Agriculture, Policy and Development - Modules for 2012-13

Module CodeModule TitleLevelFurther Information
AP1A02Introduction to Agricultural and Food Systems1More information
AP1A03Introduction to Livestock Production Systems1More information
AP1A08British Agriculture in Practice (AGRIC & ABM)1More information
AP1A10Countryside and the Environment1More information
AP1A12Introduction to Crop Production1More information
AP1A15Animal Science in Practice 11More information
AP1A16Varieties, Seeds and Crop Establishment1More information
AP1A17Crop Appraisal and Agronomy1More information
AP1A18Digestion and Nutrition1More information
AP1A21Ecology & Environmental Management1More information
AP1A22Principles of Horticulture1More information
AP1ED1International Development: Global and Local Issues1More information
AP1ED2International Development: Global and Local Issues1More information
AP1EE1Economics 21More information
AP1EE3Economics 11More information
AP1EF1The UK Food Chain1More information
AP1EM1Introduction to Marketing1More information
AP1EQ3Qualitative Research Methods1More information
AP1EQ4Quantitative Methods 11More information
AP1EX1Applied Project1More information
AP1SB1Introduction to Management1More information
AP1SCPCareer Planning (APD students only)1More information
AP2A20Agricultural Field Study Tour (Agric & ABM)2More information
AP2A24Applied Animal Nutrition2More information
AP2A26Forestry and Woodlands2More information
AP2A35Animal Health and Disease2More information
AP2A36Animal Production2More information
AP2A38Organic Farming2More information
AP2A39Environment and the Farm Business2More information
AP2A42Agronomy of Root and Tuber Crops2More information
AP2A43Small Animal Management2More information
AP2A47Animal Science in Practice 2 (including Career Planning)2More information
AP2A50Animal Growth, Lactation and Reproduction2More information
AP2A52Practical Wildlife Reserve Management2More information
AP2A53Practical Farm Analysis2More information
AP2A54Cereal Agronomy2More information
AP2A55Farm Business Management2More information
AP2A56Grassland Management & Ecology2More information
AP2A57Methods in Ecology and Environmental Management2More information
AP2A58Environmental Science and Management Fieldcourse 12More information
AP2A58XEnvironmental Science and Management Fieldcourse 12More information
AP2A59Nature Conservation2More information
AP2EC1Consumer Behaviour2More information
AP2EE4Economics 32More information
AP2EE5Economics 42More information
AP2EM1Marketing Management2More information
AP2EM2Food Retailing2More information
AP2EM3Internet Marketing2More information
AP2EQ1Research Methods and Data Analysis2More information
AP2EQ3Consumer Research Methods2More information
AP2EQ4Quantitative Methods 22More information
AP2EX1Food Business Group Project I (Including Career Planning)2More information
AP2EX3Consumer Research Group Project 1 (Including Career Planning)2More information
AP2SB1Business Management2More information
AP2SB2Financial Management2More information
AP2SCPCareer Planning (APD students only)2More information
AP2ST1Industrial Training2More information
AP3A45Agricultural Systems in the Tropics3More information
AP3A47Cereal Management and Marketing3More information
AP3A54Business Management (Case Studies)3More information
AP3A64Human Resource Management3More information
AP3A67Animal Welfare3More information
AP3A68Wildlife in the Farming Environment3More information
AP3A75Equine Management3More information
AP3A76Principles and Practice in Biological Control3More information
AP3A78Agronomy of Root and Tuber Crops3More information
AP3A81Dissertation3More information
AP3A82Business Planning and Control3More information
AP3A83Practical Animal Nutrition3More information
AP3A84Dogs and Cats3More information
AP3A85Horses3More information
AP3A87Environmental Management3More information
AP3A89Water, Agriculture and Irrigation3More information
AP3A90Climate Change and Food Systems3More information
AP3A91Captive Animal Management3More information
AP3A93Dairy Production3More information
AP3A94Nematodes as Pests and Beneficials3More information
AP3A95Practical Wildlife Reserve Management3More information
AP3A96Meat Production3More information
AP3A97Environmental Science and Management Fieldcourse 23More information
AP3A98Equine Science and Management3More information
AP3EB1Business Strategy3More information
AP3EB3Supply Chain Management3More information
AP3EC1Contemporary Issues in Consumer Behaviour3More information
AP3EC2Consumer Attitudes3More information
AP3EE2Economics and Management of the Food Chain3More information
AP3EM1Marketing Strategy3More information
AP3EM2Marketing Research Methods3More information
AP3EM3Advertising and Branding3More information
AP3EP1Regulation of the Food Industry3More information
AP3EP3Rural Policy and Countryside Planning3More information
AP3EP4Consumer Policy3More information
AP3EX1Food Business Group Project 23More information
AP3EX2Individual Project3More information
AP3EX3Agribusiness Group Project 23More information
APMA41Agriculture in the TropicsMMore information
APMA62Nematodes as Pests and BeneficialsMMore information
APMA89Water, Agriculture and IrrigationMMore information
APMA90Climate change and food systemsMMore information
APMA93Experimental AgricultureMMore information
APMA94Environmental Management: Principles and PracticeMMore information
APMA95Rethinking Agricultural Development: Implementing SolutionsMMore information
APMAHRM2Human Resource ManagementMMore information
APME02Presessional Intensive EconomicsMMore information
APME20Market and Trade AnalysisMMore information
APME21Policy AnalysisMMore information
APME22Consumer and Producer TheoryMMore information
APME29Advanced MarketingMMore information
APME40Qualitative Research MethodsMMore information
APME53Economics of International Food MarketsMMore information
APME54Marketing Research MethodsMMore information
APME58Resource and Environmental EconomicsMMore information
APME59Consumer Behaviour and Food MarketingMMore information
APME61Appraisal of Agricultural and Rural Development ProjectsMMore information
APME65Advertising and BrandingMMore information
APME66Consumer PolicyMMore information
APME67Food PolicyMMore information
APME68The Ecological Economics of Climate ChangeMMore information
APME69Climate Change Policy and GovernanceMMore information
APME70Quantitative MethodsMMore information
APME71EconometricsMMore information
APME72Agricultural Project Planning and Management in Developing CountriesMMore information
IDM001Perspectives on DevelopmentMMore information
IDM009Development FinanceMMore information
IDM012Gender and DevelopmentMMore information
IDM013Participatory interventions in developmentMMore information
IDM021Poverty, Inequality and LivelihoodsMMore information
IDM024Social Policies for DevelopmentMMore information
IDM045Principles of Communication Design for DevelopmentMMore information
IDM046Governance, Accountability and DevelopmentMMore information
IDM048Financial Development in Emerging EconomiesMMore information
IDM063Macroeconomics for Developing CountriesMMore information
IDM065Banking and the MacroeconomyMMore information
IDM066Communication and Innovation in DevelopmentMMore information
IDM069The Microeconomics of BankingMMore information
IDM070Microeconomics for Developing CountriesMMore information
IDM071Research and study skills for independent learningMMore information
IDM072Dissertation (International Development & Applied Economics)MMore information
IDM073Environment and Development: Problems and PoliciesMMore information
IDM074Environment and Development: Case StudiesMMore information
IDM075MicrofinanceMMore information
IDM077Food Security and DevelopmentMMore information
IDM081Economic Foundations of Corporate FinanceMMore information
IDM082The Economics of Financial MarketsMMore information
IDM083The Economics of Financial RegulationMMore information
IDM084Banking in Emerging EconomiesMMore information
IDM086Communication and Innovation in DevelopmentMMore information
IDM087Gender and Development (for REP students only)MMore information

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