Humanities - Modules for 2012-13

Module CodeModule TitleLevelFurther Information
CL1CAThe Civilization of Fifth-Century Athens1More information
CL1CBRome in the Augustan Age1More information
CL1G1Ancient Greek 11More information
CL1L1Latin 1 (C)1More information
CL1TOText and Object: the History of Greek and Roman Writing1More information
CL2AEAncient Epic2More information
CL2AFAncient World on Film2More information
CL2AUMThe Augustan Muse2More information
CL2AXXAlcohol Consumption, Abuse and Addiction in Antiquity2More information
CL2CHThe Craft of the Greek Historian2More information
CL2DRAncient Drama2More information
CL2EMEarly Macedon2More information
CL2EY1Egypt and Greece: Hellenic Origins2More information
CL2EY2Egypt and Greece: Roman Revelations2More information
CL2G2Ancient Greek 2 (I)2More information
CL2G3Ancient Greek 3 (I)2More information
CL2GAGreek Architecture2More information
CL2GCGreek Comedy2More information
CL2GHGreek History: Archaic Age to Alexander2More information
CL2GREGreek Religions2More information
CL2GSCGreek Sculpture2More information
CL2L2Latin 2 (I)2More information
CL2L3Latin 3 (I)2More information
CL2LAIntroduction to Late Antiquity2More information
CL2LVRoman Love Poetry2More information
CL2MSIMy Mother's Sin and other Stories2More information
CL2PEAncient Persuasion2More information
CL2PLWork placement for Classicists and Ancient Historians2More information
CL2PLLPlato on Love and Language2More information
CL2POMPompeii and the Pompeians2More information
CL2PRProspects for Classicists and Ancient Historians2More information
CL2PRSInterpreting Pompeii2More information
CL2RELRoman Religions2More information
CL2REPRoman Epic2More information
CL2RORoman History: From Republic to Empire2More information
CL2SGSexuality and Gender in the Ancient World2More information
CL2SOGreek Song2More information
CL2TIHThemes and Issues in History2More information
CL2WRRoman Historical Writing2More information
CL3AAAnatolia and the Aegean in the Late Bronze Age. The Context for the Trojan War3More information
CL3ABAncient Biography3More information
CL3ADGreek Art and Drama3More information
CL3BSAArchaeology and Topography of Ancient Greece3More information
CL3BSRBritish School at Rome Undergraduate Summer School3More information
CL3CRClassics and Critical Theory3More information
CL3DEDissertation in Classical Studies and English3More information
CL3DIDissertation3More information
CL3DSDissertation in Classics3More information
CL3G4Ancient Greek 4 (H)3More information
CL3G5Ancient Greek 5 (H)3More information
CL3G6Ancient Greek 63More information
CL3GPCGreek Prose Composition3More information
CL3HWAlexander to Cleopatra: History and Culture of the Hellenistic World (c. 330-30 BC)3More information
CL3IPIndependent Third Year Project3More information
CL3L4Latin 4 (H)3More information
CL3L5Latin 5 (H)3More information
CL3L6Latin 63More information
CL3LAELate Antique Egypt3More information
CL3LLPLate Latin Poetry3More information
CL3NWThe Greeks and the Natural World3More information
CL3PLAPlato, Philosophy and the City3More information
CL3SFSlaves and Freedmen in the Roman world3More information
CL3SILDigital Silchester3More information
CL3TETechnology in the Ancient World3More information
CL3THTransformations of Helen3More information
CL3VAVitruvius3More information
CLMAAAApproaches to Ancient ArtMMore information
CLMACApproaches to ClassicsMMore information
CLMACTApproaches to the Classical TraditionMMore information
CLMARApproaches to RomeMMore information
CLMBSRCity of RomeMMore information
CLMDISDissertationMMore information
CLMRMClassics Research MethodsMMore information
CLMSOClassics Special OptionsMMore information
CLMSOBClassics Special Options BMMore information
HA1AAArt's Histories: a survey1More information
HA1ABHistory of Art and Architecture Workshop1More information
HA1ACMakers and Making: artists, architects and their practices1More information
HA2AAAltars, Aristocrats and Guillotine. Aspects of Baroque, Rococo and Neo-Classical art and architecture2More information
HA2DDDistance and difference: perspectives on art, architecture and visual culture2More information
HA2FMFormations of Modernism2More information
HA2ISIndependent Study Module2More information
HA2ISWIndependent Study with Work Placement2More information
HA2OVOther Visions: Modern and Contemporary Art and Architecture2More information
HA2STStudy Trip Abroad2More information
HA2VRArt & Power in Renaissance Italy2More information
HA3ACAnnibale Carracci and Painting in Rome c. 16003More information
HA3AMArchitecture and Memory3More information
HA3AWArt, War and Gender in the Twentieth Century3More information
HA3BDBodies of Difference: Mapping contemporary art3More information
HA3DCDegas and his Circle3More information
HA3DEDelacroix, Romanticism and French 19c Painting3More information
HA3DIDissertation3More information
HA3EDIHistory of Art/English Joint Dissertation3More information
HA3FPFraming Piety in 15C Italy3More information
HA3GOGoya: Reason and Superstition in the Spanish Enlightenment3More information
HA3HDIHistory of Art/History Joint Dissertation3More information
HA3JDAHistory of Art Joint Dissertation3More information
HA3MAMMapping the London art world: dealers, spaces, value, collectors3More information
HA3RARaphael3More information
HAMAHForms of Art History WritingMMore information
HAMCMDebates and Approaches in the History of Art and ArchitectureMMore information
HAMDIDissertationMMore information
HAMIRIndependent ResearchMMore information
HAMVBVisualising the BodyMMore information
HS1APHApproaches to History1More information
HS1DSHDirected Study in History1More information
HS1LMHLandmarks in History1More information
HS207Italian History and Society since 1945: Conflict, consumerism and change2More information
HS2100YWThe Hundred Years' War, 1337-14532More information
HS2IHEIndependent Historical Essay2More information
HS2INTIntellectuals and Society in Twentieth Century Italy2More information
HS2P06Period in Medieval History: The End of the Middle Ages? England in the mid-fourteenth to mid-sixteen2More information
HS2P08Period in Medieval History: Crusading in the High Middle Ages, 1095-12912More information
HS2P10Period in Medieval History: Kingship and Crisis in England, c.1154-13302More information
HS2P11Period in Medieval History:Power and Culture in Capetian France, 987-12702More information
HS2P12Period in Medieval History: Women of the Medieval World2More information
HS2P37Period in Early Modern History: The politics of religion: Britain c. 1529-16892More information
HS2P39Period in Early Modern History: Shaping the Stuart World, 1603-17142More information
HS2P40Period in Early Modern History: Monarchy and Succession in sixteenth-century England2More information
HS2P45Period in Early Modern History: Europe 1450-1600: Religion, culture and belief2More information
HS2P48New Early Modern Period2More information
HS2P70Period in Modern History: American State and Society and the Wider World, 1890-19902More information
HS2P81Period in Later History: Rural England 1800-2000, agriculture, countryside and nation2More information
HS2P86Period in Modern History: Warrior Nation: Prussia and Germany, 1740-19452More information
HS2P88Period in Modern History: Europe in the Twentieth Century2More information
HS2P89Period in Modern History: Under the Red Flag: Labour and British Politics, 1880-19392More information
HS2P92Decolonisation in the 20th Century2More information
HS2P94Period in Modern History: Detours to Modernity?: Russia in the Twentieth Century2More information
HS2P95Period in Modern History: Victorian Britain2More information
HS2SA1AStudy Abroad 1A2More information
HS2SA1BStudy Abroad 1B2More information
HS2SA1CStudy Abroad 1C2More information
HS2SA2AStudy Abroad 2A2More information
HS2SA2BStudy Abroad 2B2More information
HS2SA2CStudy Abroad 2C2More information
HS2STASociety, Thought and Art in Modern Europe2More information
HS2TIHThemes and Issues in History2More information
HS2TPHHistorical Themes in Practice2More information
HS2UNRUnity, Nationalism and Regionalism in Europe2More information
HS319Political Leaders and Groups in the French Revolution3More information
HS321France and Europe since 19453More information
HS3BELa Belle Epoque: France 1880-19143More information
HS3CS3European Case Studies (3)3More information
HS3DCFDissertation Completion in History and French3More information
HS3DCGDissertation Completion in History and German3More information
HS3DCIDissertation Completion in History and Italian3More information
HS3HEDHistory Education3More information
HS3HELDissertation in History and European Literature and Culture3More information
HS3HLDDissertation in History3More information
HS3HSDShort Dissertation in History3More information
HS3S04The English Peasantry, 1350-1450, A3More information
HS3S19The Countryside in English Culture, c.1750-1939, A3More information
HS3S21The Interregnum in Britain & Ireland, 1649-1660, A3More information
HS3S23Cults and Miracles; the Powers of Sanctity, 1066-1215, A3More information
HS3S26Deviance and Discipline: Church and Outcasts in the Central Middle Ages, A3More information
HS3S34In Search of Revolution: The International Communist Movement, 1917-43, A3More information
HS3S37Popular Politics in England, 1500-1642, A3More information
HS3S43Partition and its Aftermath, A3More information
HS3S54The English Peasantry, 1350-1450, B3More information
HS3S69The Countryside in English Culture, c.1750-1939, B3More information
HS3S71The Interregnum in Britain & Ireland, 1649-1660, B3More information
HS3S73Cults and Miracles; the Powers of Sanctity, 1066-1215, B3More information
HS3S76Deviance and Discipline: Church and Outcasts in the Central Middle Ages, B3More information
HS3S81People and Ideas in the Early Enlightenment: Britain and the Republic of Letters, 1650-1750, B3More information
HS3S84In Search of Revolution: The International Communist Movement, 1917-43, B3More information
HS3S87Popular Politics in England, 1500-1642, B3More information
HS3S93Partition and its Aftermath, B3More information
HS3SVAStudy Visit Abroad3More information
HS3SVBStudy Visit Abroad, B3More information
HS3T16The English Countryside, Culture and Environment since the Industrial Revolution3More information
HS3T23Popular Protest and Political Change in America, 1930-19803More information
HS3T25Medieval Magic and the Origins of the Witch-Craze3More information
HS3T26The English Nobility, 1500-16423More information
HS3T30Ireland and the English in the middle ages3More information
HS3T31From Darwin to Death Camps? Evolution and eugenics in European society, 1859-19143More information
HS3T39Witches, Heretics and Social Outcasts: Europe and its Outsiders c.1250-15503More information
HS3T42Medieval Reading3More information
HS3T45Popes and Emperors: Contests for Power in the Central Middle Ages3More information
HS3T46Italy since the Risorgimento3More information
HS3T49The Three Kingdoms in the Williamite Period3More information
HS3T51Revolution in Britain and Ireland: 1603-16493More information
HS3T53Political Extremism in Britain between the Wars3More information
HS3T57Gothic: Architecture, Money and Cultural Identity3More information
HS3T58The Sixties: Politics and Culture in a Divided World3More information
HS3T66Homo Sovieticus: Engineering Social Change in Soviet Russia, 1917-19453More information
HS3YDPFDissertation Preparation in History and French3More information
HS3YDPGDissertation Preparation in History and German3More information
HS3YDPIDissertation Preparation in History and Italian3More information
HSMDE1Diploma Extended EssayMMore information
HSMDN3DissertationMMore information
HSMOP1Option OneMMore information
HSMOP2Option TwoMMore information
HSMSR1Historical Skills and ResourcesMMore information
HSMTPHistory: theory, practice and themesMMore information
MSMDI7DissertationMMore information
MSMDISDissertationMMore information
MSMLPMedieval Latin and PalaeographyMMore information
MSMLPAMedieval Latin and PalaeographyMMore information
MSMRM2Researching the Middle AgesMMore information
MSMSSAAdvanced Study and Source AnalysisMMore information
MSMSTAOption AMMore information
MSMSTBOption BMMore information
PP1HNHuman Nature1More information
PP1MWMind and World1More information
PP1RAReason and Argument1More information
PP1VVValues and Virtues1More information
PP2AESAesthetics2More information
PP2APAncient Philosophy2More information
PP2CPPContemporary Political Philosophy2More information
PP2EM1Early Modern Philosophy 12More information
PP2EM2Early Modern Philosophy 22More information
PP2ILIntroductory Logic2More information
PP2LRLanguage and Reality2More information
PP2MINPhilosophy of Mind2More information
PP2MPMoral Philosophy2More information
PP2SA1Study Abroad 12More information
PP2SA2Study Abroad 22More information
PP2SA3Study Abroad 32More information
PP2TKTheory of Knowledge2More information
PP3BMEBiomedical Ethics3More information
PP3CAPPhilosophy of Crime and Punishment3More information
PP3CSCCognitive Science and Mental Content3More information
PP3DISDissertation3More information
PP3EANEthics and Animals3More information
PP3EEEnvironmental Ethics3More information
PP3FAIFairness3More information
PP3FLFurther Logic3More information
PP3FWRFree Will and Responsibility3More information
PP3LAWPhilosophy of Law3More information
PP3LITPhilosophy of Literature3More information
PP3PAFPhilosophy and Film3More information
PP3PARParadoxes3More information
PP3PROProperty Rights3More information
PP3RL1Philosophy of Religion 13More information
PP3SA1Study Abroad 13More information
PP3SA2Study Abroad 23More information
PP3SA3Study Abroad 33More information
PP3SCIPhilosophy of Science3More information
PP3WPLWittgenstein and Philosophy of Language3More information
PPM10Essay Module 1MMore information
PPM100DissertationMMore information
PPM15Essay module 2MMore information
PPM20Essay module 3MMore information
PPM40Seminar presentationMMore information
PPMEP1Essay OneMMore information
PPMEP2Essay TwoMMore information
PPMEP3Essay ThreeMMore information
PPMEPDDissertationMMore information
PPMEPSSeminar PresentationMMore information

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