Ballet 2009

Ballet 200919 December 2009 to 28 February, 2010

Ballet, 2009 is a filmed performance work by Szuper Gallery (Susanne Clausen & Pavlo Kerestey). This new work engages with recent histories of rural filmmaking, with movement and dance, linking everyday farming movements with the aesthetics of dance.

The starting point for this new work is a series of archival films from the MERL collection, which were made for British farmers as a means both for information and for propaganda, to provide warnings of contagion and nuclear catastrophe, describing procedure and instruction in the case of emergency. Gestural performances and movements of background actors observed in those films were re-scripted into a new choreography of movement for camera to form a playful assemblage.

Filmed in a rural farming setting, a mixed of group of dancers and non-dancers engages with specific filmic references, embedded in a visual narrative. The occurring movements increasingly reflect the dancers distance to the historical film material. Produced in collaboration with Curtain Razors this project features a new collaboration with Canadian actor and director Michele Sereda.

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The exhibition at MERL includes excerpts from the original film archives.

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Susanne Clausen will be giving a MERL Seminar on 'The Making of Ballet, 2009' on 12 January, 2010 For further details visit the MERL Seminars page




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