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Nicola Abram - Minority Identities: Rights and RepresentationNicola Abram

Nicola is undertaking AHRC-funded doctoral research on black British women's theatre since 1980. Her thesis explores the construction and deconstruction of categories of identity such as gender, race, and nationality, focussing on non-naturalistic dramatic and performance forms. Her broader research interests include postcolonial narratives and women's writing.

Nicola is co-organising an interdisciplinary postgraduate conference, Minority Identities: Rights and Representations (7/5/11), and is joint Newsletter Editor for the Postcolonial Studies Association.


Barbara Berrington

Amorella Lamount - Minority Identities: Rights and RepresentationAmorella Lamount

My PhD thesis converges with studies of minorities in analysing representations of subjects marginalised by race, ethnicity, sex and gender in Anglophone Caribbean Literature. This thesis has larger implications for approaches to Caribbean literature since it premises localised cultural paradigms as methodology for reading Caribbean subjectivities.

Research Interests:

  • Caribbean Literature
  • Feminist Theory
  • Psychoanalytic Concepts of Subjectivity
  • Black Revisionist Psychoanalysis
  • African-American Female Writing 

Komboloa Ramadhani Mussa - Minority Identities: Rights and RepresentationKombola Ramadhani Mussa

The title of my thesis is 'Migrant Literature in Italian'. In my research I examine novels and short stories written in Italian since the 1980s by immigrant writers originating from sub-Saharan Africa, the Maghreb and the Middle East. The focus of my current research is the significance of different forms of orality in the writings of the so-called "scrittori migranti" and on the relationship between orality and literacy. In particular I've analyzed the works of Kossi Komla Ebri (Togo), Tahar Lamri (Algeria), and Yousif Jaralla (Iraq).

I have given a paper titled "Forme dell'oralità nella narrativa dei migrant writers italiani" at the conference Leggere il testo e il mondo, held in Bologna (14-15 October 2010) and another titled "Parole sul palcoscenico: la narrativa orale di Yousif Jaralla" at the 42nd Nemla Convention held in April 2011 in New Brunswick (USA).

Research interests:

  • Migration and non-mother-tongue writing
  • Minority literature
  • Multiculturalism and multilingualism in literature
  • Postcolonial studies

Clare Reed - Minority Identities: Rights and RepresentationClare Reed

I am completing my PhD on Jewish American lesbian literature this summer, and my wider interests include feminism and disability. I am also interested in the ways in which Jewishness interacts with ethnic and religious identities in America, and how feminism and lesbianism are portrayed by non-white writers.







Fiona Ross

Diane Watts - Minority Identities: Rights and RepresentationDiane Watts

I am an AHRC funded student currently in the fourth year of a part-time PhD supervised by Professor Stephen Taylor. My research focuses on the experiences of the exiled Huguenot refugee journalist, editor and biographer Pierre Des Maizeaux who came to England in the early 1700s, and his unsuccessful quest to obtain a significant official appointment. I am a member of the Huguenot Society of London and have recently been elected to sit on Council. In September 2010 I gave a paper at the International Huguenot Conference at the University of Ulster in Ireland.

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