Summary module description:

This distance learning module considers the nutrient requirements of farmed livestock, and the challenges and opportunities associated with meeting these requirements.  Using a series of interactive, online sessions and discussions, it examines the systems for determining the requirements of farmed livestock, the means by which feeds are characterised to estimate nutrient supply, and the role of the feed industry in supplying balanced diets for farmed livestock. 


To provide a systematic understanding and critical awareness of the opportunities and constraints associated with optimising the health and performance of farmed livestock through nutrition.


Assessable learning outcomes:

By the end of the module, students will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate the role of feed and nutrition in the maintenance of livestock health and performance

  • Critically appraise the challenges and opportunities that face the livestock feed industry

Additional outcomes:

  • Demonstrate an ability to formulate diets for different classes of livestock

  • Use appropriate tools to identify reliable information and literature on a given topic

  • Communicate research findings clearly

Outline content:

Topics within this module will include:

  • Nutrition requirements for livestock

  • Livestock feeds and feed characterisation

  • Feed manufacture and safety

Brief description of teaching and learning methods:

Each topic will be introduced with some interactive online material and downloadable materials.  There will be a series of online discussions and exercises to support learning.  

Contact hours:
  Autumn Spring Summer
Demonstration 25
Guided independent study 40
Total hours by term 65.00
Total hours for module 65.00

Summative Assessment Methods:
Method Percentage

Other information on summative assessment:

There is no summative assessment in this module

Formative assessment methods:

Penalties for late submission:
Penalties for late submission on this module are in accordance with the University policy. Please refer to page 5 of the Postgraduate Guide to Assessment for further information:

Length of examination:

Requirements for a pass:

Reassessment arrangements:

Additional Costs (specified where applicable):

Last updated: 18 August 2017

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