MERL Biscuit Bake-off

Toddler time biscuit compOne of Reading’s famous 3Bs- biscuits- are part of the town’s heritage. MERL holds many Huntley & Palmer items in the archives, and our Victorian building is the former home of the Palmer family.

MERL is holding a new ‘Biscuit Bake-off’ competition at the MERL Village Fete on May 31st, 2014 in an attempt to get the people of Reading baking biscuits again! Everyone is welcome to enter - we've even added a new 'under-5s' category to get our youngest visitors involved!!

Just bring your favourite homemade biscuits on the day to be judged by special guest Bunny Guiness and MERL Director, Kate Arnold-Forster. There'll be great prizes in each category!

We'll be posting regular biscuit recipes on our blog so keep an eye out for inspiration...!


How to enter:

1. Download and complete an entry form (which includes guidelines for entering)

MERL Biscuit Bake-off entry form 2014 (pdf)

2. Choose which categories you will enter

Biscuit categories:

Traditional: Any kind of identifiable traditional biscuit ie. shortbread, bourbons, etc (6 biscuits)


'Freestyle': Let your imagination run away with you & bake biscuits to your own recipe! (6 biscuits)

Age categories

Under 5s
5 to 10 years
11-17 years
18 and over

3. Bring your biscuits and entry form to the 'Biscuit Bake-off' the MERL Village Fete on May 31st, 2014 by 2.30pm

4. Listen out for the announcement of the winners at 3.30pm

5. If you would like your remaining biscuits and plate/container back, pleae collect by 4.30pm

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