Associated projects

Breaking Sexual Silences

A British Academy/ACU funded project looking at more positive representations of sexual self-determination and sexual diversity in modern Caribbean culture that challenge the acute homophobia of the dancehall.

Diasporic archives and cultural property

Under the banner of the Minority identities Research Theme, researchers across four disciplines in the School of Languages and Literature have been awarded a Leverhulme International Network Grant to investigate issues and practices relating to the location, ownership and interpretation of literary archives.

At Reading, a team of five will co-ordinate and manage the network - Dr David Sutton from the Library, Dr Alison Donnell and Dr Andrew Nash from the Department of English Language and Literature, Dr Daniela La Penna and Dr Sophie Heywood from the Department of Modern Languages.

Reading will be working with the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University; the University of Trinidad and Tobago; the Centro di Ricerca sulla Tradizione Manoscritta di Autori Moderni e Contemporanei at the University of Pavia ; the Institut Memoires de l'Edition Contemporaine in France and the National Library and Archive Service of Namibia.

The programme examines how the value and cultural authority of archives circulate by asking questions about the politics of location, the management and preservation of material and impediments to access and retrieval. It will also look at how in a digital age new technologies can improve access.

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