Researchers and postgraduate students

Theme leader:

Lisa Purse

Steering committee:

Jon Bell (History)

Bryan Cheyette (English)

Lib Taylor (Film, Theatre and Television)

Julia Waters (Modern Languages)


Alison Donnell

David Brauner

Barbara Goff

Katherine Harloe

Chloe Houston

Daniela La Penna

Catherine Leglu

Catriona McKinnon

Esther Mijers

Teresa Murjas

Mark Nixon

Ian Rutherford

Melani Schröter

David Stack

Jane Setter

Peter Stoneley

Ashley Thorpe

Phiroze Vasunia

Emma Vickers

Emily West

Nicola Wilson

Matthew Worley


Staff associated with the Minorities Research Theme are experienced supervisors and would be happy to consider enquiries for interdisciplinary research in the fields of sexuality, ethnicity, diaspora and translation studies.

Nicola Abram

Barbara Berrington

Amorella Lamount

Kombola Ramadhani Mussa

Clare Reed

Fiona Ross

Diane Watts

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Autumn events

Wednesday 24 October

'We Were Here' (2011)screening and Q&A

Monday 29 October

'Margins to Mainstream: The Story of Black Theatre in Britain' (2012) screening

Thursday 22 November

Stenton Lecture and Symposium: Professor John Gillingham, 'War, women and enslavement in Medieval Britain'

5 - 8 December

'Surviving Objects' devised multi-media performance on refugee and diasporic experience

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