Staff Profile:Ugo Marsili

Mr Ugo Marsili
Job Title:
  • Teacher and module convenor: Italian stage 1&3
  • Language Lead for British Sign Language (BSL) and Russian
  • IWLP Student Recruitment Coordinator (Welcome Week and Open Days)

Base Programme: 
Institution-Wide Language Programme, Department of Languages and Cultures

Active Projects: 
As a School Champion for Diversity and Inclusion I work closely with the Blind and Deaf communities and students with disabilities. I run regular Deaf Awareness and Blind Awareness sessions for staff within the CQSD Teaching and Learning Programme as well as workshops about using audio-visual translation applied to language teaching. I am working on different projects related to accessibility and perception of disability with the Institute of Education (IoE), the Typography and the Building Surveying Departments as well as contributing to weblog to embedding inclusive design into teaching and learning in built environment, professional education and beyond.

I am an External Examiner for the “University Wide Language Programme” at Imperial College, London

Bio: I hold a MA degree in Linguistics, Literary Studies and Translation (Spanish and Polish) from the University “La Sapienza”, Italy and an MSc degree in Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language from the University for Foreigners of Siena, Italy. I have a postgraduate diploma in audio-visual translation for Cinema and Performing Arts in Poland and I completed an intensive Training Course for Teachers of Italian as a foreign language at the International House in Rome. I recently qualified as a Teacher of English as a foreign Language (CELTA).

At the University of Reading, I am a Fellow of the HEA and I have been teaching foreign language courses (Italian and Spanish) on the undergraduate programme of the Institution-Wide Language Programme (IWLP) and in the DMLES.

My main area of interest is in developing students’ speaking skills in a foreign language as well as analysing the strong connection between emotions, memory and language retention of vocabulary and grammar structures in students with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

A Few Personal Comments: 
I am a trained musician, I studied Oboe at the Conservatory in Rome, Italy. I am into music as I am into learning new languages. At the moment I am studying Modern Greek. I enjoy travelling, sports, cooking and Latin dance.

Modules Taught:

  • Italian 1,2&3 IWLP 
  • Spanish 1&2 IWLP
  • IT3LMB at DLC
  • IT1L1 and IT1L2 at DLC

Conferences attended:

  • University of Reading 2021, delivering a workshop titled “Changing perspectives – exploring our students’ views on disability and online learning” for the Innoconf 2021, Shaping Futures for Modern Languages in Higher Education.
  • University of Exeter 2021, delivering a workshop titled “Combining Signed and Spoken Language Studies: Tools for Language Teachers” for the Conference: Intercultural Competence and Foreign Language Learning in HE: Present and future directions.
  • University of Warsaw 2021, contributing to the Summer School for UG students of Italian with a cycle of workshops about Invisible Disabilities and Inclusive Teaching on the topic “Mediazione linguistica e culturale tra l’Italia e la Polonia”.
  • AULC London 2019, “Linguistic transitions: towards languages for life”, King’s College.
  • UK LINGUA 2019, “Multilingual Language Learning and Teaching Colloquium”, University of Durham, U.K.
  • Stockholm University 2019, presenting a paper titled “Diversity and Inclusion in Language Teaching” and delivering two workshops about “Deaf awareness and blind awareness in language teaching” and “Audio Description applied to language teaching. Working out the four skills” for the Department of Language education.
  • AULC Belfast 2017, presenting "Encouraging Students to Learn Deeply and Broadly"


  • University of Rome (Italy), MA in Linguistic and Literary Studies (Polish, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese)
  • University for Foreigners of Siena (Italy), MSc in Teaching Italian Language to Adults
  • International House, Rome (Italy), Teacher Training Diploma to teach Italian to foreign students Institute Cervantes, London, Teacher Training Diploma to teach Spanish to Adults
  • University of Poznan, PgDip in audio visual translation for the Cinema and Performing Arts International House London, Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA)
Areas of Interest:
Research groups / Centres:
  • Translation from Polish to Italian of Leszek Bednarczuk's essay Władza nad mową in Plit, Rome: Lithos, 2008 •

  • Translation from Spanish to Italian of Rosalba Campra's essay Le Rovine Circolari of Jorge Luis Borges in Il Fantastico e l'allegoria edited by Francesco Muzzioli. Rome: Editori Riuniti,

Further Info:  
Co-worker and Trainer for the Foundation “Opening Culture”, Poland.



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+44 (0) 118 378 7319

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