDM077Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)MMore information
EDM078Assessment and MeasurementMMore information
EDM082Children's Books in EducationMMore information
EDM083The Development of Reading and WritingMMore information
EDM084Second Language Teaching and LearningMMore information
EDM088Learners with Special Educational NeedsMMore information
EDM089Exploring teaching and learning: early professional developmentMMore information
EDM098Music in the Primary ClassroomMMore information
EDM104Child Development and EducationMMore information
EDM108Learning and the curriculum in a global ageMMore information
EDM109Configuring meaningful education for a global worldMMore information
EDM111Educational leadership and management for global futures- policy and practiceMMore information
EDM112Critical Literacy, digital technologies and global citizensMMore information
EDM113Dissertation in Global EducationMMore information
EDM114Independent Study in EducationMMore information
EDM118Digital innovations and technologies in teaching and learningMMore information
EDM120Children’s Developing Thinking about Science and ReligionMMore information
EDM122SENCO 1: Policies and ProceduresMMore information
EDM123SENCO 2: Overcoming Barriers to LearningMMore information
EDM124SENCO 3: Learners with Difficulties and DisabilitiesMMore information
EDM131Professional Enquiry 1: - special interest research projectMMore information
EDM132Professional Enquiry 2: the research project: - evaluation and disseminationMMore information
EDM133MA Education dissertationMMore information
EDM134Principles and Processes of Music TeachingMMore information
EDM135Principles and Processes of Studio Music TeachingMMore information
EDM136Instrument-Specific or Vocal Teaching and LearningMMore information
EDM137MA in Instrumental Teaching DissertationMMore information
EDM139Children and Social InclusionMMore information
EDM140Professionalism and an Ethic of CareMMore information
EDM141Developing Expertise in TeachingMMore information
EDM144Educational Leadership and ManagementMMore information
EDM145Educational Leadership and Management Independent StudyMMore information
EDM146Key Concepts in Educational Leadership and ManagementMMore information
EDM148The Professional Self in Early Years LeadershipMMore information
EDM149Teacher professionalism and societyMMore information
EDM150Arts Education and GenderMMore information
EDM151Arts Education and Political ThoughtMMore information
EDM152Arts Education in and out of the CurriculumMMore information
EDM153Contemporary Art and Arts EducationMMore information
EDM154The Identity of the Arts EducatorMMore information
EDM155The Place of ArtMMore information
EDM156Research Methods Part A and BMMore information
EDM157Practice as research projectMMore information
EDM158Overcoming barriers to learning in mathematicsMMore information
EDM159International Student Enrichment ProgrammeMMore information
EDM160Children’s Developing Thinking about Science and ReligionMMore information
EDMGCSLearning and Teaching in the Core SubjectsMMore information
EDMIPCInnovation and practice in the Subject ClassroomMMore information
EDMMS1Improving Primary MathematicsMMore information
EDMMS2Leading Primary MathematicsMMore information
EDMPRPProfessional Studies: the Reflective PractitionerMMore information
EDMPSPSpecial StudyMMore information
EDMTWPTeachers' Wider Professional RoleMMore information

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